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Greatest Kid’s Gift Ever


No matter how strapping and healthy I might be at age 76, and the issue is still in doubt, but getting better every day — I’m a short-timer on Planet Earth, and I’m not making any long-term personal plans that might involve the 22nd century.

I guess you’d place me in the “Oh, go f*ck yourself” stage of life, meaning that there’s nothing they can do to this country or to the national standards of decency and honesty that has any long-term effect on me, but Hell, that’s been true since the day I took rebirth, and it’s not likely to ever change, not now, not ever.

As for building personal wealth, I’ve had a running battle with government for years on the subject of Voluntary Poverty as a way of life that is accepted, but have not had much luck on that front.

I have no retirement fund, and no plans to build one. No medical insurance, if they take away medicare. I’m shit out of luck on that front. My only concern is that I’m not a burden, and I’ve done what I had to in order for that to happen. I’ve made sure that my personal voluntary poverty will at least do no harm.

Personal Poverty is one thing, cultural poverty quite another, and in this country, culture has gone rapidly downhill toward the days of Ancient Greece, Rome and Sumer, not to mention Babylon. Continue reading


Photo by EJ Gold — from “Gorby’s Little Acre”

In the equation I=V/R, one sees instantly the relationship between Resistance, Voltage and Ohmage, as it were, to coin a word. The electrons being pushed through a measuring point will meet resistance, Impedance, as it were, to its forward flow; there’s heat, there are other electrons pushing and shoving up ahead, there’s back-EMF, or backwash spilling out into the street, there’s a cross-wind, they’ve never used these rifles before, and there’s a problem with the sun. Long and short of it is that there will be some Resistance to any flow of any kind if it flows through anything even vaguely like a medium, a pool in which to swim, float and bob about, and what’s more, you’ll encounter Resistance of exactly the same variety when running any of my Prosperity Path Orbs.

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