Hey, L@@KY Here!!!

dome01 T-Shirt Powerful Atlantean Crystal Cloud Chamber by E.J. Gold. Resonates with your SuperBeacon for healing, invocation and protection. $45.99

Do you believe it??? I just spent the past eight hours massaging and uploading images and describing sections and items, and I’ve only just got half a dozen of the things up at the moment, which makes a grand total of about 2400 items for you to shop.

But wait ’til you find out what I’ve put up there!

Most of the items you’ll find on my Cafe Press Shops are things you couldn’t buy for any price — some are part of our ancient relics collection which we use in our ceremonies.

Many of the art items are just plain NOT for sale at any price, and some are for sale, but for very high prices, totally out of reach to the average collector.

The whole idea in Rembrandt’s time was to make prints, an affordable way of collecting the art of a favorite artist. Another bestseller of the time was to have the artist make up a set of “calling cards” with the art patron’s face plastered on there as if they were someone important.

CornMandala Earring cornfield mandala embossing by Listed American Artist E.J. Gold. Used for shamanic invocation & healing. $25.99

Generally, if you had Rembrandt do your Carte de Visite, you’d pay enough that anyone would be impressed, and he did turn down a large number of portrait commissions just on the basis of sheer ugly to the bone.

I’ve put up quite a number of important images, all of which carry the vibes, all are blessed in advance, and you get the full power of a RESONATOR which works with your SuperBeacon to produce the highest possible level of protection and power.

Every single item you add to your basic amulet resonates with it, forms a “standing wave” with the original waveform, powered by radio waves emanating directly from the Big Bang and Population III Stars.

It’s a powerful combination, and everything works in cooperation — all the items are totally synergistic and THEY STACK, so you can use as many “HOOKUP” items as you want to and can afford.

SuperBeacon Watch SuperBeacon circuit diagram embossed on copper plate by ej gold. $89.99

In short, there’s an unlimited number of spell-stacking you can do, on top of the actual amulet — which you wear, along with any wearables from Cafe Press, plus arrange any items around the house, office, den or shaman shed.

You want an inexpensive way to set up a shield in your household, to keep away the bad vibes of the Trumpies plus whatever in-laws you’ve managed to accumulate on your way to grand-parenthood.

The thing is, every one of those items has SOME protective powers, and I’ll be posting a large number of ATLANTEAN CRYSTALS and PARTICLE ACCELERATOR images, so you can apply them to your healing and remote viewing efforts.

QWitch Women’s Zip Hoodie — this is the quantum witch that all remote viewing students are encouraged to wear. $79.99

Watch for the addition of many new items that were, up until now, completely unavailable and not even on display anywhere.

Some of the relics date back 36,000 years. Other items are amazing — offworld items from crashed UFOs — I no longer have the items, but do have, and have published elsewhere the photos I’ve taken of the wreckage I’ve examined.

Nothing says they’re extraterrestrial, except the strange behavior of the skin metal, which hangs for a moment in midair, then gently and slowly sort of floats down to the floor.

Quantum Phaser Square Ring — quantum phaser — a powerful ring with a powerful energetic boost! $59.99

I’ve put up a LOT of stores, each one of which takes me about five hours to completely fill and identify the shops.

Healingwaters is just what it sounds like it is. Go there first. Note that YOU fill the containers, NOT ME, and the container imparts the imbument all by itself, through the action of the quantum image, which is linked to an actual item.

GO TAKE A L@@K, for cryin’ out loud. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to use shamanic tools that would otherwise never fall into your hands.

Covfefe Lives!

See You At The Top!!!