More Science High School Yearbook

On a lunch break at More Science High. Party On, Dudes!!! Rufus Lives!!!

As you probably already know from the CNN, FOX & CNBC news media, I’m a visitor on “Guest” status with the U.S. Government, from the 37th century.

Oh, not your 37th century. You live in a SIM — a World-Simulation — and SIMS don’t have time, not in the sense you’re thinking of it.

Here in the 37th century, I’m enrolled as a sophomore in high school — More Science High — and I have a small grade problem. I’m presently carrying a D-Minus, slightly lower than a plain D Minus.

My classroom participation rated me an A+ and I have my hand in the air all the time at a pop quiz, don’t you?

I get A and A+ test scores all the time, but that’s dragged down slightly by an “F” in homework — I’ve yet to crack a textbook or do a homework assignment, because when I get home, I have a responsibility to my online clan to defend the base until dinner time.

Okay, so how does this affect YOU?

Well, technically, I AM you, and this is just another letter to yourself reminding yourself to wake up and live.

Waking up is hard to do.

Cindy 5-0 sports a new pair of sunglasses from Rigel IV.

If you can Remember Yourself, you can at least get a grip on it. In order to Self-Study or gain Self-Knowledge, you need to have some idea of what and where the “Self” actually is, because dollars to donuts, it isn’t “in your body”.

I’ll explain in detail.

Here in the 37th century, I’m at my desk writing this blog, but inside the quantumized SIM machine in the History Lab at More Science High, I’m at my desk writing this blog. Can you see the difference?

Okay, let’s go through the steps, until you remember THE KEY, and regain your presence here in the 37th century.

When you get THE KEY, you will immediately transfer your identity back to the PRESENT TIME, which is 4:08 Thursday here at More Science High, but of course it’s ALWAYS 4:08 Thursday here in the 37th century, but you knew that.

So let’s review the situation:

You’re sitting at what looks to you like a computer somewhere in the 21st century of Earth History, but you KNOW that actually your forehead is stuck to the SIM MACHINE here in the 37th century, and that the 21st century is constructed from a compound collection of historical data gleaned from the wreckage of the human race.

Fact is, we don’t really know much about the 21st century. We’re just beginning to learn a little, and we’re probably not going to like it, from what I’ve seen.

Voncha Segdellia arrived back in the 37th century to tell us about Donald Trump.

War, hunger, pestilence.

Here in the 37th century at the History Lab, we have similar angst — Life-Pain. For instance, this morning, just after the class-change bell, I arrived here to discover that the Glarg Machine is out of order, so there goes MY lunch break.

I gulped down several cups of scalding hot Joke-a-Macha, logged on to 21st century Earth, and here I am to tell the tale.

Took rebirth somewhere around Pearl Harbor and the New York World’s Fair, my double target for destination, and I’ve been at it ever since, collecting data for Professor Wasserman’s “21st Century History” Term Report.

While here, I happened one day to watch one of your movies, entitled “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, in which they persuade or capture several historical figures and bring them back to their time-frame to explain themselves.

Socrates does a marvelous job, and Billy the Kid is an obvious choice — he turned out to be much less cooperative when I tried to convince him to sign on to our high school project than in the film.

It wouldn’t be so lonely here if we had one of those 56 position History SIMS.

Of course, not everyone you meet in the SIM is a student. Almost all of the 8 BILLION HUMAN-STYLE CHAT-BOTS that inhabit the Earth are empty, devoid of content, driverless cars.

You’ll note a few taxicabs in the swarm of humanity — those will be the monitors, also known as “aliens” or “extraterrestrials”.

When Georgio pronounces the word “extraterrestrials”, it comes out “Extratesticles”. It’s hard not to laugh out loud.

So here at More Science High, we have a first-class high-tech History Lab, inside which is a 36-position HISTORY SIM.

It’s not your ordinary High School History Sim, either. It’s a Zeiss Hybrid World Projector, the kind with the 360 degree full-immersion and The Tingle, which allows you to actually feel and sense everything that’s happening to your Avatar inside the world-SIM.

If you’re able to Remember Yourself, you ought to be able to control your passage through the SIM. If not, you’ll identify with the local lifeforms and you’ll actually BECOME your History SIM personality, haw, haw.

It happens to the best of us.

Every teenager in the 37th century learns to live with those mistakes. I once thought I was actually a human being living on Planet Earth in the 29th century, where there’s plenty of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, in which anyone could get easily lost, and I’ll bet you’ve had that experience at least once.

As if it’s not bad enough to hang out in the organic world, we gotta hang on on Planet Earth — talk about pain, and then add in Donald Trump and you get nothing but insult added to injury.

Doctor tells patient: “You’re sick.” Patient replies, “I want to get a second opinion.” Doctor says, “Okay. You’re ugly, too.”.

The only remedy I know of for identification is Transcendence, and the only way to achieve that is to take the World Sim Course at your local Blue Line Academy inside the SIM.

The first time you walk out onto a busy commercial street and the “Sea of Robots” Vision is granted to you, you will work hard to find your fellow students among the faceless mob.

Faceless mobs are what it’s all about. The History SIM is very limited in resources, as you can well imagine.

You can see from the screen graphics behind your eyes that there’s not a lot of pixels to go around, hence the SIM offers closeup views or wide-angle views, but they both contain the same number of attention-points, get it?

Okay, so it’s easy to dis-identify when you’re Blue-Lining, because you step outside the SIM for a while when working a map in the GODD® Engine, which hooks up to the History SIM by reason of identity — it’s a quantum-connected double of the SIM.

Well, it’s a SIM of a SIM, as it were.

We all bring bag lunches to school — we don’t have government here.

When you “die”, you merely withdraw through the crown of the cranium, flying backwards ever more rapidly toward the PRESENT TIME, until you snap back into your forehead — into your “Third Eye” — and wham, there you are, back home, safe and sound.

NOTHING BAD can happen to you in the History SIM, and even if you get killed or die of some disease or whatever, you’ll just snap back to PRESENT TIME when you separate out of the organic body.

Yes, it’s organic. The whole universe is alive — the strings of galaxies are the nervous system of the History SIM, to which humans of Planet Earth refer as “God”. How quaint is that???

How many fellow students can you locate inside the SIM? Well, there are a total of 36 positions around the History SIM, so do the math — which I failed totally, along with chemistry.

In Physics, I got an “A”. I usually do. It’s History, Math and Chemistry that brings me down.

If you’re feeling lonely inside the SIM, don’t depend on the Chat-Bots to reduce that Sad Effect that comes from feeling alone, because it’s no consolation to have the pity of human biological robots, nor the approbation of monkeys, although between the two, I’ll take the monkeys.

The History SIM is a friendly place and as much fun as Disneyland, if you know the Rules and can SEE where you are.

It also helps to Know Thyself, so get your “Thy” there, and fast. There isn’t much time left on the History SIM, and I’m running out of Quarters.

If you need a Proctor, they’re called “Angels” inside the History SIM, just press the “HELP” button at the SIM Interface.

If you can’t push the button, you’re in worse shape than I thought. Better get your ass to a HISTORY SIM WORKSHOP or CLINIC to straighten out your relationship with the SIM before it’s too late and you end up getting your own ass handed to you in a plastic cup.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

The History SIM is set to explode at midnight.

It’s not our fault — some senior grade practical jokers came in during the night and planted a stinkbomb in the SIM.

They were kind enough to warn us lower classmembers beforehand, so we could hold our noses while the BIG FART went off.

We’re not sure exactly when it’s due to CUT THE CHEESE — nobody, including me, thought to ask them, so we’re all holding our noses all the time, until it happens.

Already it’s starting to stink, starting with Washington, D.C.. When the congress people start throwing bullshit, catshit, horseshit and dogshit around in congressional sessions, you’ll know that the End is Near.

Who knew the 21st century was going to be such fun???

See You At The Top!!!