Blessings & Readings For Victims

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Please, if you are an LRS Reader, kindly add the names of the victims of the vicious and cowardly attack this morning in Virginia onto our prayer lists. I do not yet know their situations — just got up for lunch and decided to weigh in on this horrific scene.

It demonstrates the NEED for all the Democrats and Republicans to STOP BICKERING and START COOPERATING, working together, indicating solidarity and friendship.

I happen to know that many of the people in all levels of government, even on opposite sides of the aisle, form friendships that last many years, because professionals in government tend to stay in a very small circle of friends and acquaintances.

Okay, so we had a shooting involving elected government officials, and moreover, it was a cowardly and bestial thing to do.

There were kids on that field, and nobody should have to live their lives in fear of a sudden unexpected deadly attack out of nowhere.

When several years ago, I was accosted on my way to a bead shop by three enormous hoodlums who were acting bizarrely on the street, and threatened with death because I’m a senior, I knew we were in for some rough times.

Those rough times are bolstered by permission. People who believe in violence think they can win through violence, but it only blasts back on them — Newton’s Third Law, equal and opposite effect, see?

The correct response of the lawmakers is to come together, join in solidarity, explain to the world that, although they disagree with each other, THEY DON’T HATE EACH OTHER.

Clearly, not a lot of people know that.

I hope that this act doesn’t set off a chain of reaction, of revenge. That’s what I’ve been trying to say for a long, long time. There’s no money in revenge.

My prayer is that people will learn to live together, work together, learn to respect each other. I have no problem with Donald Trump other than his lack of respect for others and for his office, and perhaps this event will help him to change, to see the other guy’s point of view and give others who are different a little space to breathe.

That’s all anybody wants.

Peace, tranquility and harmony. Not for just some, but for all. Really, it’s all about respect and trust and love and friendship, and believe it or not, ANYBODY can be friends with ANYBODY, if they both want to be friends.

I have seen this miracle before, many times. Trust and friendship is what built the Empire of Atlantis.

This is an opportunity for everyone to come together to denounce violence in ALL its forms, and to show the world that Americans can learn to work together for the benefit of all classes, not just one dominating class.

This is the time, Kato.

Members of Congress, unite for this one common cause, to de-legitimatize violence, gun violence, knife violence, van violence — ANY violence — against the peace and tranquility of the American home.

In the Spirit of Atlantis, I ask that the members of Congress join together not merely to condemn acts of violence, but to enjoin the public to get into debate, to talk out their issues, to get to know and understand the opposition viewpoints.

I know that’s a LOT to ask of ape descendants, but it IS my hope.

Although I have been writing recently about political events, I will probably avoid the subject whenever possible from now on.

I want no part of the politics, never did. My purpose in making political commentary was to demonstrate the nature of the SIM, nothing more.

The horrific act today underscores the need for everyone to show solidarity in the face of extremist violence of ANY kind or any derivation.

I therefore will certainly not want to write anything political from here on in, and won’t, unless it’s so wild and the news is everywhere with it, that I might comment on it just in terms of how to handle it and maintain your spiritual life, which has been my purpose in these commentaries all along.

Okay, off to lunch now. My prayers and blessings to the victims and their friends and families.

This is not a time to remain silent. You MUST speak up, speak out, against violence. It’s no solution to ANY problem.

At the end of every conflict, there is a bargaining table. Why not start with compromise instead of hate, violence and anger?

Peace. What a concept.

See You At The Top!!!