Ignore All This Shit

That’s right. Ignore all this shit. If I didn’t write blogs, I’d never stare in open-mouthed drop-jaw astonishment as BREAKING NEWS actually breaks the BREAKING NEWS of a few minutes before.

Apart from the wild antics of Dictator Trump and the equally wild antics of the liberal media and the conservative media and the Just Plain Stupid media, we’ve been treated to the most massive cyber-attack ever launched, and you might have been one of its victims.

If so, your software was all encrypted, and you saw a screen message holding your software ransom. If you paid $600 to recover your software, you discovered that they lied — you don’t get it back, even if you pay them a million bucks.

In some cases, this will result in many deaths for a variety of medical reasons, economic reasons and emergency communications, resources and treatment, fire stations that can’t respond, police that cannot respond to emergencies, and entire armies that can’t march without information and communication.

Death and destruction will be the result, and the hackers will be karmically flushed down the toilet, but the damage will have been done.

They will attack every day from now on until they are stopped.

Russia is one of the countries targeted, although they are usually the source of this sort of violation.

There is really no way to permanently guarantee your software or hardware from future cyber-attacks. Nobody can stop them, and they can evade the authorities forever — it’s really hard to find and punish hackers, UNLESS you have a team of psychics or remote viewers.

For a professional psychic spy, it’s nothing to spot the source of literally anything in cyberspace — it’s all open to the Akashic Mind.

Lest you’re thinking of learning the art of Remote Viewing and going after the hackers, don’t even try. Apart from SMG automatic weapons, they are simple thugs, with nobody home, no driver, no passenger, just a car driving itself — the wave of the future.

So how CAN you use Psychic Sciences to save your software?

First of all, remember the phrase “Jesus Saves. Backup Often.” Keep a copy of ALL your software separate from your computer and nowhere NEAR online.

Secondly, DON’T go after a hacker in the Einsteinian World — you’ll be sorry you did. But there ARE ways to punish them with “INSTANT KARMA”, using a simple TELEPATHIC PSYCHIC ITCHING POWDER that never lets up, itches ALL OVER and never stops itching.

You might prefer to give your tormentors the Mental Hot-Foot, a sure-fire gag that never gets old.

There’s no money in revenge. That’s what they tell you, but actually you can make a pretty good living from it, if you know how to fully exploit the revenge market.

That’s part of my GORBY SCIENCE PSYCHIC TRICKS & JOKES shop, which I plan to open sometime soon. Let me acquaint you with just a few of my exciting new products which you can download and use right away. Comes with FULL INSTRUCTIONS on use — each Psychic Gag is operated by autotelepathy, and is guaranteed to be FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY, and no joke over $6.99. Get the whole pack and save $$$. Not that you’ll save money buying the tricks and jokes by the dozen — save $$$ is just good advice.

Gorby Science Psychic Tricks & Jokes


I have an entire Gorby Science Hall filled with similar marvels of psychic science, thanks to the help of my Russian Psychic Intelligence counterparts.

We met at several Washington, D.C. Georgetown cocktail parties back in 1963, when I was a member of the Army Security Agency, which was then so secret that even the initials were on the “TSC Clearance Only” list.

I had for years been aware of the presence of Russian psychic agents — they were Astral Projecting all over the place, and I’m able to trace back “search signals” from any Remote Viewer operating within the solar system.

I’ve tuned it down. Receiving pan-galactic Remote Viewing pings was the second most overwhelming experience I’ve ever had on planet Earth.

The other was back in the 37th century in my Home Universe, which is safely far out of reach of Humans of Planet Earth, thank you very much, Lord for that small favor.

Aliens? Yeah, there are aliens on Earth. Civilizations have been around for over 10 billion of your years in this local time-space discontinuum, and many of them trade humans, harvest humans and cultivate humans for their precious bodily fluids.

When you get right down to it, on a Universal Scale, it’s all about enzymes.

I have a half-empty — or half-filled — Becker Aluminum BioCase with dozens of delicious enzymes that can be added to any planet’s biosphere to good advantage, if you like giant beanstalks growing out of your backyard into the sky.

I’ll bet you think I’m making a joke.

Well, I am. But enough joking, let’s talk turkey here. I started out by advising that you
“Ignore All This Shit”, but which shit did I mean???

This Is The Shit To Ignore:


Actually, that adjuration about the “fealty feature” doesn’t quite cover it. Stay indoors, send out for anything you need, don’t argue politics with ANYONE, even close family members, and do NOT go near malls, theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, fancy retail shops, supermarkets or package stores, department stores or public buildings.

Do NOT engage in conversation with people you don’t know, and do NOT indicate any political interest in anything.

Keep a two-week supply of fresh water and food in your house, and recycle it constantly, to keep it fresh and usable.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a can of dried beans handy, and if you want something to trade, cigarettes, chocolate, coffee and nylons are always on the top of the list.

If you’ve got some gold and you want to trade some of your gold for some food, make sure the person to whom you’re trading doesn’t also have a gun.

Don’t join marches, demonstrations or political rallies, or town hall meetings. They are dangerous and will become even more so as the coming civil war rages on.

Reach out with your Remote Viewing and clear the path ahead of you on the timeline. If you’re forced to evacuate your home and become an Amerikan refugee in a strange and foreign land, use your Remote Viewing to see any obstructions on your path.

Am I Red, Am I Blue???

ALL human beings of Planet Earth are chat-bots. Only a few dozen are occupied with students from Professor Wasserman’s high school history class here in the 37th century.

Chat-bots come in only two flavors — RED and BLUE.

Everything in the universe is color-coded for my convenience. I have a LOT of tracers out there, and there are still plenty of bugs that I’m hunting down as I go through each time-frame in the SIM.

  • RED vs. BLUE
  • GOOD vs. EVIL
  • LIGHT vs. DARK
  • HOT vs. COLD
  • BIG vs. SMALL

Everything exists in some sort of dichotomy. All objects are split objects, each one with its own unique companion, all neatly tied together in a quantum-connected pattern that defies intellectual grasp.

Every particle is a snowflake. Each and every particle has its own ID, its very own unique shape and structure and crystalline pattern, and that goes double for you, if you’re reading this.

Red Bots live in RED States or RED Countries. Blue Bots live in corresponding BLUE States or BLUE Countries.

Red Bots cannot understand, grasp or fathom the speech, thought-patterns or behavior of Blue Bots, and the sentiment is returned.

In short, you can’t change a Red Bot into a Blue Bot or a Blue Bot into a Red Bot. They are hardwired to be what they are, rednecks and eggheads. Oil and water. You can’t mix ’em up, but you CAN blow ’em up and burn ’em.

In the song, “Am I Red, Am I Blue”, you wonder which side you’re on, because — as you already know — there are no mirrors on the Dark Side Beyond the Veil.

Seeing beyond the veil is the skill you are supposed to be learning here on Planet Earth. Don’t waste your school time on frivolous matters like “living” and “working”. Ridiculous waste of time and effort and energy.

It’s far better to just create a bunch of Prosperity, which leaves you a LOT more time for fun projects such as Self Evolution and Climate Change — my hobby.

I LOVE to terraform a planet, then sell it.

Never sell the original of a universe. Sell signed and numbered duplicates in an edition of 50, then you have 50 potential customers for your original. Only then should you put your original universe up for auction.

Not THIS universe, of course. It doesn’t meet the minimum requirements and as a high school student project under the direction of two of my classmates, Jehovah Jones and Methuselah Williams, it’s really the property of More Science High.

However, I CAN sell you a previously owned sample.

In the case of the proceedings going on in Washington, as a Remote Viewer, I could easily investigate in Astral realms and along Magnetic Body lines to find information, but it’s so much more expedient to merely turn off the television set.

Don’t bother to try to “save the nation” or any such wild idea with Remote Viewing. Don’t concern yourself with local politics — it will all go away when the sun goes nova and the Andromeda Galaxy collides with the Milky Way in just a few years.

They’re speeding toward each other at roughly 5 million miles an hour, so check your watch frequently and brace yourself for the impact.

In the meanwhile, watch with amusement and TAKE GOOD NOTES.

Focus your fullest attention on the PRIME TEACHING spoken by Saint Rufus:

“Never forget that in back San Dimas, the clock is always ticking.”

Actually, that’s just a joke. When you get near the speed of light, time slows down. When you ARE the light in infinite extension, time stops altogether.

Maybe you’ve been wondering about that.

Starting time again is easy. Any action does the trick. Meanwhile, Remote Viewing can also help you to locate the universe in which you’ll find planet Earth, if you’ve stepped out of the SIM for a short milk & cookies break.

Yeah, milk and cookies. This is high school, not college. We don’t have coffee breaks in high school in the 37th century.

Hell, we don’t even have coffee. You can’t grow coffee beans in 18 inches of atmosphere, and there’s nobody here to eat the coffee beans.

I just found out a couple of days ago that some humans apparently roast the beans, squeeze the water out of them and serve the result scalding hot with cream & sugar.

We’ll be talking more about Remote Viewing and how it can help you. Using Remote Viewing, there isn’t any closed door or file cabinet that isn’t open to me. I can look ANYWHERE, see anything and moreover, you’ll never see me doing it.

Using Remote Viewing, I can break virtually any story I want to. Don’t believe it? I’ll demonstrate my ability to see anything anywhere — not to show off — who cares? But to show you how to employ Remote Viewing as a tool for self-transformation.

Dashing off now to breakfast so I’ll be in time for the workshop this A.M. — oh, I mustn’t forget to answer that tweet from Uncle Donald (quack quack) — hey, how about a comic character named “Donald Dump”???

I just want to go on record as having mentioned what I call the “HOLE IN THE BUCKET”, to wit and to woo:

  • Donald Trump claims that Comey told him he’s not under investigation.
  • We learn only hours later that CENT is conducting a money investigation of Trump.

I really don’t remember HOW it happens, but I remember clearly that it DOES happen that Trump is removed from office or something to that effect.

I can’t recall whether it’s as a result of being taken away by the Men in White to a funny farm somewhere in upstate New York, or drugged and handcuffed into prison, or by his own hand, or he just plain vanishes or quits or who knows what-all it was, which is how I earned my D-Minus grade in History, which is why I’m back here in the 21st century until I can round up some historical characters and bring them back with me to the 37th century.

I hope to bring at least one Hero of the Resistance with me to my Home Universe & Time-Frame, but it’s a long trip, and I’m not sure I want to share it with Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump.

I’m setting my sights a LOT lower, lowering the bar down to ground level here. I need some volunteers to go with me into the future to explain all this history we’re experiencing right now. How about you?

See You At The Top!!!