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Cosmo Street Contact Orb is available for you to apply in your shamanic healings.

It’s time for us poor folks to learn how to live without doctors, medicine, hospitals and clinics, because all the money for that is going into billionaires’ pockets, including Donald “Take Advantage” Trump & Associates, but don’t worry, their time will come.

In the meanwhile, why not take advantage of the fact that you are living in these computer times, although we’re still only in the beginning stages of the computer-driven world of tomorrow — robots and nanotech, hypersonic and lightspeed personal vehicles and full-immersion video gaming, pocket tech and phone, pad, tab and flat hardware and incredible levels of new software that goes beyond the impossible.

That’s the new world in a nutshell and, although part of this new world is a notable absence of healthcare for the poor and middle class — which is us — there is also a new world of video applications and quantum mechanics.

My new healthcare plan depends upon both, because I just can’t afford a doctor without some healthcare plan other than “I Plan Not To Get Sick A Lot”, which is my current plan.

Hoping not to get sick is not much of a healthcare plan, I admit, but it is one that, on ZERO income and ZERO medical insurance other than basic medicaire, I’m screwed, to say the least, if I want standard mainstream healthcare.

Fortunately, I don’t. I have zero faith in doctors, especially the ones who grow rich keeping you alive while you’re waiting to die.

The situation is hopeless. A Republican congress will never give the poor a break — we all know that.

We also know that on BOTH sides of the aisle, those bastards are 90% Politician and 10% Patriotic, so the votes will ALWAYS go along party lines, not conscience, and that in a nutshell is why the vote in Council went against survival for the human species, and I know I’m going to get a storm of angry letters when my asteroid smacks into the Earth fairly soon, but believe me, I know what I’m doing.

Ants are better.

Hell, compared to humans, I’d take superintelligent ants anytime. I’m betting on the hardiest survivor of them all, the cockroach, to ascend the food chain to victory in the species department, but I’m not allowed to reset the species button.

How To Remember Yourself

Remembering yourself is easy, if you know yourself. You then merely locate your self and point.

Remembering Yourself is a little more difficult. First, you have to have the idea in the first place, then you have to define what you mean by “self” and “remembering”, and finally, you need some guidance to learn the basics of Self-Remembering.

Suffice it to say that it’s enough for the purpose at hand to remember — and for YOU to remember — that I’m a visitor here in the 21st century, a time-traveler, if you like, from the 37th century.

Actually, time isn’t what you think it is.

Every time-frame sits motionless in the bank, until an Observer ticks it off and activates the chains associated with that time-space discontinuum — the one your Cursor is in now.

Your Cursor is able to shake its fist at the sky and yell “shit!”, hence the name, “Cursor”. I went a long, long way for that gag. I hope you appreciate it.

So it will help to remember that I am a 37th century history student at More Science High, here in the capital city of Mahzhong, home of the Great Mother Slime Mold and the chicken capital of Upper Caledonia, a country founded by a famous typesetter named “Clarendon Smith”, of New New Washington, the city built right directly on the smoking ruins of Old Washington, during your Fourth or Fifth World War, I forget which.

I hate having to remember names, dates and places accurately, which is why I’m carrying a D-Minus, actually an F+, average here in school.

If I get an “A+” on my Term Report, my grade will zoom right up to D+, and I’ll be able to graduate high school.

I’m hoping to be accepted into Wassamatta U., my college of choice, where I can study my favorite subject, Universal 3D Design, with Professor Wasserman, the most popular Remote Viewing Professor on the college campus.

Of course, I haven’t yet visited the actual university, yet — I’m not allowed to cross the street by myself.

So it’s raining here, where I am, and I’m stuck for the next two hours of Objective Time here in the History Department Time Lab, where I’m seated at the controls of the BioTime History Sim, typing away on the little keyboard in the Earth Sim you call “home”.

All Phenomena is Illusion. That goes double inside a History Sim.

Part of my Self-Remembering is that I am actually sitting here at the History Sim, not dwelling or moving about inside it, within the time-bind that creates the illusion of 21st century Earth.

Another part of my Self-Remembering is that it’s all an illusion, and that the illusion is controlled by numbers, zeros and ones, and that I can call them off and use my skills in ordering them and creating a variety of combinations with them.

I can create gateways to any worlds I wish to visit.

With my crystal and radio technology, I can create my own healthcare plan which, along with a good diet, lots of fresh air and sunlight, but not to excess, and of course a discipline of prayer and meditation, assures a long and healthy and productive life.

Sure, there are aches and pains, but thanks to our Republican friends in congress, you’ll be able to learn how to handle all your miseries with magic, or they won’t get handled at all.

If politicians had their way, they’d take our prayer and meditation and spirit healing away from us, like they take everything else, but they can’t, at least not yet, not so long as the Constitution is still in force.

Oh, NOW you get it. Yep, if someone can break the basic American Institutions, the Constitution will be suspended, leaving Donald Trump in charge.

Create Your Own Magic Healing Altar

Medical insurance??? You have to be kidding. We HAVE no medical insurance, just as we have no retirement fund, and we’ve lost our own homes and our IRA fund when the Big Bailout happened a few years back, and everyone I know is in that same situation.

There’s nothing left for Old Age. Retirement is out of the question, and going to work from 9 to 5 has become impossible.

That’s when you have to find an alternative to mainstream medicine, and I offer Prayer Power as a possible solution.

Keep your medical insurance, you butt-faced moron politicians. We don’t need no friggin’ medical insurance. We don’t need no doctors. We don’t need no medicine. Just get out of our faces and leave us our Angelic Prayer Power Healing Medicine Wheel.

That means stop messing with our Civil Rights.

See You At The Top!!!


Michele de Paris Secret Recipes For Sale Here!!!

mixedmediasalad copy

Here are our Secret Angels Cuisine Recipes — this is the stuff we make here for ourselves and our guests at workshops, seminars, retreats and healing circles! Each one is handmade (at the moment by me) with a genuine color photo on the front and an insert within, describing the techniques for making what you see on the front of the card.

The cards retail at the 2014 industry standard for handmade Kraft-Cards, which is $6.95. I thought it would be around $3 or so, but heck-darn, I’m living back in the Stone Age, strictly Paleo. Anyhow, that makes the wholesale $3.50 per card & matching envelope.

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Ultimate Virtual Experience Angelic Guardians


I thought about it a lot…we now have an engine that will allow you to decorate/design your own game level. Well, there are a lot of “building” games out there at the moment, so that wouldn’t make it stand out in any way from the rest, but one thing might; a magical event that takes place in the orb and is activated and brought about by you. I’ll be discussing it on this morning’s ICW, but basically, you carry angels to their niches, thus activating them. Each angel is named. You find the correct niche and place the angel there. There are a few more things to it, but that’s the basic structure of the “game”. Actually, you’re assembling several choirs of angels into a matrix formation within a giant 3D Tree of Life.

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Let’s Talk Angels

Actual LIVE screenshot of Archangel Metatron in midair flight with Holy Sword..

In my world, it happens all the time. Mike is a frequent flyer in my Home Dimension, and so am I. You’ll now find a plethora of Angelic Intervention and easy Angelic Callings in future Orbs, starting with Addiction. Modern medicine takes no notice of the value of Angelic Intervention; they pay lip service, which is fine — we don’t need more than that to operate. You don’t want to dismiss professional intervention in crisis cases, that’s for sure. But add something like Prosperity Path, and do a run or two. Like chicken soup, it can’t hurt.

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Photo by EJ Gold — from “Gorby’s Little Acre”

In the equation I=V/R, one sees instantly the relationship between Resistance, Voltage and Ohmage, as it were, to coin a word. The electrons being pushed through a measuring point will meet resistance, Impedance, as it were, to its forward flow; there’s heat, there are other electrons pushing and shoving up ahead, there’s back-EMF, or backwash spilling out into the street, there’s a cross-wind, they’ve never used these rifles before, and there’s a problem with the sun. Long and short of it is that there will be some Resistance to any flow of any kind if it flows through anything even vaguely like a medium, a pool in which to swim, float and bob about, and what’s more, you’ll encounter Resistance of exactly the same variety when running any of my Prosperity Path Orbs.

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