The Truth About CovFeFe

my videogame transcends time and space for no reason whatsoever.

It’s a simple task to convert any liquid to its magical equivalent, such as Lourdes healing water, or making wine into the blood of Christ, as any local neighborhood Catholic priest is trained and licensed to do.

It’s such a serious matter that the wafers, once converted to the Body of Christ, are kept in the church in a locked vault until they are needed for the Holy Mass, lest they be stolen for use in a dark ceremony or worse.

What can be worse? You don’t want to know the depths of barbarity and animalism into which humans can easily sink, but one example of that is the CovFeFe Phenomenon, started by Trump’s now-famous tweet, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”.


Everyone thought he’d delete the obvious typo, but six hours went by, and he hadn’t, so the speculation about the true meaning of “covfefe” went wildly around the Beltway tweeting bird population.

They never thought to look online, or they’d have found my videogame, “CovFeFe”, which celebrates “Cafe” with “Cavfefe”, meaning “Cafe Press”, of course.

So my videogame celebrating “Cafe Press” is clearly the First Cause of the Most Famous Trump Tweet in History, according to my 37th century history textbooks. When I first arrived, I knew I’d be participating in some way, but I never dreamed that my little game would make such a ruckus.

Of course, our 37th century textbooks are not actually books, not as such, not as you’d understand “books”. Nobody has paper anymore, not even toilet paper, although we’d hardly have any use for that primitive material, and of course, after the Big EMP, nobody uses computers anymore.

“CovFeFe” is a composite word which translates in quantum physics terms to “covert ferrous fenomena”, referring quite clearly to a state of incoherent light in a field of indeterminate darkness, which happens to all of us elderly folk now and then.

“Covfefe” is something that your weird Uncle Al might tweet in the middle of the night, having fallen asleep in the middle of typing, hitting the “SEND” button as the fingers slip off the iPhone onto the tweed wrap.

I didn’t want to burst an increasingly funny media bubble, but I just had to set the record straight. You’ll find the word “covfefe” used in a 1964 political rant in “The Collegiate”, the official student newspaper of Los Angeles City College, written by Isabel Ziegler. I have a copy in my files.

The word “covfefe” appears again with a reference to Ziegler in a published statement by Edmund Berger related to the White House Counsel of the period, and you’ll find it in any basic book on Heisenbergian and Max Born formulae.

To cap it all off, you’ll find my store, “covfefegame”, on cafe press, and what’s more, the shop has been there for over 12 years, so what’s the big mystery???


Holy Healing Waters Transsubstantiation Flask Necklace $29.95

So forget about all that Washington stuff, and concentrate on the task at hand. How to deliver healing services when the allopathic sector has closed down to the very poor, the elderly and the already quite sick?

There is no easy answer, particularly if you’re a big fan of 21st century computer-driven commercial medicine, which is more or less on the same level as your average commercial sex — there’s not much difference in how people are handled.


So, is there a solution for those of us who simply can’t afford ordinary healthcare?

Sure, there is, if you’re interested in angelic healing and receiving spiritual help for your healing process and the harmonization of your organic intellectual, emotional, motor-instinctive and spiritual centrums.

For that, you don’t need money, just faith.

If you believe in spiritual healing, you’ll know that there are certain “healing waters” such as “Water of Lourdes” and “Ganges Water” and of course, “Magnetized Water”, created by exposure of very highly ironized well-water to a stacked core ring of powerful super-magnets — a slow process at best, but known by the ancients to be strong magic.


I’ve posted a number of different flasks, sports hydration bottles, all manner of liquid transporters and holders, and I’ll post some more as I’m able, on cafe press, under the general heading of:

cafe press healing waters

You’ll find various containers for liquids, all of which carry embuing and charging sigils, which charge up the tap water or well water that YOU put in there, so you get UNLIMITED REFILLS as long as the environment holds out, which is probably weeks and weeks, yet.

Each sigil carries the intention and energetics, as well as the “address” of the prayer-form and the general location and name of entities who may be involved in the healing process.

You will have to learn the various sigils if you wish to use several different ones. I’ll try to organize a poster that carries all the varieties.

Keep in mind that transsubstantiation is not a big deal — any shaman can do it, and just about any parish priest can do as well, so why not YOU? Just pour or fill the container and use it as you would normally use water — in short, drink it once in a while, keep yourself well-hydrated.

Let me know if there are any special prayers or invocations you’d like mounted on any of these items.


You can and should try any or all of them, or whichever ones appeal to you or strike your fancy or hit you in the gut or talk to you.

In short, go by instinct. It’ll never fail you.

Instinct won’t fail you, but “second-guessing” and “double-thinking” about your instincts WILL louse you up something fierce.

Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s get back to work here. I’ll talk more about this in the morning show today, along with the latest developments in Trump World, which is all the news there ever is, anymore.

You can re-read my blogs — they’re all dated according to when they were posted — if you want to be amazed at some pin-point accurate predictions.

Here are a few more:

  • Look for the addition of several high-ranking congresspeople on the “suspicious” list.
  • Spicer will do something rather bizarre.
  • Nunez may be very dirty.
  • Jeff Sessions may not be immune to the drag-down effect of Trump.
  • You will see a strange and unexpected development of “covfefe”.

See You At The Top!!!