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Stayin’ Alive in Trump World

Clipboard is graphics both sides, $65.25 retail on zazzle site.

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Isn’t that truly amazing? I’ll be making more things along this line, just now discovered the clipboard among other stuff I wouldn’t ordinarily even think about putting up, but gosh, there are so many wonderful products and some of them are just positively work-oriented and naturals for the total feng-shui of your planetary existence. Continue reading

Diablo II Type Items for Real Life Gaming

Do whatever you want here, but in the Afterlife, you answer directly to the Judge.

Every single death that results from the political swindle being carried on in Washington at this very moment will have Karmic consequences, compounded by numbers. There will be more than 61 million deaths in all from the Coming Unpleasantness. Continue reading

Why I Re-Created Gorebagg in Diablo 2 Today


Kurt Russell signed this photo, one of several dozen cast-signed shots from the production, including original script.
Kurt Russell signed this photo, one of several dozen cast-signed shots from the production, including a signed original script. I’m trying to get Kurt or James Hong to sign one for Amy — it’s her favorite film!

Teena, if you read this, please ask Jim to sign & send photo, thx.

Yep, I did it; I went into ALL my Diablo II accounts and refreshed them, upgraded characters, settled the contents of backpacks and stashboxes, and in some cases took the character up a level or three, to make sure I wasn’t booted out for switching games too fast, although that did happen a few times in spite of my care.

In all, I’ve rescued about a hundred D2 characters, representing some $2,000 in value of what they carry, and another several thousand hours of gameplay over the past decade or more to bring them to that level.

So, they’re all fine, all doing well, none of them lost, none at all, including my level 77 HARDCORE chars in the EUROPEAN server and another 50 HardCore chars on the EASTERN server and still more, about fifty, in the WEST server, so I’m ready when you are to do Bardo Safaris in D2, and to hand out tons of great drops to those who join safaris. Continue reading

GoreBagg 99 is Back in Town


My deleted level 99, GoreBagg, is back in business, currently sitting at level 91, after a strong opening two weeks ago. Taking my time leveling, I’m also doing a lot of magic find for the folks coming up the line. We’re running lots of D2 safaris now that it’s very clear that we won’t be using D3 anytime soon. Had we known that Blizzard intended to scrub out any vestige of what made D2 charming, we’d have saved ourselves the trouble of the download and install, but we gave D3 a very fair chance — it was Blizzard that wanted to kill the game, and they managed to succeed eminently well. D3 is dead, long live D2.

See You At The Top!!!


Okay, Natasha, Here is Game Plan:

Recognize the phrase? If you watched Rocky & Bullwinkle, you’ll easily recall Boris Badenov’s voice. Here, in fact, IS the game plan for the development of GODD Games:

Diablo III is finally here, after more than two decades in development. Notably, the servers are down again today, this time for five hour or more, while Blizzard irons out the bugs they failed to catch because they never player-tested the game until final release.

Continue reading

To Blizz or Not to Blizz

I say blizz away. diablo three is not horribly unpleasant to play. What you’ll have to get used to is an overabundance of extreme detail and architecture.

My old tired eyes tolerate the dark, muted screens fairly well, at least so far.  We’ll be doing safari in this for a while, so get used to it. Your controls will be more or less the same, and the layout follows the original more or less, so there isn’t much to learn. One thing that might drive you nuts is how to identify a UNID. Merely right-click on the item in your backpack and it’ll miraculously become whatever it is already.