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Hey, L@@KY Here!!!

dome01 T-Shirt Powerful Atlantean Crystal Cloud Chamber by E.J. Gold. Resonates with your SuperBeacon for healing, invocation and protection. $45.99

Do you believe it??? I just spent the past eight hours massaging and uploading images and describing sections and items, and I’ve only just got half a dozen of the things up at the moment, which makes a grand total of about 2400 items for you to shop.

But wait ’til you find out what I’ve put up there!

Most of the items you’ll find on my Cafe Press Shops are things you couldn’t buy for any price — some are part of our ancient relics collection which we use in our ceremonies.

Many of the art items are just plain NOT for sale at any price, and some are for sale, but for very high prices, totally out of reach to the average collector.

The whole idea in Rembrandt’s time was to make prints, an affordable way of collecting the art of a favorite artist. Another bestseller of the time was to have the artist make up a set of “calling cards” with the art patron’s face plastered on there as if they were someone important.

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How to Set Up Your Charging Chamber SuperBeacon Layout

Charging Chamber Dome & Base on a SuperBeacon.

The incense bowl goes just ahead of the SuperBeacon, with the two grippers spread apart as shown. The double Rock Salt candle holders would be to the left and right of the SuperBeacon. Continue reading

Fall Lineup for Marketing Ashram Products

Here are the preliminary labels for some of the Ashram products I have in mind for public circulation:


These are just the beginning — I intend to release as much from our Magic Kitchen as I can possibly arrange and figure out how to package and ship them safely. Continue reading

Thunderbolt Series School Tools

Wearable Thunderbolt & Lantern Combination gives Total Power.

It’s all about the mathematical patterns. It doesn’t look like much from out here in the Einsteinian Universe, but in Quantum, those little ridges are mountain ranges, and the flats are deep valleys, Going deeper within, the patterns of zig-zag & swirl create momentary and persisting vortex & gravity well Negentropic clustering points. If you’re not following me on this, you need to read the countless blogs and view the numberless videos on the subject of Quantum Effects. Continue reading

To Be Or Knot To Bee


Judith Spellcaster at her home Altar, photo by E.J. Gold.

The Magickal Arte of Knottinge was published in 1563 by Johannes Carradine in London. I have what may well be the only copy, and I’ve referred to it frequently over the years, and with the advent of my Judith Spellcaster Knotting Spells, you can benefit from this well of ancient knowledge. I’ll explain as briefly as I can, and expound in detail at the Interdimensional Contact Workshop this morning.

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NEW — Powerful Virtual Altar


“The Virtual Altar” — No, it’s not available yet; I’m still working on it, and others like it. I wanted to explain to you the principles behind this 21st century Virtual Command Control, which takes the place of Real Life Act-Outs, which are today called “Ritual”. Acting stuff out is okay, but sometimes expensive and always subject to Outside Disapproval, meaning the Bots get wind that you’re doing something strange, and next thing you know, they’re trying to convert them to one or another of their Bot Religions. So, here’s what magic is, how it works, and how you can use it safely and cleanly to reduce your Karma, get into The Work, and reduce the suffering of All Beings Everywhere.

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Smudgies Are Here

Something new on the market; Smudgies. What are Smudgies, exactly? If you’re a small home owner or renter or a tiny, cramped apartment dweller, you’ll get it immediately. It’s a tiny but very effective smudge stick that doesn’t smoke your whole place up in seconds and set off 30 smoke alarms in the neighborhood. It’s small, burns nicely and when you’ve used it once, you can bury the remains, or put the bottom stalks in a nearby storage box for later burning in your built-in kiva fireplace or on a special charcoal disk. I have listed here the current offerings in the realm of Smudgies, to wit:

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