Greatest Kid’s Gift Ever


No matter how strapping and healthy I might be at age 76, and the issue is still in doubt, but getting better every day — I’m a short-timer on Planet Earth, and I’m not making any long-term personal plans that might involve the 22nd century.

I guess you’d place me in the “Oh, go f*ck yourself” stage of life, meaning that there’s nothing they can do to this country or to the national standards of decency and honesty that has any long-term effect on me, but Hell, that’s been true since the day I took rebirth, and it’s not likely to ever change, not now, not ever.

As for building personal wealth, I’ve had a running battle with government for years on the subject of Voluntary Poverty as a way of life that is accepted, but have not had much luck on that front.

I have no retirement fund, and no plans to build one. No medical insurance, if they take away medicare. I’m shit out of luck on that front. My only concern is that I’m not a burden, and I’ve done what I had to in order for that to happen. I’ve made sure that my personal voluntary poverty will at least do no harm.

Personal Poverty is one thing, cultural poverty quite another, and in this country, culture has gone rapidly downhill toward the days of Ancient Greece, Rome and Sumer, not to mention Babylon.



Dammit, I went and mentioned it.

You can click on any of the images and actually go ahead and buy the stuff on the other end of the link, because it’s at full wholesale. You’d have to buy 600 units or more to get a slightly better price, so THIS IS IT.

You can order other flavors, such as Chai Tea, Cappuccino and other drink mixes directly from me or make your own and order them direct — but you can’t get them cheaper. The fact is that these are the wholesale prices — $6.20 for the 3 ounce, $8.40 for the 7 ounce. I fully believe that the 7 ounce is an easier price point and size to defend, but some folks like the smaller tin, so I have some up for sale here.

I myself intend to avail myself of both the 3 ounce and 7 ounce varieties. They will both be fun to paint, and both be very very easy to sell, if I don’t ask too much for them, and the same goes for you!!!

This is a different time/space than you think it is. There has been a Major Shift, and we are now on a roller-coaster ride down Shit’s Creek without a paddle, so I propose you get a paddle, quick! I have that paddle here. Read on, to find out more.

You’re going to need to do something special to achieve the Waking State now that your local and regional states have gone into the red, meaning that you are now surrounded by mean and nasty people, given the license to hate by their highest government officials.

Be prepared to feel their hate. Be prepared to endure their hate. Be prepared to return love for hate. Be prepared to TRANSCEND and get out of the Path of Destruction, before you end up DEAD from hate.

When will you finally come to believe that it CAN happen here?

The fact is that it has already happened here. All the pieces are in place for a totalitarian dictatorship to openly declare itself — it has already taken power.

The world you knew is gone. You will from this moment on fear your government, distrust the news, and fear your neighbor, as you watch the democracy crumble to dust right in front of your eyes, and you’d better dance or get shot in the big toe, tenderfoot.

Been here so many times before.

I sure hope you take advantage of the opportunity to rise above organic life this time around. If you decide to go back to sleep, nobody will make you wrong. Waking Up is hard to do.

As for me, I have nothing to win, and nothing lose — not even my life. My life is not my own. I am here to do a job, and part of that job is introducing tools of awakening to a very sleepy population, which until you do something about it, includes you.

One of those tools of awakening is a little device that looks innocent, but is actually a powerful Engine of Awakening. I call it, for want of a better description, the “Paint-on-Me” tin of drink powder.



It’s sneaky, the way it works on you. Awakening Powers are built into this ordinary-looking, innocent-looking spiritual device, but it has power beyond anything you’ve ever seen, to transform and transcend.

It’s a helluva product, and it’s the best kid’s educational item you’ll ever see.

You can sell this.

So I’m making sure that my legacy is in place, hopefully well in advance of need, and one of my legacy items is the “Paint-on-Me” tin of coffee, tea, chocolate, mocha, cider, milk drinks or lemonade mixes.

It’s a 3 ounce — or 7 ounce — tin of Iced or Hot Drink Mixes that are a variant on the 19th century notice placed on blank book pages, “This page intentionally left blank.”, but of course, with that printed notice, it wasn’t blank at all.

That’s the idea behind the “Paint on Me” chocolate tins — they have all the information on there that’s needed to sell the product, and there’s some space left over to scratch, scribble or scrawl something of your own.

Were I in my mid-twenties or early thirties, I could take my newest product all the way to the top, building it into its own IPO in about 15-20 years, but even with good health and lots of luck, I don’t have the time to take it all the way, and that’s why I’m passing it on to you, hoping you’ll pick up the baton and carry it awhile.

The idea is that you will add your artwork onto the printed label that’s prepared to take it and sell it and identify it as a signed original work of art, along with the information needed to sell a consumable product to the public.



Behind your artwork is THE most incredible texture — wall, floor, boards, cement, concrete, asphalt, paper, parchement vellum, or fine Belgian Linen canvas — that you’ve ever had the pleasure of gracing with your artwork.

It’s actually several things at once:

  • FOR KIDS — Here’s an inviting way to express yourself and have a great treat afterward, or share with others, give as a gift to friend or Mom or Dad.
  • FOR GROWNUPS — What a fantastic way to introduce your art at a price that everyone can afford, and who doesn’t want a bit of chocolate now and then?
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS — Unlike the amateur, you can mark your piece all the way up the scale of your pro rates. If you get $5,000 or more for an 8″x10″ canvas board painting, you can mark this item up exactly the same.
  • THERAPY — Helps work through traumas using the design principles I’ve laid down in “You Can Paint” classes.
  • SPIRITUAL GROWTH — The addition of Necessity in the form of a retail buyer and subsequent pass-along sippers and gift recipients creates the energy needed to produce an evolutionary change in the artist-maker, which is YOU.
  • FUNDRAISER — Whether to keep food on the table for the family after you were fired without warning,  which is now the new standard for White House staffers and heads of government departments, or you’re trying to raise money for disaster relief or to support a spiritual community or school, library or textbook fund, you can use this to raise money — don’t complete more than one item, and sell the rest blank, then give a class on how to make it work.
  • FOR TEACHERS — Can you imagine the projects you and your kids can dream up using this great saleable product?
  • CHRISTMAS SALES — If you’re in art school, there’s gonna be a Christmas Student Sale, and people will come from miles around to take advantage of the opportunity and, if possible, the naive art students, one of which is you, but you are, thanks to this item, FORMERLY NAIVE, and now capable of taking home enough to last you through Spring Break of next year.
  • ART GALLERIES — If you own an art gallery, you need an art object that your customers can eat, and at the same time, have a takeaway keepsake in the form of an empty tin which can be filled with collectibles, and you need it to be cheap and yet look expensive, and this is it.
  • MUSEUM GIFT SHOP — You might be selling something that will someday be in a museum because the kid who got it got famous.
  • PREMIUMS — Want the perfect gift for the bored executive who has everything? Why not give the Square Tin that comes with a Sharpie Marker? You can also give a basket that includes five or six tins of “DIY” — Do-It-Yourself projects that can be kept or given away or sold or traded or sent off to a museum, like I said.
  • CONFIDENCE-BUILDER — These are used presently in a system of Confidence-Building by several professionals who work with groups and individuals. The confidence comes from the actual creative craft, but also from the reinforcement that comes from approval and sales in 9 figures.

It’s probably the best kid’s item I’ve ever got hold of, and I want you to see and understand what it is and what it can do for you.

Thanks to years and years — translating to thousands of hours — of Claude’s work in the graphics of the GODD engine, I have at my disposal some of the best wall graphics ever made, and that’s what I’m using for my backgrounds.

Nobody has textures like this. Nobody. They are so incredibly realistic that you will be convinced that you’re actually drawing on brick, cement or wood.

The concept is very simple.

You’ve seen graffiti just about everywhere — on subway cars, brick and concrete walls, wooden shacks and plastered over outdoor advertising billboards, just to name a few.

What kid doesn’t draw on the sidewalk?



Well, I have the best-ever sidewalk to draw upon, and what’s more, it’s on a can of delicious yummy hot chocolate, or cold lemonade or cocoa milkshake.

For the adult artist with chalk-in-hand, I have Cappuccino, Dark Truffle, Praline Brandy Truffle, and all manner of other adult drinks from cider mix to flavors that require some adjustment in the brain, such as “Bananas Foster” and “Extra Chocolate Smores” and suchlike things, a total of 50 flavors in all, on five different highly collectible tin canisters.

Yes, collectible.

Even if your tin is never painted, it will someday be a valuable collectible, because it ISN’T painted — it’s still in Mint Condition — NRFB, which means “Never Removed From Box”, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually literally boxed in a box, just never used, and in as-issued condition, with no dings and no scratches.

Of course, if you achieve some recognition as an artist, your signed & dated painting on the tin will undoubtedly increase its value, as it would, had Picasso, Lichtenstein or Basquiat done a miniature signed painting on it.

Sure, your painting might not get the $1.4 million that Roy Lichtenstein’s little painted chocolate mix tin would have gotten, but you surely can wring $25 dollars out of it, eh?

Don’t laugh. That’s far better than the $16.80 you’re going to see as a retail on the unpainted product, and if you’re a good artist, you can ask and maybe even get, a lot more than that.

How Did It Happen???

This product came as a result of Paula asking me the Magic Question, “How can I make this product — meaning the can of drink mix — be worth $100 dollars?”.

I asked my angel friends, and this wonderful new kids’ product is the answer. In a word, this is why you work in groups, why you want to have a collaborative relationship, not boss to worker or competitive in any way.



You’re part of the Human Race, which should be working as a team, not as rivals, but I never said humans are not stupid, and that’s why I’m betting against them.

As I mentioned before, I’ve got a Federation Dollar against them in the betting pool. Of course, if the faculty here at More Science High ever got wind of it, we’d be up for detention for gambling on campus, but frankly, several faculty members have side bets under fake names just because it’s just an easy win.

I’m giving long odds against.

This fabulous new KID-FRIENDLY INVENTION will find a home with any educator. It combines the best of several worlds — art, crafts, expression, creativity, art marketing and chocolate.

No more powerful combination exists anywhere in or out of the universe. Naturally, if you take “chocolate” out of the equation, you risk ignominious failure.

Chocolate first, then add the other flavors, starting with Vanilla. Lemonade is very popular with kids and adults alike, and of course the Cider Mixes are big at grownup parties.

The real question is not “Do you want some of these to draw or paint on?” — it’s “Which background would you like to scribble all over?”, and that’s a choice that will be hard to make — Claude’s textures are so compelling and realistic that you’ll be afraid to crush the leaves in the ivy hedge.

It’s not just walls. You can scratch, scribble & scrawl on a wide variety of background textures, and I mean WIDE!!!

If you’re an accomplished fine artist with a penchant and skill for miniatures, you will revel in the Belgian Linen Canvas background, or perhaps you’d prefer the Medieval Wood Panels that I’ve prepared in the style of the great painters of the Middle Ages.



What will you scratch, scribble or scrawl on there?

That’s not a problem you need to address anytime soon. You’ll never run out of ideas as fast as you’ll run out of tins, unless you keep a large industrial supply of them handy.

You can paint portraits — I’d be painting Soul Portraits at a fair or art show — and take away a few hundred or a few thousand from the day’s work, depending on how fast you can work, size and temperament of the crowd, and the amount of competition for portrait work around the fairground or floor.

You can prepare some pieces or paint in front of the customer, which will bring a crowd, but you’ll have to devote an hour or more to each tin, which might mess up your style.

Also be aware that if the customer sees you paint it, they won’t pay as much for that as they would for a piece that they didn’t see painted. I know, it’s weird, but that’s this world.

Humans of Planet Earth, you know I love ’em.

That, of course, is a joke. So long as there are hate groups and overtly aggressive human apes dominating others, this world is marked for demolition.



My ships should be arriving soon.

Meanwhile, let’s talk art party. You get a bunch of these “Paint on Me” tins and let them loose on them. Of course, they have to buy the product before they attempt to destroy it with their clumsy attempt at fine art.

It’s your job to see that they succeed beyond their wildest dreams the very first time they try, which means a few practice pieces on plain flat paper before they try it on the product.

Most folks will have a hard time fitting the drawing onto the product. They’ll get one corner right, and then run out of room because they didn’t see the finished piece projected on there before they began.

Most people have only a partial ability to see what’s in front of them. There’s a world of remedial art that will open up before you if you pursue this line very far, because art in this usable crafty form generally attracts those who are not quite confident enough to become an artist, but they feel the call.

For the accomplished artist, this product will be a total dream come true.

There isn’t any better way to introduce your art to the public than to connect it with something pleasant and rewarding, and if hot chocolate doesn’t fit that bill, what does?

Okay, it’s a fabulous attraction, but what else is going on here?



You’re helping to open kids up to the art experience, and it really helps that there’s hot or cold chocolate involved, because that’s going to get the kids’ attention and interest.

It’s also an “Instant Product” in the sense that, when you’ve added your artwork and signed and dated the piece, it’s actually ready to sell right then and there.

Your customer can take the finished work home with them.

This just doesn’t happen with a printed product, and you surely can’t get the price for a printed product that a hand-painted, signed & dated piece of functional art might fetch!

Sure, “might”. There’s no guarantee, even if you’re a famous artist, that people will pay more for it than they would for an ordinary box or bag of chocolate mix, but we’re counting here on your ability to convince someone that you’re an artist.

Don’t ever try to convince someone that you’re famous if you’re not. One thing you will certainly learn from this exposure to human life on Earth is that it’s pointless to argue with a zombie.



That goes double for alien-dominated zombies.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t mention what’s-his-name in this blog, and so far, I’ve managed, but bringing up the subject of alien-dominated zombies sure makes it hard to avoid talking about our wacky president with a small “p”, as it were, and that is definitely a “small man” joke.

I couldn’t remain politically correct and be honest at the same time.

This is a society that trains people to lie, to cheat, to swindle and to be mean. It’s best to have no part of it, but that’s impossible, when they keep shoving things into your face.

Best to TRANSCEND it, and that’s what this is all about.

Transcending is easy, if you know how, and follow the simple principles. Let’s start with just one background and go from there.

Yes, we’re about backgrounds at the moment.

So what backgrounds would work for you, for your style and colors? How about plain paper? You have your choice of several varieties.

By the way, if a background is designed on a small tin, don’t switch over to the tall tin — each design is made to work only for the size tin on which you already find it.

If you mess with the sizes, you’ll have to fix it somehow, so don’t.



I really don’t want to hear “I messed with the size and now the text doesn’t show on top” or “I messed with the size, and now the text doesn’t show up anywhere”.

You NEED that text, to give strength and force to your product. Every single element was considered, and reduced to the bare minimum, to give you the maximum sketching space possible on that particular product.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to confront the curvature of a round tin, you’re absolutely right. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to paint on, and you have to sort of hold the round can just right with one hand while painting it with the other, which can be problematic for the beginner, but just part of the process for the professional.

Keep in mind that the tin is not considered disposable. It’s a collectible, and it has value long after the cocoa powder has been scooped out of there and the bottom tapped for any remnants.

If you wash the tin after use, be sure to let it dry upside-down on a kitchen rack. Make sure no moisture remains when storing it or putting it on display.

Your tins can be used to collect any number of small items, from safety pins and rubber bands to seeds, beads, buttons and bows.



Also keep in mind that you’re taking advantage of a licensed kitchen with workers who maintain a food-handler’s license.

They also have the FDA licensing to ship interstate and internationally.

Don’t try to squeeze more profit out of the product by producing it yourself, when you’re already paying actual wholesale, and people are willing to produce it for you at a very reasonable cost, leaving you free to be more actively creative.

Believe me, you couldn’t bring this out as they did, without the 30+ years experience they have in working with this product and package.

It’s all in the presentation.

If you’re confident as an artist, you will do well. If you have art classes, craft classes or any form of confidence-building and creativity-driven self-esteem, believe me, there isn’t a better product on the market or off that will do the job you want to do with your students.

This product offers a chance to learn how to adjust your artwork to a specific graphic field, but it does much more, because it gets the student or professional artist to the market in a way that is very different from wall art and sculpture.

It’s a way of shaking hands with new clients, new customers and new art patrons.

You can use these hand-painted tins as premiums in fundraising campaigns, whether they are to benefit a museum, a school or a political resistance movement — there, I almost did it again. I will not mention his name. That boy’s ugly face is everywhere, and he leaves little puddles of pee behind him wherever he wanders.

Ridicule is the weapon of choice against any form of tyranny. Violence they love and welcome, but ridicule pierces the heart of the tyrant, because for him, ego is everything.



I know, this has little to do with the artistic expression on a cup of coffee, but it does have an impact, and the impact must be dealt with.

My system of artwork includes a Beta Block of you-know-who and the horse he rode in on. It’s very effective. You won’t think of that creep for hours at a time.

I took some sleeping pills, but they don’t work — I keep waking up every few days.

That’s a joke, and a dated one. I heard it first from Jack Benny, back in 1951, it can be traced back to Roman origins, possibly even Sumerian.

A joke is no less funny after a few thousand years — you just have to realize that at some point in an endless existence, you’ll have heard them all, and I have.

As the Lord says to Gabriel, “That doesn’t mean you can’t laugh, Gabriel.”.

So what are you going to do about this “Greatest Kid’s Gift Ever”? Are you going to do your part to bring this about?



Paint it, then eat it.

Well, technically, “drink it”, but who’s counting?

It’s an amazing and powerful addition to the art and craft field, and would be welcomed just about everywhere as a great way to get kids into the art market without a ton of expense, and without paying the price of having to get past an art director or gallery owner, and who’s willing to pay the price of wall art these days?

What a great way to offer your patrons a way to gift themselves and at the same time offer a token of support for your work, without actually having to commit to your artwork.

Keep in mind that when someone puts a piece of your art up on their wall, it becomes a part of the “statement” of who and what they are, at least socially and aesthetically speaking.

Buying a painting, especially a large architectural painting, is a big commitment and family, friends and neighbors will certainly form an opinion based on that wall art, of the taste and social position of the owner, when they see it gracing the wall of your estate or mansion.

Do you live in a tiny house or apartment?

If you’ve got an 8″x8″ metal print on the wall in or near the kitchen, bathroom or hallway, you needn’t answer for it on facebook tomorrow.



Making big art sales is not an everyday occurrence, but selling your handpainted chocolate drink mixes will be. You can count on it, if you get out there and hustle.

If you decide to produce a thousand tins, and keep them in a closet until someone pounds on the door and demands to buy them, prepare for disappointment and get used to it.

You will have to hustle, but there’s nowhere that you can go where you will fail to sell these, unless you run into cold, heartless mean and selfish zombies, in which case, you’re in the wrong neighborhood.

Getting an art show is pretty much like getting a part in a movie, and generally it involves things you’d rather not do, including the casting couch.

This is a way out of that art-slave trap.

Painting Originals on Tea, Coffee, Chocolate and Lemonade tins filled with delicious foods is going to give you a whole new orientation on functional art.

You might even discover the world of Function FINE Art. It’s hard to see and even harder to achieve, but it can be done — you can accomplish a FUSION of fine art and commercial art.

Make art and money at the same time.

What a terrific way to live an artistic and creative life. Tyrants crush creativity, and the right to be creative must be defended at all times. It’s always under attack.

Tyrants destroy, take down, divide, conquer, smash — they leave the town in ashes in the end.

A Tyrant does not build, does not heal, does not care. You really don’t know what the word “sociopath” means until you have a Tyrant in control, and that means now. You can feel it, palpably, trying to crush you, keep you down.



Get out of the gutter and stay out.

Get the best revenge of all — creative marketing can bring you out of the hole and into a position of power.

From there, all things are possible.

Up the Resistance!

But this product is much more than a means for personal freedom and self-expression, using the First Amendment in a clear and positive and healthy way.

Kids need art. You need art.



You also need money. In this culture, you need money to TRANSCEND. Yes, to keep free, to stay free, to remain out of the roundup, you need money, lots of it.

If you’re in any position to help with a large order or a donation to help me get this started and introduced into the life of humans on Planet Earth, this is the time, Kato. Wait too long, and I won’t be able to do it.

We’re about to have a huge clamp put down. When The Unthinkable Happens, don’t panic. Stay in touch, stay with the POG, the Pack of Green!!! Use all the skills you’ve been working to build in our Bardo Safaris!!!

This is the time!!!

I’ve seen all this before, a million times before. Please believe me, you’re going to need money to buy your way out of trouble, and even if you don’t presently understand how it can be, I’m telling you that if we can get behind the “Paint On Me” chocolate mix, it can be a powerful and effective way out of the ghetto.

Sure, ghetto. We all live in a ghetto, if not of economics, of religion, race or politics. My taste? I can never get enough diversity to suit me, the more the better.

I like a rainbow mix. We all do, up here.

See You At The Top!!!