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I never talk politics, couldn’t be less interested, and I’m not talking politics, now. I’m defending my freedoms, and yours, too, whether you know it or not, even if you don’t live in Amerika.

Am I a Democrat? No, emphatically not. A Republican, then? No, I’m not a Republican. I’m a visitor to this planet, an off-worlder, and have no local political interests or ambitions.

In fact, I have NO other interest than to bring the Teaching to a sad and angry little planet full of violent morons screaming in pain and agony, killing each other and destroying their legacy and history.

Bringing the Teaching. Haw, Haw!!! What a hopeless task THAT is, but I keep trying.

Push even the most peaceful of Pacifists up against the WALL and hold him there for a while, and sooner or later, you’ll wind up on the floor. Punch me once, you won’t get a second chance. Not ever.

That’s what happened when Senator Elizabeth Warren got pushed up against the wall by the Republican Majority in the Senate. READ ON… Continue reading

Our Practices In A Nutshell


“The King” at the Psychedelic Area of the Ashram. Behind him is the Sculpture Garden, Grampa Henry’s Diner — the home of Prosperity Path Poets — Hot Air Balloon Ride and the ever-popular Upper Crust Yacht Club, a jazz and blues venue.

Had a visit the other day from a longtime friend, who brought a friend with him to meet me. I was asked a commonly-asked question — what is it exactly that we do do???

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Incredible New Breakthrough

Oh, yeah!!! This is the movement and Character Point of View for which I’ve been waiting two and a half decades! Thank you VAL and KRU!!! It totally alters the experience of running in one of my orbs. You see yourself in a way you’ve never seen. What it is, actually, is a method of movement combined with a very important Point of View (POV) traveling camera, in effect. The viewpoint is taken from about one (scale) meter behind the head of the player’s character, and slightly above it — this height is variable, set by the level designer. This view represents how the average Transcended Being or Ascended Master will see the Einsteinian Universe, from this viewpoint exactly.

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