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U.S. CONSTITUTION, 6TH AMENDMENT: “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.”


This is a letter from an off-worlder. This is not my goddam planet, monkey-boys, and I care nothing for your pathetic strivings to dominate your local life-forms while destroying your planet.

I assure you that as a reincarnated being living far beyond your comprehension of what a universe is, I have NO PERSONAL INTEREST IN THE OUTCOME, and exist on a plane far above your grimy world — In the Between-Lives State, alas — when wandering in the Shocking Ambushes of the Bardo — may the Clear Light be my Guide.

And you can quote me on that.

I’m sort of hoping that Trump will take the bait and challenge my facts with his own brand of truth on an open channel, maybe hosted by Wolf Blitzer or Rachel Maddow.

Perhaps he’ll try to tweet some sort of threat at me, but I’m not on twitter. Nor am I on facebook, although I have a professional page there, I’m told.

Gosh, you guys, stop with the revenge thing.

Quite frankly, I don’t think “Revenge” means what you think it means, and you apparently have never learned the Chief Life Lesson, which was formulated in the Princess Bride: “There’s No Money in Revenge.”– Inigo Montoya

By your refusal to share the building of the healthcare bill with any Democrats and many Republicans, and by KEEPING IT SECRET, with the intention of passing it without giving anyone a chance to even READ IT, you are using Dirty Politics to create a social condition of DESPAIR.

Your governmental control trip is just waiting to be overturned by a raging popular vote that will leave your asses scorched and you scratching your scalp and wondering what went wrong. You’ll soon know what “Popular Vote” means, and you’re not going to like it, so enjoy your moment of overwhelming power, while you still can.

You can’t keep smashing people without them getting upset. As the Town Drunk says to the New Sheriff, “No, don’t do that. No point shooting Mongo. It just makes him mad.”

You wouldn’t like Mongo when he’s mad, so the best plan is, don’t keep smashing your fist into his face. You will soon see the “SLEEPING GIANT” which you have awakened. Most Democrats and non-Republicans were unaware of the events in Washington until YOU brought it all to their attention, and you will NOT like the glare of that attention.

Democrats are no smarter than Republicans.

There is only one exception to the fact that ALL Congresspeople are basically stupid cowardly liars, and that’s Al Franken, a Giant of the Senate, and you can quote me on that.

Franken is the only Congressperson that I KNOW I can trust to tell the truth without having a personal payoff in exchange for his patronage.

When Democrats had the chance to share power and work with the opposition, they glaringly and memorably wrote up a “secret” healthcare bill and passed it without Republican participation, so it’s no wonder that it’s happening now in reverse, pretty much as it has since the Founding Fathers foundered.

Up until this year, I watched the news now and then, idly wondered what was going on with the healthcare bill and other social issues, but Washington was very far away and very remote from my daily life.

Now, EVERY SINGLE HOUR is filled with Trump’s words, Trump’s face, Trump’s threats and Trump’s vicious social and political practices, and most of all, Trump’s Latest Outrage.

I don’t need this much excitement in my Golden Years.

Screw off, Trump. You need the attention, and it requires the entire resources of the known world to satisfy your lust for power and your inability to control your thumbs.

My retirement was planned to be quiet, peaceful and conducted in such a way as to enable me to work for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

Instead, I’m fighting every day for my very life, for every breath, realizing that if Trump decides to have his revenge on me, I won’t even make it out the door.

He doesn’t even have to say a word. Perhaps Don Jr. or Eric would prefer to pronounce my doom? Haw, haw, what maroons!

So what? Big Deal. The most King Donald can do to me is to sue me or “have me taken care of”, by merely sighing to all his collected minions seated around the Cabinet Conference Table, each of them eager to do his bidding and kiss his ass, and pledge loyalty and fealty to their Lord and Master, “Will no one rid me of this troublesome Priest?”

Troublesome Priest — that’d be me.

Trump is the guy who, during the campaign, said AND I QUOTE PRECISELY: “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Mr. Trump said, as the crowd began to boo. He quickly added: “Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is … I don’t know.”

Gun Control advocates quickly condemned Trump’s offhand remark. the Second Amendment guarantees the “right” to pack a gun and use it on someone who is unarmed and considered witty and refreshingly honest.

Dan Gross, president of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said that Donald Trump’s statement was, and once again, I quote, “Repulsive! Literally using the Second Amendment as cover to encourage people to kill someone with whom they disagree.”

“For Trump, violence has become a standard talking point, a common punch line, and even a campaign strategy,” Mr. Gross said. Paul Ryan made sport of it, saying, “It sounds like a joke gone bad,” but from Speaker Ryan, that’s what you WOULD expect from him.

These are the same people who called for the execution of Kathy Griffen. You can’t condone what she did, but then, Trump should have been called upon to answer for his suggestion that someone be “stopped” by a Gun Rights Advocate.

It was clear what he meant.

While Trump “got away with it”, along with calling to “Lock Her Up” and other easily thrown taunts, including some very violent suggestions about Democrats who “aren’t even people”, according to Trump’s son, who also can’t keep his mouth shut.

Somehow, Donald Trump and Don Corleone got into the mix, and Trump came out of the election with the takeaway that he could order the execution of his many enemies and get away with it, and the thing is, he CAN.

Haw, haw, pardon me while I laugh.

It is totally momentary whim. He has no plan, no agenda, which is why he keeps waffling on various issues both domestic and international, and cares nothing for what he thought or planned a few moments ago.


In Trump’s World, it’s all immediate, off-the-wall, improvised reality and made-up facts as he goes along. Impulse is the new Name of the Game. He has no idea what just happened a moment ago.

Trump is suffering from ADD, Attention Deficiency Disorder, to a very high degree, which is known by some medics, but has been successfully hidden from the public by very hungry Republican politicians who are willing to keep him in place as a figurehead to sign bills, as long as he doesn’t actually go off the beam and order up a nuclear war like he almost did last week.

He’s afraid. Donald is afraid.

He is in fact incompetent to run a government, but frankly, I find it even more amusing than if he were actually in charge of himself.

Whatever he feels like saying or doing, he does. He blurts out whatever is on his feeble mind at the time.

In a New York Real Estate businessman with dozens of failed businesses behind him and a bailout of his empire by laundered Russian money, it’s no problem.

There are plenty of Don Corleones around, but in a President, the Chief Executive of the Executive Branch of Government, there’s a price to pay for putting a Don Corleone into high public office, where he can commit High Crimes & Misdemeanors all day long.

Don Corleone could corner someone and order them around, order their execution with a mere suggestion that the target was “In the way”, which reminds me of my Uncle Louie.

Uncle Louie, a well-known gangster in back in the day, was bemoaning his best friends fate.

“Poor guy, never had a chance. Got into his car, started the engine, and it blew up.”

“When did it happen?” his buddy asked him sympathetically.

“Tomorrow morning at six o’clock,” the Mafia chief replied sadly.

Contrary to Trump’s childish belief, the Office of President is not one person having fun with his very own country. It is a serious and responsible office, one for which nobody can really be prepared, but one in which an egomaniac is totally dangerous, particularly when his companions GIVE HIM PERMISSION to rage and hold ransom.

Imagine, if you can,  that you are a non-Republican and also a non-Democrat, as well as a non-liberal, non-conservative, such as myself, with virtually no ties to the human race and no interest in the events related to this particular planet.

Imagine further, that you are 75 years old, going on 76, with a number of dangerous and expensive pre-existing medical conditions, and that, due to having had no medical insurance through two massive surgeries and a ten-year recovery period,  you had little or no income and no remaining equity or retirement fund, after a few very angry bastards at Nevada County Offices shredded you to a pulp and denied help after demanding personal bankruptcy as a condition of receiving medical help at that time.

Hey, I came up with the money, but now have no retirement fund apart from $300 I have left over from a previous lifetime.

Hell, come to think of it, even were I only five years old — and some say that I’m nowhere near five years old yet — I would still tell Rich Ol’ Donald J. Trump to go to hell along with the horse he rode in on.

I can’t be bullied, and I’m scared of no one, alive or dead. Believe it or not, I’m not even inside the box, although I appear to be, so no matter what happens to my avatar, I don’t feel a thing, haw, haw, which makes getting the enemy flag so much easier.

Body pain I can tolerate. Let’s see how you do with Eternal Pain when you get over to my side of the Veil — all determined by the combination of Merit and Karma.

I’ve offered relief in the form of Enlightenment, but politicians are notably unenlightened and pride themselves on it.

In the case of Life On Earth, you can easily do without Enlightenment, as you can easily do without spiritual life or connection with the Holy Absolute.

Things like Cosmic Consciousness get in the way of domination, which is why so many of our agency people left the Remote Viewers group as they wandered or fell into the Higher States and saw their lives on Planet Earth in true perspective.

In short, they grew up.

Contact with Higher Spaces can cause some people to lose their local ambitions. This happened a lot in the 1970s during the so-called “Spiritual Revolution”, but it has now died out to a dim, still, hushed voice crying in the wilderness.

Nobody rich or famous or powerful will ever understand this, but when you take away the People’s Voice, you take away their only hope. When you openly display domination and power by lying before Congress and daring them to do anything about it, or by issuing a Presidential Edict that destroys half the population in an eyeblink, you commit the ultimate stupidity, ripping off the mark openly, uncleanly.

When folks finally come to understand that they’ve been ripped off and thoroughly taken for a ride, the people take to the streets, and at that point, the aristocrats always express surprise that the peasants have no bread — “But if the poor don’t have enough bread, why don’t they just eat cake?”, is almost always their Last Word on the way to the you-know-what.

The Republicans — whoever the hell they are, and I surely don’t know and don’t care exactly who they are, and until they started to smash me into the pavement, they hold all the cards. They quite literally hold a gun to our heads, by denying millions of elderly people the healthcare and retirement benefits they’ve been counting on all their working lives.

That’s my frigging money, you bastards, that you’re giving to the 15 richest MEN in the world, and those cunning bastards are POSING for a photo in the Oval Office while we’re out on the street, hustling for spare change and hoping for a SAFE place to stay the night.

I surely don’t have a safe place. A year ago, I could have written this “broadside” without fear of the Black Van coming down the driveway to take me away, but now, I truly wonder if there is “Free Speech” in the Age of Trump???

You think that this scenario of a black van coming to take away a blog-writer for writing an opinion only happens in North Korea?

Surprise! A “Cabinet Meeting of Praise” for a sitting President has only happened on international television just twice, and ONE of those times was a videocast that originated from North Korea, starring Kim Jong Un, and now, there’s another “Praise the Lord & Give Fealty” at the Hourly Ring-Kissing Ceremony and the Weekly Ass-Kissing Ritual, but this time, starring Donald J. Trump in his very own production,  with a cast of cowards.

The Nastier Republicans have been waiting in the wings while the Equally Nasty & Equally Partisan Democrats ruled the roost and dominated everyone, and now it’s their turn to howl, so they howl loudly in MY ear, forcing me to ask for some peace & quiet, but that doesn’t happen, and that’s why I have to take some action — in this case, I’m going to have to FORCE some Enlightenment on a few pigs, but you can’t make a chicken without laying a few eggs.

The POWER-HUNGRY CONGRESSPEOPLE take the actions of their President as LICENSE to continue to howl, to intimidate, to threaten civil liberties, to take away our basic fundamental civil and social rights, and in the process actually quite literally steal our retirement funds right from out of our pockets and deny us healthcare coverage, and what do we do about it?

We cower in fear.

But as an ordinary citizen, what the hell else CAN you do?

Quite rightly, we don’t dare say a word in protest. We are rightly afraid for our lives, afraid of the violence of the PARTISAN TRIBALISM to speak up, afraid to exercise our power of First Amendment Rights, for fear of being rampaged, beaten and maybe slaughtered in the streets.

So is it any wonder that the poor folks roll over and die every single time? And this time will  be no exception.

There is no power to the people. It’s all in the hands of ruthless bastards in Congress, and we watch helplessly and powerlessly as government shows its willingness to expend cannon-fodder like us to feed the greed.

In this case, it’s political greed. They have the advantage for the moment and King of the Hill is the game being played, and in that game, there is no room for give-and-take, for compromise.

As I’ve said, with the Democrats in power, it was no better, with the singular exception that the madness wasn’t evident — what I mean is, if Obama is crazy, it didn’t show much.

We poor folks, old folks and unrepresented folks tend to roll over and die because we realize in advance that we can’t win. It’s a simple calculation: we’re the suckers, playing a Shell Game with a Loaded Deck, and the rules keep changing as the poor folks start to win.

I’m a dispassionate observer, 75 years out from port and headed for home, without a single axe to grind, not a care in the world about healthcare, retirement or even survival. I don’t expect to live long in the Age of Trump, and neither should you, if you live in Amerika and can’t escape to someplace else.

Of course, with Trump eager to play “Nuke ‘Em”, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place of actual refuge, short of a StarGate or Portal, which is why I’m not too worried, but you should be.

If you’re in California, you will be more or less exempt from the toying — or should I say “rat-packing” that you’d otherwise be getting from the Republicans in Congress right now, who are busy cooking up the meanest surprise you ever saw from Washington.

If you’re in California, like I said, you’ll be exempt from all that fuss, because California will have Universal HealthCare and Food Stamps, and Women’s Clinics, because California is both the 6th biggest economy IN THE WORLD, but it’s also the home of weirdo freaks who get along with other weirdo freaks.

If you speak only Spanish, you can live in California forever without having to learn another language, and what the hell is wrong with that?

Oh, I’ve opened a can of political worms with THAT one, I can see. Well, “screw you in advance”, if you’ve got a problem with me thinking what I want to think about.

When you CAN’T STAND IT that someone else is different in some way from you or your social or family or political group, that’s when real suffering begins, and that’s what creates the misery that is the human race.

That in fact is what is going on in Washington right now, even as we speak. The Republicans currently dominate Congress and the White House and most of the Supreme Court, but they want EVEN MORE CONTROL over Democrats, and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process of overwhelm.

Believe me, with the Democrats in control for years, it wasn’t any better, but at least there wasn’t a nut-job in the White House to really screw things up.

We’re talking about a spoiled, mean, nasty, vengeful three-year-old with a penchant for lying, cheating and making the lives of others thoroughly miserable.

I stopped myself from going further with the diagnosis, because it’s pointless. Many folks on the broadcast networks have spoken on the very same subject and come to the same conclusion — NPD with Delusions of Grandeur that have, through a horrible twist of fate, been cured by election to the highest office in the land.

He didn’t waste any time making it the lowest, sleaziest, dirtiest office in the land, and that’s where I draw the line in the sand.

Disgracing the Office of Chief Executive should be the actual charge, but he won’t be charged with anything. He’ll get away with it. They all will.

By the time RAGE has turned the tide and the Republican Domination is at an end, decades of social and political strife will have been at work, and if you think the infrastructure is in bad shape now, just wait until the enraged mobs have finished with it.

You think you’re seeing something in other countries? You won’t believe the mob violence that will happen here, when the people figure out how they’ve been ripped off, and by whom.

That smiling smug face of the lying politician sitting before a Congressional committee may well be the last thing you see.

Stay tuned for the mushroom cloud. REMEMBER, don’t look directly at the fireball blast. But none of that is important. The people who run Washington are only temporary rulers — eventually, everything is washed away into the dim past of human history.

Remember the dictum of Thrice-Great Hermes:

“Time Wounds All Heels.”

Okay, enough backstore — now take a look at what I’m seeing from here:

  • A President who is so bizarre that there has never been his equal.
  • TONS of obvious guilt that might not actually be about anything.
  • Flat-Earth True Believers — “The Base”, to which Trump always plays.
  • Plenty of cover from Trump’s cronies in Congress, who held their noses to get the political clout they wanted, so they could get themselves re-elected at any cost.
  • A Coverup about the campaign and election, which passes Congress without problems, because Congress is RIGGED and Democrats are silenced & blocked.
  • A Rigged election that was controlled by Russia with some inside help.
  • A Secret Healthcare Bill that is intended to pass without reading it.
  • An Attorney General who is willing to commit perjury to save Trump’s ass.
  • A totally corrupt business empire that is shared by the Trump children.
  • A Fired FBI Director who could have brought all this to an easy conclusion.
  • The Criminalization and Weaponization of the Election Process.
  • A denial of the Clear & Present Danger of Russia because of some fear of personal exposure. Trump First, Amerika Last.
  • A Tweeting President who is constantly picking fights, and who has brought shame and international disgrace to the office of President.
  • A Dangerous Narcissist who is personally more important than any Constitution or country.
  • A Wild & Crazy Unpredictable Guy with his itchy finger on the nuclear trigger.
  • A Republican-Controlled Congress and Executive Branch that considers BRUTAL overwhelm and intimidation of various helpless minorities, including their fellow politicians across the aisle, “good practices”.
  • The Realization that neither you nor I have any voice, and that we will in point of fact never have a voice in any of this mess and mayhem, yet we will be steamrollered under the sheer weight of an ARMY of Republicans who want everyone dead but themselves — sort of sounds similar to the phrases of other extremists of varying faiths and persuasions, doesn’t it?
  • A raging political vortext that prevents the poor from eking out a living and just staying alive. Try to open a new business in this economic environment. If you’re not the right kind of conservative, your new business will fail. Best to have your church congregation as customers, then you can’t go wrong, and the ghetto will be preserved.
  • A bully who throws his considerable weight around, and he’s ugly, too.
  • A President who doesn’t pay his taxes and cheats on his income tax form, which he’s withholding from public scrutiny as the only U.S. President to have done so, and moreover, I have proof, and can obtain even more proofs. I was once a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, in which you never served a day — and was a valued member of the Remote Viewers Team on Div 44, so Donald, you better HOPE that I don’t tell folks in which closets your skeletons are hidden, and I do know that you “burned” your recording on your cellphone because it revealed that you were lying — tsk, tsk, naughty boy, destroying evidence is a big no-no, but don’t worry, you’ll get away with that, too, until you don’t, anymore, and that day is coming soon enough.
  • An immature, petulant and media-hungry President who refuses to say simple “Yes” or “No” answers, preferring to dangle and tease, “I’ll tell you over a short period of time”, as if he’s still on his reality show.
  • A President who lies. What the hell happened to George Washington’s, “Father, I cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree”??? Lying openly is now considered a good personality trait, along with groping at a woman’s groin and threatening lawsuits at the slightest provocation.
  • A President who personally profits from the rental of properties to foreign governments and his son’s fundraising parties.
  • A President whose children make use of their father’s name to advance their overseas business interests.
  • A President who is in the complete control of Russia, one way or another. Oddly, the Russians hoped for eased sanctions and a friendly Amerikan government, and got the opposite of what they wanted, and will get even more soon, when the Democrats re-take Washington, and they will, rest assured — they are pissed and they will have THEIR revenge, and so it goes, the beat goes on.
  • A President who can’t manage, to the extent that he lost so much money and proved himself unwilling to pay back his debts, so much so that Amerikan lenders stopped supporting him, forcing Trump to “find resources elsewhere”, such as Russia???
  • A President who is a coward and is not afraid to use the epithet on others.
  • A President who is not a President. That’s the long and short of it.

The sheer audacity of the various actions taken by Trump, Trump’s cabinet ministers, unfortunately including a very shady and glib Attorney-General who slipped past his Democratic tormentors with the help of ruthless Republicans, and here you are, watching it on television, as members of Congress continue to rip us off, and wipe us off the map, it is absolutely amazing.

The Circus will continue, and the ripoffs will continue. There is no solution, because you can’t win. The odds are against you, and everyone around you is against you. Everyone is now an enemy. You don’t know whom to trust.

Someone will turn you in for speaking against Trump.

It hasn’t happened yet, but it will — Trump can’t resist smashing something, and a critic is to him a deadly enemy, threatening his delicate self-esteem to the limit, requiring an overwhelming onslaught, claws bared and slashing in every direction.

That’s not unique to Donald J. Trump. NPD is a well-known, highly documented incurable illness, and Trumps reaction to criticism is a splendid example of a clinical case of NPD, which he surely is, eliciting that comment from dozens of public figures who might just know what they’re looking at.

Right in front of people, they steal The People’s medical benefits and GIVE THEM TO THE VERY RICH ONE PERCENT, and they do this in the OPEN, with total balls, ruthlessly and slashingly, as the very poor — and what’s left of the recently-shredded Amerikan middle class — watch in fascination, as a bird stares at an approaching snake.

We watch and learn that, although politicians are lying through their teeth, and we can SEE that they are, they smile, they wave, and THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.

LYING is now considered part of “good business practices” and “good political practices”, and our kids and grandkids will grow up admiring this approach to interpersonal relations.

If you want a generation of vipers, this is the way to get it.

The NORM of behavior now is to lie, to cheat, to create soundbytes of scandal, to threaten, to rage, to roar and to rampage through the Constitution, ripping it to shreds in the process of claiming the high ground.

You must be feeling the fuming rage by now. My advice to you is to let it go. Concentrate on the task at hand — you have the choice, live life for yourself or live your life for the Higher, and if you choose the Higher, you MUST learn how to use and control forces so great that the very existence of the universe is in your hands, not merely a few nukes.

Wisdom needs to be in place before power.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” — Ben Parker

Clearly, Donald Trump was denied permission to read Spiderman, or he’d have known that Crime Does Not Pay. Evidently, he thinks it does, and apparently, it’s working for him so far.

What am I going to do about all this?

Well, I’ll tell you. I’m going to enjoy every bit of it. This is why there is a universe, to mix things up, create dialogues of opposites, to zig-zag and swirl the realities around until something entirely unexpected arises out of the ashes.

In short, I like a good story, and you can’t write shit like this. There is no straight-line extrapolation you can derive from any set of whimsical factoids that could possibly suggest a crazy guy gets into power and nobody can make him stop being crazy and everything explodes.

How in the world do these nut-jobs like Trump get into power?

Well, thanks to the Miracle of the History SIM, now you know.

On a practical level, the fact is that when Republicans are in power, we always do better, because the tax advantages given to the very rich often spill over in the form of donations and spending.

We all will do well in the Age of Trump if we learn to “operate”, and to NEVER MEAN WHAT YOU SAY.

I have a tremendous amount of training in professional journalism, thanks to Isabel Ziegler, a screenwriter turned reporter, back in 1964, and I worked on dozens of teen magazines WITH BYLINE, at a quarter per word, a lot of money in those days.

I wrote for OMNI Magazine at a dollar a word.

I can easily turn a phrase to mean something without actually coming out and SAYING it, like you see on the front pages of the tabloids — for whom I occasionally wrote — sort of intimating it, but not actually committing to it, like:

“Melania Trump Pregnant Again?”, or:

“Why Does Trump Look Different After His Holiday?” and:

“Is the Trump Marriage on the Rocks???”

It’s easy to write that trash, and word-crafter that I am, I am quite able to distinguish myself in the arena of public opinion with a deft twist, but I don’t. I choose not to take the easy way, simply because I’m not a coward.

Just as in my online gaming, I’m quite willing to die. Nobody living can harm me. I am beyond life and death, and so are you, if you’ll only stop a minute to listen and learn how to handle eternal life.

I don’t have to leave myself vulnerable to bastards like Donald “Frivolous Lawsuit” Trump. Believe me, I know how to take care of myself, to ask a cleverly worded question, rather than accuse directly, in order to avoid a lawsuit, but frankly, I’m hoping to entrap the Trump Fortune into having me “taken care of” by the Sekrit Police.

We don’t have Sekrit Police yet, but if Trump continues to rule, we will have. I have some friends and a nephew in the Secret Service, which is a part of the Treasury Department, by the way, responsible for counterfeiting and other high crime investigations, and believe me, none of them would want to be a part of any “secret” police of any kind, and that goes for my friend Bob G. at the Bureau.

We haven’t spoken for some time, certainly since the Age of Trump, but I can lay odds that Bob’s very dismayed by all the publicity and fuss, and must be fuming over the mean and sleazy abrupt and cowardly dismissal of Comey.

I have a friend who is my age and he’s still doing agency work in Afghanistan. I could be there myself, but luckily, I wasn’t called back up and, yes, if your MOS is necessary and there’s no one else left alive to do the job, you hike up your pants to your new waistline above your stomach, and you do the job, because you love your country.

It should be “America First”, don’t you think? But that’s not possible, when your leader takes everything personally, and takes immediate and profound steps to protect himself and his “reputation” and “branding” before he thinks about the country’s welfare.

This is a very sick man, and you would be well-advised to avoid him. Perhaps it’s catching.

Gosh, would YOU like to be any of Trump’s Media Team when he’s out of office? It’s gotta be particularly bad to be his three big spokespeople, when they go to the local hamburger joint or nightclub.

What kind of reception are they going to get out there in the Post-Trump World?

They’ll be forced to remain in the Republican Ghetto to find jobs, which they’ll get only from their own kind. Of course, this further reinforces the ghetto, strengthens the divisions, maintains the polarization between the crazed mobs, the weaponized masses of destruction, the political tribalism that is tearing Amerika apart, to the amusement of Putin.

Where are the Heroes of the Resistance???

Take your bow, that’s you.

Just sent this blog up and went to get a cup of tea, only to see and hear about the sudden, unexpected attack of a gunman upon a peaceful group of Republican lawmakers practicing baseball.

Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot — fortunately in the hip, not in a vital spot — by what is as yet an unknown gunman, but clearly Republicans were the target of some deranged person who may have been driven over the edge by the incessant media storm surrounding Trump.

Over the top. Snapped. Gone. Zipped. Flipped Out. That’s what they used to call it when something inside just plain snapped, and someone under an unbearable stress-load went over the edge, and quite frankly, your President could do the same under similar stresses, but in his case, it’s a lot bigger gun.

It was Trump who brought up the subject, remember?

I frankly don’t care if the Second Amendment stands or is repealed. I told you before, this is not my goddam planet, monkey-descendent, and I have an easy way offworld with my Personal Portal, a wormhole that folds up into hyperspace and looks just like an ordinary wallet.

I sell those devices, if you need one.

Clearly, Amerikan values are not what they used to be. There was a time when attacking someone who is unarmed, with a deadly weapon, would have been unthinkable. Now, it’s the social norm.

Welcome to the World of Trump. You’re not going to like it, which is all to the good — it’ll make you appreciate reincarnation all the more.

See You At The Top!!!