You Ain’t Gonna Believe Yer Eyes!!!

This Ashram Sailing Keychain is only $39.99, while they last!

Boy, am I excited! I came across a great little formula for CAFEPRESS, something that really works, really cooks, and really is easy as pie to make and maintain! Wow, I can hardly wait to tell you!

Okay, I won’t wait.

That keychain you see above is the basis for an idea that is gonna set you free, bunkie.

Amazing HUGE 23″x35″ Posters!

Not only keychains do I have for sale today at a modest retail price, but also I got plenty good Ashram Views Posters, BIG, full-sized VINTAGE ROCK SIZE full-color posters!

These are amazing, and amazingly easy to put up, once you get past the half hour upload per image and the long wait while it saves on your Adobe, because this stuff is all in 200 DPI or better, so it rocks graphically, and rolls gently off the mind.

In short, go take a look — how we used to say, “Go cop a peek”, back in the WWII postwar days, when everything was different and yet the same.

“Grand Opera House” Bardo Station Pillow Case only $39.99!!!

I will eventually have all 20 MAJOR COURSE BARDO STATIONS up for you in the form of pillow cases and other objects that can be used for LUCID DREAMING and ASTRAL PROJECTION exercises.

These will take you directly to the spaces they portray, because they are QUANTUMLY STRAPPED to those spaces, through the energetics of the Ashram’s Power Constant.

In short, these are guaranteed to take you there.

I couldn’t resist showing you this pillow case as well.

Isn’t that stunning? I snapped the photo before I thought about it, which is the only reason it came out right in midair like that.

I have those flying beds for sale in the Ashram for only a few Linden, if you want to try flying a bed around the place. It’s a fun idea, along with a flying Lox-Box, which I also built for Second Life.

Sorta reminds one of Peter Pan, Bedknobs & Broomsticks and that sort of thing, eh, wot?

RARE Thangka Full-Color Print in Black Frame only $69.99!

My thangkas come beautifully framed in black — it goes with everything — and is a quality print in a quality framing environment, and it saves me having to frame, and is super-cheap, actually cheaper than I could do it myself in my own framing studio these days!

Because of CAFEPRESS, I’m able to offer rare and unobtainable priceless relics in this wonderfully usable form — photographs taken directly of ancient and modern objects of daily use and original artwork of all sorts and description.

Almost all the objects in my Amarna Collection were Objects of Daily Use. The items were sold at public auction after having been thoroughly photographed in high definition by a pro photographer.

Everything I’m offering on CAFEPRESS is an object of daily use — something that you’d use in the ordinary course of a day or evening.

“Magic Arrow” Golf Ball Goes Right Into Cup! Only $17.99 pack of 3.

It’s not going to hurt the electronics on the golf ball. They look totally 3D, but they’re really just printed on the ball.

You won’t believe how many holes in one you’ll get with this amazing “Magic Arrow” golf ball that goes directly to the cup in only one stroke.

You won’t believe how long this ball can travel on just a puff of wind.

You will not believe how this ball NEVER GETS LOST!

Okay, it might get lost.

HUGE 5’X7′ WALL HANGING or RUG only $279.99!


You might not be able to visualize how BIG a 5 foot by 7 foot rug really is — it’s about one and a half doors wide and a shade over the height of your average door-frame.In other words, it’s damn big.

Big enough to make a dent, architecturally speaking. I’m working now on a number of large images, but in the meantime, I’ve posted a few that I’ve had ready for the market for a number of years now.

Perhaps it’s decades.

Gold at MoMa 1945 in GIANT 5’x7′ Wall Tapestry size, $279.99

I did shows at MoMa for about five years and, thanks to my Dad Horace, I have the actual posters and artwork from those years, 1945-1949, along with photos of my work and me and my friends working there at the Museum in the Children’s Art Carnival — my Mother was the Assistant Director of the Project, so I was there just about every school day.

School kids came through and played in the art playground created by Miro, Picasso, Calder and many other artists of the time — it was truly amazing and incredibly inventive.

The Gates Are Open HUGE 7 foot wide architectural rug, $279.99

These rugs are … well, wait, I’ll let them tell it:

  • This high quality 5’x7′ decorative area rug is 100% heavy woven polyester fabric with a chevron texture & hemmed edges – durable for everyday use
  • Throw rugs are professionally printed. Your unique design will make everyone smile
  • Use this rug to transform your home or office. Makes a great housewarming gift. Use a non-skid rug pad (not included) to hold area rug in place
  • Please note that final design may differ slightly than what appears on screen
  • Machine wash cold, dry flat
  • Subject to 20% restocking fee
  • Made in USA

I’m very tickled with the potential here. Of course, the large pieces are VERY large, compared to the uploaded images, but if you want high-resolution, high detail prints, they are available on a special custom printer.

This tie was made from the 1945 MoMa graphic.

There are only two such printers on the West Coast and we have one of them here. It’ll cost you about $650 for an enormous high-quality print on canvas that can be marketed for anywhere from $950 to $1250, depending on the venue and circumstances.

Cosmo Alley in Watercolor on HUGE 5’x7′ Hanging, $279.99

I have the chance now to offer pieces that were never available in any form, and what’s more, I can offer anything I have in my collection in an amazing number of forms.

Heck, I can even offer prints and posters, and even more — housewares!

HUGE 5’x7′ Wall Hanging or Rug is only $279.99!

I’m running late for breakfast and the morning show, but I’ll try to get up a few more items to indicate the diversity of offerings.

JazzArt on 5’x7′ rug, only $279.99, incredible!

There’s more, lots more, and this is from only one of 12 shops I have up on CAFEPRESS, so there are about 10,000 items available from me in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Architectural Size Wall Hanging $279.99

Amazing, eh? There’s more, as I said, lots more…

Here’s a carpet or wall-hanging that will cause some comment.

Okay, I gotta run now — go cop a peek, willya???

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