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Stayin’ Alive in Trump World

Clipboard is graphics both sides, $65.25 retail on zazzle site.

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Isn’t that truly amazing? I’ll be making more things along this line, just now discovered the clipboard among other stuff I wouldn’t ordinarily even think about putting up, but gosh, there are so many wonderful products and some of them are just positively work-oriented and naturals for the total feng-shui of your planetary existence. Continue reading

How to Order Your Very Own Custom “Separation Day” Orb

I know, I’ve posted this video before. It’s true, but it really shows clearly the effects I want to underline. The Orb you’re looking at is the least expensive of the custom Orbs, at only $699 for everything you see and hear. You can run your very own Custom Prosperity Path Orb right now, today. It’s really you in there, and you are addressed by name, both in speech and text in addition to the custom character with your face and name.

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