Is Fox News Inflammatory?

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Just your typical news flash on the FOX channel, it happens all the time.

Yesterday I started writing my blog at about midnight, and posted it in final draft form at about 5:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. I did not originally know that I was in the process of prognostication, predicting in general but not specifically, the events which unfolded yesterday.

I did the same thing several times back in the day, one incident being contained in a TSC memo from my chief regarding what three of us had envisioned or dreamed on the night of November 19th, 1963, just a few days before the assassination of JFK on the 22nd of that month.

So yesterday, unknown to me, I was writing an article about violence, having sat down to write a very different article about some important areas

At that time, I returned to my dining room — which I call my “cafe” — and sipped some tea while watching the news on the big screen. I was not at all shocked to see the headlines that proclaimed the cowardly attack by an unknown assailant, possibly directed at Republicans, but at that time, no one was sure.

When I returned to my office, I stopped at my desk on the way to the stage for the Morning Show, and typed in a message related to that news media report, stressing the need for balance, calm and restraint in a time of great stress and fear.

My original purpose when I sat down to write the blog yesterday was the same purpose I had set for myself today, but both today and yesterday I was stopped from pursuing my ordinary course, to write on issues that are happening somewhere.

There is a disturbance in the Force, and the smell is coming from Washington. You could take my blog yesterday as an example of what a Remote Viewer can do, although at the time of writing, I had no idea I was tuning in to an ongoing actual event, because the whole article was about Congressional members not showing enmity as a public face.

So apart from the demonstration of my slightly worn and aged powers of prognostication, is it true that Fox News is inflammatory? I’ll leave it up to you to decide:


They dropped the “Fair & Balanced” promise because quite clearly, it isn’t fair and balanced — it’s wildly and extravagantly and accusingly Right Wing beyond anything dreamt of by the John Birchers. Oh, yes, Fox News is very biased toward the Extreme Right, and enjoys every opportunity to rouse the rabble. So — Is Fox News inflammatory?

You bet your sweet ass, it is.

Fox News makes money by capturing a particular voting and spending audience, so they tend to feed the audience whatever trash it wants to see and hear, and to avoid all news to the contrary, so you don’t see a lot of the news when you watch Fox News, but if you’re an uptight conservative looking for trouble under every bush, you’ll feel quite comfortable. They’ll never show you anything that you might not like.


Inflammatory headlines are simple to make, such as the one I made for this dissertation. You take a position and remain there, implacably. Here’s an example from legal practice:

“Do you still beat your wife?”

Either answer means he’s guilty — with “Yes, I do still beat her”, the meaning is quite obvious, but “No, I don’t still beat my wife” means that sometime in the past, he did.

The question leaves him no option to answer “No”, and makes him guilty no matter what happened or didn’t happen.

Okay, how about this classic from the newspapers:

“The SUSPECT ADMITTED that he owned a wallet.”

Or this beauty from a 1960s tabloid:


All of these suggest, but don’t actually say, something that they don’t actually say.

This “slanting” of the statement causes some inattentive people — go find some who aren’t — to lose track of the sense of the thing and to take without question whatever it seems to suggest. In the case of Fox News, the suggestion is made very, very clear:


That’s mighty inflammatory, if you ask me.

ALL Liberals?

Is “Liberal” all of a sudden the new “L” word? Gosh, I hope you can see your way to letting that go, letting ME go.

Examining my own views, I’m probably considered liberal, but I’m certainly not A Liberal.

I wouldn’t know how to be one, but I feel sort of guilty of liberalism, perhaps because I have so many friends of wildly varying social levels, skin and hair colors, beliefs and religious affiliations, countries of origin, languages spoken, and levels of education.

I had a German friend in the 1960s who was accused of having a terrible American accent, and he remarked back, “I have the same problem in sixteen different languages.”.

That’s what I mean about us pinko liberals. We have weird ideas and weird friends and we’re mostly geeks and eggheads and brainiacs and we tend to be inscrutable and therefore to be attacked and driven out of the hive.

The more I think about it, the more convinced that I am, indeed, liberal, or at least liberal-thinking or liberal-leaning.

The very depth of the problem makes the mind boggle.

Just hanging around with known thespians makes me appear like a pinko commie, and the fact that I attended Elon University — where men and women are forced to share the same curriculum and to matriculate together — makes me want to double-down on the assignation, “goddam friggin’ weirdo liberal”.

It should be pointed out that both “sides” of ANY “Extremist” animal farm are equally stupid. Extremists don’t go to Hell, they ARE in Hell.

I have a special place in the Between-Lives State reserved just for Violent Extremists. The Cosmic Toilet Bowl. FLUSH! It’s that awful, long flush soundbyte you hear on that awful television commercial.

If you think I’m kidding about the Between-Lives State, haw, haw!!! You’ll have the surprise of your AfterLife! Ask any Tibetan if what I say is true. I will see you there, but will you pass the smell test?

Get your dog some brains with this Fibonacci Tee-shirt, only $33.99

Brains are not a requisite for bad karma and wrong actions. Believe it or not, you can be really, really dumb, and yet do stupid things.


The fact that Chelsea Clinton graduated from my alma mater,  Elon University in Burlington, North Carolina — the home of the floor covering industry — could underscore my affiliation for the Liberal Left, because I painted a handmade leather cover for her copy of “Goodnight Moon” when Chelsea lived in the White House as a youngster, so that connects me directly with a family known to be profoundly liberal — my good friends, the Clintons.

I guess that makes anything I say about Trump totally suspect, and it’s even worse that President Obama owns one of my paintings.

I have a pinko commie portrait of an African-American, my friend jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, so it’s no wonder I’d be categorized as a liberal. I can understand why anyone would think that about me.

I paint jazz backgrounds for Jazz at Lincoln Center, Nancy Wilson, the International Jazz Association, and dozens of jazz venues and nightclubs and I raise money for jazz musicians and their families who are in need.

Most jazz musicians have no retirement plan. Most don’t plan on surviving that long, but some of them do, and all of them have families, and all of them pay the price for taking part in the ONLY true American musical form, and by the way, there isn’t a school or college that doesn’t have a jazz appreciation course today in America, and let’s keep it that way, okay?

I don’t appreciate closing down all the cultural outlets like NEA and NPR, and I’d like to go on record as saying that those closedowns will result in a LOT of youngsters failing where they wouldn’t.

Gosh, now that I examine the situation, I suppose I really AM in the liberal camp — I sent the Clintons truffles every few weeks for almost a decade.

More than that, dozens of my ceramics decorated the White House and Camp David, so my ties to the Liberal Left are even more cemented by that grim fact.

I admit it — I sent a ceramic to Hillary just before the campaign, with the note, “Give ’em Hell”, and she sent a personally-signed letter fairly recently, so I guess I’m in liberalism up to my eyeballs.

Before I revealed these facts, I was perhaps vulnerable to outside pressures, and might have been persuaded to let the planet go unscathed at the end of this Kalpa.

In short, I might be categorized as a “liberal”, and even as a “pinko commie bastard liberal” by some, and others would regard me as the most intractable sort of arch-conservative when it comes to some issues, like democracy and the Rule of Law, so I can’t predict on which side of the coin I’ll come up.

Nobody is above the law, just as it was in ancient Atlantis. Everyone could be made to answer for their actions, AND THEIR STATEMENTS.

I wonder if someone reacts to those Fox News inflammatory headlines whether they will be held responsible???

Those guys at Fox News are “smart cookies”. I truly wonder if they feel any responsibility when they toy with peoples’ emotions like they do to capture audience with suggestive headlines and inflammatory soundbytes?

Do they even make the connection between their irresponsible and immature headlines and the events that they may cause? Are they aware of the violence that is behind the mob?

I suggest that even if they do know, are aware of their responsibility, Fox News is too hungry for viewers to pay much attention to the muck-raking they’re committing.

There have never been so many people watching the news as there are with this White House in power — every day there’s a new wild headline and a new tweet to laugh at or cry over, depending on the current target of the tweet, and there’s always SOME target involved, even if it seems to be a very general statement.

All those tweets are directed at some one person, a different person in each case — and those threats, lies, unconscionable twists of truth and slippery avoidances, inflammatory suggestions that were made by the White House on the Campaign Trail AND in office don’t do anyone any good.

Inflammatory remarks made by a Presidential Candidate are license enough for violent people to use those remarks as a trigger to take action.

It would be interesting to put together all the inflammatory remarks made by each Presidential Candidate, to see if a case could be assembled that would point to culpability for crimes of violence???

“My Honorable Opponent is a F*cking Pig!”

When politicians call each other names, the public listens and believes. You’ll never find a truly bipartisan American Congress, even under the pressure of an attack like the one that happened yesterday.

Dozens of lawmakers were interviewed and expressed the now-infamous “hope” word that things would get better and that the “vitriolic personal attacks” would stop, but everyone admitted that after every tragedy they say one thing, but quite another a few months down the line, facing another election and another term.

It’s not very likely that much will come of it this time, either, because after a short period of time, you’re forced to play the reality card that says that you MUST please your voters or lose the next election.

So you call your Honorable Opponent a “crook”. So what? What’s the big deal? All candidates get a little hot under the collar now and then, and sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me, right?

That’s not the issue. Who cares about those particular politicians? In a few years, they’ll be replaced by someone else and so it goes. The beat goes on.


Sure it is, Donald.

When politicians debase their government, their democratic procedures and their democratic elective process, things tend to go very wrong.

It’s all about PUBLIC PERCEPTION, not truth. Politicians expect that people will figure it out just enough to cast a ballot, and they want no more from their constituents than their vote.

When politicians use the same language that the tabloids and Fox News uses, you can expect some violence, because that language inflames to anger that’s why.

Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. The point is that it’s inflammatory, and Congress and the President and All the President’s Men and the horses they rode in on need to calm down the rhetoric and lower the frenzy threshold a LOT, before the violence will be reduced — you can never eliminate violence entirely, but you can keep the honest people honest.

Without Fox News, the rest of the news media channels — at least the ones I’m able to find with my remote controller in hand — relatively uninflammatory.

Fox News just has the slant of “Don’t you want to do something bad to someone about this horrible thing???” and seems to lean on it rather heavily. CNN is not much better, but they don’t suggest violence, but Fox News headlines DO seem to suggest violence, maybe it’s just me that sees this in their presentation.

What I mean is, I can see some nut-case grabbing a weapon and going nuts, after seeing that headline on Fox News, and I just want to go on record as saying that a news agency should be careful to not become a part of tomorrow’s headlines by driving some idiot over the top with inflammatory nonsense.

I don’t think Fox News people really understand where that could lead to, if it got out of hand, and I firmly believe that the name-calling and savage emotional levels of their headlines and stories could easily produce a situation that they would and should feel entirely responsible for having triggered.

“LIBERALS ATTACK CONGRESS” is not true. It’s not even remotely true. Not all liberals are violent extremists, nor are all arch-conservative gun-rights advocates wild-eyed creatures demanding the death of all Democratic Zombies.

Demonization is what makes a target into a target. How you “Demonize” someone is that you call him or her a demon. Simple as that. In the case of actual demons, you can’t help it, and real demons take it as a compliment, so you can’t go wrong.

About DEMONIZATION of other news media outlets and people with whom they disagree, I would say to Fox News what Bob Newhart said as a comedian, to his psychiatric patients, “STOP IT!” Just stop it.

That was Bob Newhart’s whole plan.

I have the same plan. Just stop it. Stop the name-calling, stop the baiting, stop the insinuating sarcastic tone of your chief broadcasters, stop using the “Deep State Conspiracy” card every time your political position is in danger of weakening.

Stop the lying about the fake news. Stop the drama about how liberalism is taking over and social security makes it come on faster. Stop trying to destroy the Russia Probe because it threatens to take down the President.

Stop lying that the Russians are good friends of America. Stop giving so much credence to white supremacists.

I can’t say “Don’t allow racists to speak on your programs”, because that would clearly be abrogation of civil rights and freedom of speech, but hey, those guys taking advantage of freedom of speech would NEVER give ME an equal voice without shouting me down or keeping me off the air completely.

Apart from the Christian Right Religious Program, “The Jewish Jesus”, designed to capture money from an audience that doesn’t know that you can’t convert a Jew, there isn’t a single television show that is targeted — you should excuse the expression — to the Jewish crowd, and it’s still quite dangerous to identify yourself in public, and sometimes even in private, as a Jew.

Try Muslim these days and see how fast you get seated at the average five-star restaurant or book an expensive suite at your local Presidential Hotel.

Extremists are very agitated. They don’t have much of a sense of humor and can’t stand the idea that anyone could be even slightly different from themselves. They are xenophobes to the ultimate. To any extremist, I am an extremist, YOU are an extremists, and all extremists must be put down. It’s all the fault of the Liberals. LIBERALS ATTACKED CONGRESS!

There is no Liberal Plot involving all liberals.

Have you ever seen two Democrats who could agree on anything long enough to vote on it? You’ll see the Democrats totally fail to capture a single seat in the next election, because they simply cannot agree on an agenda.

Liberals didn’t attack Congress, and even the most moronic continuity writer on their staff knows that “The Liberals” don’t exist as a single entity, just as there is no “All Jews” or “All Chinese” or “All Arabs”.

Whatever it was that attacked Congress, it wasn’t “The Liberals”. Many liberals are Democrats, but a lot of them aren’t anything at all — they’re typically not real “joiners”, tending to brood on their own internal turf rather than share thoughts with others.

Democrats are notably the most confused and least organized of all political parties, such as they are, and you’ll never see a BLOCK VOTE from Democrats.

Scattered, dispirited and gutless is what you’ll find, when you test the odds against them in the coming campaigns. It’s actually quite sad to see the present disarray of the once-proud and powerful Democratic Party.

Sorry to disappoint the feeding-frenzy of the seagulls at Fox News, but there just isn’t any there there, but there IS a COVER-UP worse than the crime, if any, but don’t worry, lots of Presidents have committed Felonies to cover up a misdemeanor!

There is no “Body of Liberals” planning anything or running anything.

Most of the folks I happen to know are liberal. I think. Or conservative. Frankly, I don’t give a shit.

All these years, I simply failed to ask one way or the other — and every single one of them would condemn any act of violence for any reason whatsoever, but that goes double for politics, and they’d probably deny being classified as “liberal” or indeed anything at all.

Independence is a state of mind.

No political statement should engender more than a shouting match from the other side of the aisle, in a well-run high-energy heated government exchange of opposing or varying points of view.

Every case should be heard. Nobody shouts down a speaker. Who the hell is in that much hurry? In the Ancient world, everyone was only too aware that sooner or later, every turn of the dice would be overthrown by a new roll of the dice.

Just, just … take it easy.

Don’t be mean. There’s no need to be mean.

Frankly, the politicians would do well to take my advice, given many times over the years — learn to cooperate and pass bills together, bills that will make everybody somewhat happy, somewhat disappointed, but nobody feels left out or disenfranchised, and that’s the point.

My Atlantean Holidays always included a stop at Trump Atlantis, where I’d play 18 holes of golf, my favorite outdoor sport — I got a special “Voyagers” discount.

Let me tell you the way it happened back in the ancient empire of Atlantis:

Our Chief Governing Council had at its head only a chairperson — men and women alike took equal positions in the Council of Nine, the equivalent of your “Cabinet Member”, and another 422 citizens formed the equivalent of the House and Senate — meaning “poor folks” and “rich folks”, each having their own share of the parliamentary floor.

The Council of Nine had the task of administrating the world government, and the Governing Council was responsible for the administration of the government and the central island of Atlantis.

The two councils worked out their versions of each “bill”,  or “law”, which was then passed to the other house for approval or change until passed one way or another. No bill was “killed” in Senate or House by the sheer weight of membership.

All legislation and governing political points were debated on the floor in the open. Nothing was kept back, nothing hidden, except defense matters, which were all handled by the Council of Nine.

From that very tight, very closed group, there were no leaks.

When everything is in the open, there are no needs for leaks. When everyone in government feels that governance is fair for all, there is no fear of reprisal and recrimination, no blame, no shame, just hard work to get the laws that maintain the peace and that further the aims of ALL the people.

That is what you’re supposed to get out of the American Constitution and Amendments, you know — freedom and justice for ALL.

As you’d expect with humans, even Atlanteans of the High Council, there were horrible grievances and disagreements, and you can be sure the halls rocked with mutual denouncements aplenty.

One thing you’d never hear would be unsupported and unsupportable accusations. If you accused without proof, you suffered the consequences, and they were grave.

I’m not going to even tell you what the penalty for perjury used to be. Ugh. But it was an effective deterrent. Maybe I will tell you what the penalty was. No, I think I won’t. Well, I WILL tell you, over a number of days. Yes, I eventually will tell you. Maybe. Later. Much later. Probably never. Over a number of days. Over a number of days.

Haw, haw, pardon me while I laugh again. You really need to read your Mark Twain on the government in Washington to see how utterly predictable it all is, and has been for hundreds or thousands or millions of years.

Never mind punishments, you would have loved my ancient fashions back in the day, and you can still get them in the Ashram!

The punishment for lying was horrible.

No such deterrent exists today, which is why you have news media calling each other names, political candidates accusing each other of fraud and criminal conduct, and political candidates suggesting that their opponents are crooks.

This can only lead to violence, don’t you see?

In Ancient Atlantis, nobody could accuse or even suggest wrongdoing without clear and positive proofs that follow the rules of evidence.

Atlantis was free of violence in government even though the halls had rocked all day long with the echoes of argument and debate.

But then, going forward at the end of the day, the takeaway was that ALL the council members threw the equivalent of a Friday afternoon “Happy Hour” and they partied ’til dawn.

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of Congress you’d like to be a member of?

It made it easy to see that the Senators were friends, no matter how loudly the arguments might rage on the Senate floor.

No matter how much table-pounding and foot-stomping and sandal-slapping might have taken place in political argument, these legislators were friends, and everyone knew it.

There was name-calling and character assassination aplenty, as there always is in a heated political discussion, but one thing there notably was not:

The need for a politician to constantly please his or her constituents whom he or she represented, and this is a big difference.

If you were a politician in today’s Washington, you wouldn’t live there. You fly home every weekend to be with your family and most of all, to allow your voter base to contact you and talk to you.

Forget about politics, it’s time to get ready to go swimming and gold panning in the Yuba River!

This is both good and bad for the current political scene.

It’s good, because the public has the right to talk to their representatives in Congress and in the State legislature and local government, and if they behave themselves, they should.

The downside of this is that they no longer spend time with each other and their families don’t interact across party lines at private gatherings, or in public places such as church, restaurants, picnics, barbecues and other events, where they can be seen to be getting along, to be actually friends.

It’s impossible in the present situation to see that Congresspeople are friends across the aisle regardless of political positions and agendas, and that would be really healthy for the American public to see ALL THE TIME.

In online or face-to-face gaming, meaning anything from Final Fantasy all the way to Chess and checkers and tabletop war games, both sides are friends.

When you play Monopoly, isn’t it with a group of friends?

And when you play competitive games, such as ping-pong or track sports, isn’t it with friends?

I fenced and won tournaments in the SouthEastern Conference, same with wrestling — I was an “R” wearer back in High School, and enjoyed a good reputation in Chess, having two games with Bobby Fischer before I gave up the sport due to a sports injury in a close chess-match with my friend Carl.

Carl had a dog that played chess, but I didn’t think it was any big deal. Carl beat the dog two out of three games.

It would help a lot to create a public PERCEPTION of Congress as a group of friends who disagree mightily, but not violently, on many issues.

Hell, that’s what they’re doing there. Their jobs are to argue, to plead, to work deals, to come up with a plan, to make it work for EVERYBODY, not just a few rich, or a few powerful, or a few privileged people.

Wouldn’t you just love a runway fashion hat like this? You can get one in the Ashram!

Unfortunately, there is no remedy for abuse of power by the private sector, or we’d have seen some court action years ago on all fronts. Once in a while, a CEO will be called up to correct the working environment of a company that is exposed on the abuse issue.

Nobody believes this at this point, but it’s the fault of the news media and the members of Congress themselves that violence is so in our faces right now.

There have always been incidents of violence around any political system or issue, which is just part of human nature — brutality is just beneath the brittle and defensive social mask.

Still, violence CAN be reduced, by stopping the de-humanization of government, isolating government from the people, and this can be accomplished rather simply, by having a party once a month at the rotunda of the Capitol building, where one of my relatives has his art hanging.

That’d be my great-grand-uncle Platt Rogers Spencer, inventor of “Spencerian Penmanship”, the standard for handwriting training in American public schools for over 100 years.

I have a very large collection of his works and an unpublished book of his that’s ready for publication, with a Presidential introduction of the day, making the book itself incredibly historic, almost as historic as the examples of Spencerian handwriting, the same as you’ll see on the documents created by him for the Capitol Rotunda!


I’d donate this collection myself, but I see an opportunity here to advance my plan for a healing center for those who have no other options, so here’s my Special Offer O’The Day:

Won’t someone buy this collection and donate it to the National Museum? The book publishing rights alone would, I think, be interesting enough, but my collection includes unpublished examples of his handwriting and photos that have never been seen.


I set the price ridiculously low, to ensure that it would be acceptable and fair, the money to be used for the purpose of  creating a Healing Center, and the amount would be just enough to cover the costs for its first six months of operation plus some fundraising funds with which to raise more funds, so we can buy the building and set up more centers.

The price for the original handwritten letters from the Donner Party, along with furniture and items brought by wagon over the Donner Pass is a lot higher — the collection, which contains more material than is presently in the Donner State Museum, will cost someone the price of a Healing Center, $1.4 million, not a penny less.

I hope to have an animal shelter and adoption agency as part of the planned center, and there will be an emphasis on women’s and children’s health issues, plus a set of remedies for seniors.

Often, it’s not medication that is needed, but good advice on nutrition, fresh air and exercise, a healthy emotional outlook, substitutes for depression that include simple remedies such as a craft hobby or a new dance craze.

Health is not just pharmaceuticals dealt out by a computer software program with a heart of gold. There’s so much that can be accomplished by just listening.

If you’re tired of just seeing the suffering, how about taking part in ending the suffering?

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Proving reincarnation is easy, but what can you DO about it?

That, in a nutshell, is the crux of the issue.

If you’re prepared to find out where that path goes, you’ll have to get there on your own power. Nobody will drag you to the finish line.

Hey, if you’ve gotten this far, you’re well past the political overburden. We can talk about real things, important things, like Past Life Surveys and Unmasking the Self and Getting more Creativity in your life, and finding a way to generate that extra income you need to get back to just one job!!!

So get busy with your higher life, and let organic life just go on as it will, that’s my advice to you. Don’t align with ANY political party or group, stay out of town hall meetings, and anywhere that people gather and congregate.

Stay out of the cattle-paths.

Try to remain home as much as possible, go out to shop or bring kids to events as little as possible, stay out of malls, restaurants, sports events, anywhere that there are more than 20 people congregated — and that includes houses of worship, too — until the danger of extremism is over, which may be never.

Extremism must not win, but don’t be an idiot — stay out of harm’s way. Enjoy life, but do it at home. That means “don’t travel”. Tourism is for suckers.

Don’t play the hero.

Don’t ever put me in a foxhole with a hero. The last thing you want at your side in a firefight is a screaming hero, attracting attention to himself.

At the same time, don’t be afraid of anything.

I know, it’s good advice if you can take it, but I have a way for you to acquire magically and shamanically the power of fearlessness.


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