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Stayin’ Alive in Trump World

Clipboard is graphics both sides, $65.25 retail on zazzle site.

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Isn’t that truly amazing? I’ll be making more things along this line, just now discovered the clipboard among other stuff I wouldn’t ordinarily even think about putting up, but gosh, there are so many wonderful products and some of them are just positively work-oriented and naturals for the total feng-shui of your planetary existence. Continue reading

Cloak Test — What Level Are YOU???

Sumerian Magic Eyes Kimono provides +300% To All Armor.

Naturally, you’re going to want to know exactly what your Operating Level might be, so you have a clear idea of what armor you are able to wear, what weapons you can bear, what magical items you are able to use … so I’ve devised a short test that will help you sort all that out and come up with a composite number that will reflect your Cloak-Wearing Capacity. Continue reading

Some Thoughts on the Subject of HTK

What is HTK, anyway? HTK is a game programmer term referring to the number of hits it takes to kill something in a game. It comes from D&D, which is “Dungeons & Dragons”, invented by two friends in the sci-fi fantasy realm, Dave Arnesson and Gary Gygax, both of whom became millionaires just prior to passing to the Next Realm in the Sky.

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