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I never talk politics, couldn’t be less interested, and I’m not talking politics, now. I’m defending my freedoms, and yours, too, whether you know it or not, even if you don’t live in Amerika.

Am I a Democrat? No, emphatically not. A Republican, then? No, I’m not a Republican. I’m a visitor to this planet, an off-worlder, and have no local political interests or ambitions.

In fact, I have NO other interest than to bring the Teaching to a sad and angry little planet full of violent morons screaming in pain and agony, killing each other and destroying their legacy and history.

Bringing the Teaching. Haw, Haw!!! What a hopeless task THAT is, but I keep trying.

Push even the most peaceful of Pacifists up against the WALL and hold him there for a while, and sooner or later, you’ll wind up on the floor. Punch me once, you won’t get a second chance. Not ever.

That’s what happened when Senator Elizabeth Warren got pushed up against the wall by the Republican Majority in the Senate. READ ON… Continue reading

300 Teen Zombies Arrogantly Tweet Themselves Committing a Crime


Teen Zombies From Hell Invade Stephentown Home of NFL Champ Brian Holloway and stupidly post photos of themselves shitting in their own pants, boasting about their meth habits. Visit Beautiful Downtown Stephentown for a rare treat — you can watch these very same kids in zombie parades in Stephentown New York, every day of the week!!!

300 Drugged Teens Arrogantly Tweet Themselves in Home Invasion Plot. Yes, I said “Home Invasion”. It’s a Federal Crime and will at some point be recognized as such.  Actually, it could be a hate crime as well, against Brian Holloway, and that means a Federal Investigation. More than that, even if the housebreaking and destruction were merely a misdemeanor, the conspiracy of the students to commit the crime does in fact constitute a Felony Conspiracy to Commit a Misdemeanor. Brian Holloway thinks those kids are worth saving; he’s wrong, they’re not. You can cure ignorance, but you can’t cure stupidity.

Problem is, they represent about 90% of the kids growing up today — the values of honor, honesty and valor just don’t apply to a 21st century world. You can’t expect kids to respect anyone or anything, if those values aren’t held by the parents, and they’re not. It’s a real nasty scene in the US school systems, as can be seen in the total lack of grasp of basic English, as well as an ignorance of History, Math, Science and the Arts, and guess what???? It’s only going to get worse, because the people in control simply aren’t.

Nobody could have stopped that drug and alcohol driven outrage — and that’s my point about most humans being Bots. If you look at the photos arrogantly posted on the deadly and evil Facebook, which is responsible for an uncountable number of teen “bullying victims” by the (did I already use up the word “arrogant”?) meth and booze powered creatures calling themselves “human beings”, you’ll see all the evidence you need for the existence of People Without Souls — these “kids” embody that concept quite readily.

Those kids feel nothing from what they did, and it’s not just a simple case of house-breaking and destruction. They’ve robbed Holloway and others of much, much more than merely objects. They have taken away his Peace of Mind.

The undercurrent unexpressed thought runs this way: If it happened once, it could happen again, and Holloway may never pass another night in peaceful slumber. And how is your Peace of Mind after reading about this incident? The fact is, those kids essentially pulled off their own version of 9/11 — attacking without warning — the mark of a coward — and thoroughly destroying the illusion of sanctity of any American home, including yours.

The same kids are in your home town, too. It’s not about one town’s failure to educate their children. It’s a world-wide disaster. This event may not seem like much of a big deal, but it indicates what will be happening throughout the 21st century, the Age of Terror, as it’s known back in the 37th century; get used to brutality — it’s going to become a Way of Life on this planet during the next 600 years.

Doubt it? Find out what the Romans thought of violence, treachery and cruelty, and shiver in fear of the  Teen Zombie Facebook Hellspawns from Rensselaer County. What a reputation for the town of Stephentown, where these idiot zombies who turned themselves in via facebook and dared the police to stop them or do anything about it. May the rotting pieces of their flesh drop off beside the road, and not directly on it.  There’s already plenty enough bull-puckey on the road to last many lifetimes. Why were these kids stupid and arrogant enough to post their crime on Facebook? I told you why. They’re Zombies. Attacking without Warning is the Way of the Coward. Like I said, not worth saving. One last chilling thought: These are not gang members — they’re ordinary “nice” kids, just like yours.

See You At The Top!!!