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Hey, L@@KY Here!!!

dome01 T-Shirt Powerful Atlantean Crystal Cloud Chamber by E.J. Gold. Resonates with your SuperBeacon for healing, invocation and protection. $45.99

Do you believe it??? I just spent the past eight hours massaging and uploading images and describing sections and items, and I’ve only just got half a dozen of the things up at the moment, which makes a grand total of about 2400 items for you to shop.

But wait ’til you find out what I’ve put up there!

Most of the items you’ll find on my Cafe Press Shops are things you couldn’t buy for any price — some are part of our ancient relics collection which we use in our ceremonies.

Many of the art items are just plain NOT for sale at any price, and some are for sale, but for very high prices, totally out of reach to the average collector.

The whole idea in Rembrandt’s time was to make prints, an affordable way of collecting the art of a favorite artist. Another bestseller of the time was to have the artist make up a set of “calling cards” with the art patron’s face plastered on there as if they were someone important.

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Amy is totally brilliant.
Amy in Tattoo-Fashions leather skirt & Amber necklace — “how about black light and glow in the dark???”

BLACKLIGHT & GLOW-IN-THE-DARK tattoos and nail art? Sure, why not? Why not is because I just didn’t think of it, that’s why not, but fortunately, AMY did!!! (Did I mention that Amy is brilliant???) Okay, so I ran home, dashed into my studio and blasted away on a hundred and fifty acrylic nail-forms, until I have in hand a MANDARIN MAGIC NAIL that CAN BE SEEN by entities who cannot see well in the Human Visible Light Spectrum. Continue reading