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Cloak Test — What Level Are YOU???

Sumerian Magic Eyes Kimono provides +300% To All Armor.

Naturally, you’re going to want to know exactly what your Operating Level might be, so you have a clear idea of what armor you are able to wear, what weapons you can bear, what magical items you are able to use … so I’ve devised a short test that will help you sort all that out and come up with a composite number that will reflect your Cloak-Wearing Capacity. Continue reading

Where Is Everyone???


If you’ve ever hunted for a public online video game of any kind, you’ll know the frustration, but if you’ve ever played in a public online game, particularly of the OMM variety — Overwhelming Odds Mechanisms, I think it means — you will be painfully aware of the effect. It’s worse than playing with BOTS. Especially if there’s voice chat. Oh, God, please, no voice chat. You can avoid the voice spamming misery of team chat very simply by avoiding people altogether.

Sounds terribly pleasant, doesn’t it?

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A Girl & Her Dog

A Girl & Her Dog is a web browser FULL 3-D game that I’m currently designing. I’ve got the first scenario made. This is what it looks like at the start:

a girl & her dog
A Girl & Her Dog -- new full 3-D game by gorebagg

I’ll have this ready for release very soon, but you should try to understand the significance of this. We are among the very first to have such an engine; a FULL 3-D walkthrough engine, a really real immersive game, that actually works in html-5, with sound, combat, everything!!! If you are able to help us reach our goal to get a number of full-3-D games on browsers and into the app stores this year, before the other indies can do the same, get in touch with us NOW!!!