I never talk politics, couldn’t be less interested, and I’m not talking politics, now. I’m defending my freedoms, and yours, too, whether you know it or not, even if you don’t live in Amerika.

Am I a Democrat? No, emphatically not. A Republican, then? No, I’m not a Republican. I’m a visitor to this planet, an off-worlder, and have no local political interests or ambitions.

In fact, I have NO other interest than to bring the Teaching to a sad and angry little planet full of violent morons screaming in pain and agony, killing each other and destroying their legacy and history.

Bringing the Teaching. Haw, Haw!!! What a hopeless task THAT is, but I keep trying.

Push even the most peaceful of Pacifists up against the WALL and hold him there for a while, and sooner or later, you’ll wind up on the floor. Punch me once, you won’t get a second chance. Not ever.

That’s what happened when Senator Elizabeth Warren got pushed up against the wall by the Republican Majority in the Senate. READ ON…

She bravely took it on the chin when she DARED to stand up to the Rich Republican Bullies on the Senate Floor. She got in a few licks, and then was silenced, probably permanently, by an overwhelming vote and a Big Lie, which seems to be Washington Tactics these days, since the Nazis took over.

Not to worry, I haven’t been silenced, at least, not yet. I’m a citizen. I pay taxes. I served in the Armed Forces. I can’t be silenced by the Republican Majority, at least, not openly. They might think I’m likely to be a Whistleblower and tell what I know about the intelligence community.

I would never do that, even to save myself.

In fact, the only way they can silence me on the Trump issue would be to disgrace the Senate forever by ordering me silenced in a way so brutal and mean that fighting would erupt in the streets, but none of that is going to happen, because we had a SHIFT in LIFE STREAMS.

The Coretta King Incident sparked yesterday by Senator Warren marked a Major Shift.

The shift is a good one, leaving you, and me, and all our friends, in a different LifeStream, where there’s less chance of something going dreadfully wrong.

Sadly, Senator Elizabeth Warren is now in mortal danger of being expelled forever from Congress, or being attacked by a Trump Supporter, which would definitely set off a shooting civil war.

The Republican Senators who were just elected to Total Power, all of whom are Filthy Rich Second Amendment Gun-Carrying Crooks Protecting Their Financial Interests, are only too willing to use their overwhelming force against a few paltry peasants, which is US.

The Republican Senators literally don’t care if you live or die. Frankly, from their perspective, if you’re not a card-carrying White Christian Republican, you’d be better off dead in the world they’re making now.

Are we safe from harm? Are we safe from our ruthless Dictator President? Are we safe from our Ruthless and Destructive Overwhelmingly Nasty Republican Congress People?

No, we are emphatically NOT safe! You’re NEVER entirely safe, and you’re NEVER safe from your government!!! They are public servants who think they OWN you!!!

Those in power, and that includes Democrats and Whigs too, ALWAYS abuse it and use their power to overwhelm and destroy any and all opposition, even if it’s harmless, just out of hate and spite.

It’s not about Republicans. They just happen to be in overwhelming power now. If Democrats were as powerful, they’d be bastards, too.

You can read Mark Twain to discover the abuses 150 years ago — they were pretty much the same, mostly racist, mostly nasty, mostly one-sided and delivered with overwhelming force.

This Republican Congress has the STATED intention of curbing the civil rights of all non-white Christians, and if you think that doesn’t include YOU, you’d be wrong, perhaps even dead wrong.

That’s right, the Republican Senators want YOUR DEATH, and they won’t stop legislating until they get it. They HOPE you starve to death. It leaves more for the White Christians.

These are the same people that voted to create the conditions that brought about the Dust Bowl of the Depression Years, the immense eight-state ecological disaster that still haunts us today.

They are the same people that voted to invade Iraq, thus creating ISIS and alienating half the world against Amerika.

They are the same people who voted to ban Whisky with Prohibition, thus creating EVERY SINGLE MOB that exists today, including the booze-running mob run by President Jack Kennedy’s father, who used his money to buy the Presidency back in 1960, so the Democrats do it, too.

It’s not just one party, it’s a group of demon-possessed greedy assholes who get themselves elected to Congress and then bleed the people for the next few years while they spend their time and effort trying to get re-elected, and try their best to kill the opposition and break their shit.

From here, the Republican Congress today looks very similar to ALL terrorists, including those elected to public office by the very people they want to destroy. If you’re an African-American Woman, and you voted Republican, you’ve only yourself to blame when they carry you off kicking and screaming and flashing your Republican Party Card.

The mob will not listen, will not see the card. They will rip you to shreds, a victim of your own fear and hatred.

If that isn’t a description of the Hell World in the Between-Lives State, what is?

This is a perfect time for you to practice being dead. Please try to understand. It’s not a trivial matter.

At no time during the past fifty years has the President been so openly, aggressively, anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-Hispanic, anti-Asian, anti-African and anti-Indian and Australian.

At no other time in Amerikan history have you ever had to PROTECT YOURSELF FROM YOUR PRESIDENT.

The Republicans AGREE with Trump, are RACIST just like Trump, and don’t mind history viewing them as rabid racists, so long as they have YOU at the end of a lynching rope.

VIOLENT RACIST BASTARDS have taken over the entire government, every branch and every agency of the government, and there is nowhere to go, nowhere to run to, nowhere in this world that is ENTIRELY safe.

Luckily, Senator Elizabeth Warren took a very verbal stand against the tyranny yesterday, and may pay for it dearly, perhaps by being kicked out of the Senate permanently by the Republicans. They can do it and get away with it.

The Republican Congress can silence ANY opposing voice, merely by voting the offending opposition “Out of Order”, as they did in her case. They will tolerate no opposition, not a word in protest.

They have the law on their side and, as lawmakers in control of the Supreme Court, they can twist it any way they want to, and make you hurt, and hurt, and hurt.

Haw, haw, it’s like watching a Live Action version of everyday life in Downtown Mordor, in Tolkien’s so-called fantasy, “Lord of the Rings”, which describes Trump’s takeover of the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress to the letter, except that YOU and YOUR FAMILY are the helpless orcs in service to Evil, Pure & Simple.

This is now none of my concern.

The voice of the people is fully raised in howling pain and agony, and the tyrant and his buffoons don’t realize that the mobs will soon take to the streets and there’s only one possible outcome of that action.

That’s right. It’s too late to sign the “Edict of Tolerance”, which did King Louis no good.

By the time they reach the palace steps, the mob won’t listen to reason, either from you, or from a deposed oppressor, as happened back in 1792, if I recollect rightly, or from their own leaders. They are usually too far gone into hysteria to hear anything but the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd.

Nothing in this world is completely safe. We’re not safe, but in this LifeStream, we’re SLIGHTLY LESS LIKELY to be picked up in the Great Roundup — SLIGHTLY less likely to be beaten up on the street for being ethnic, and SLIGHTLY less likely to be attacked without warning by a hysterical, window-smashing car-burning mob of frightened humanoid creatures, sweeping through the streets like locusts through a wheat field, looking for Jews, Blacks, anything different.

Learn to stay out of their way, and it isn’t enough to be in the deep country to qualify as “out of the way” — a city mob can get fifty to a hundred miles out before they stop destroying things.

Think of a cattle stampede, and you’ve got it. No way to stop it, dangerous to turn it, just get the hell out of its way, is all you can try to do, and sometimes, that just doesn’t work.

SOUL GROUP L315a is being COLLECTIVELY GUIDED, like a ferry boat going through the shoals and around rocky cliffs, coral reefs, and other dangers. For the moment, as long as you’re with the group, you should be all right.

As a matter of fact, several of my latest Orbs feature boats, some of them large steam packets like the Mark Twain, which I built out of Simple Prims, and the Sea Raft, which can be maneuvered like a small sail boat.

With all those voices raised against the tyranny, I’m now free to develop funny video games and funny filk songs that give people the power to fight the tyranny in a peaceful and lawful manner.

I’d just as soon concentrate on my games and songbook than write devastatingly witty repartee that is doomed to fall on the cutting room floor. YOUR voice should be ringing somewhat, as well.

It isn’t yet a crime to speak out, but it soon will be, if Donald Trump has his way. If we allow him to grab our collective pussy, it’s our own fault. Kick him in the nuts, if he crosses that sensitive boundary between a boss and employees, in the realm of sexual harassment.

By the way, if the Boss touches your body, even over clothing, he’s guilty of more than merely harassment — that’s technically sexual assault, even when fully dressed and standing up in an office.

Of course, if you happen to have the misfortune to find yourself working as an employee, you’re on your own.

Please note that yesterday, the White House Clown announced that WE’RE the ones using the Race Card.

Excuse me, you Presidential Fuck-Head — and I’m being kind — I can quote you, and nail you on that one.

It never occurred to me or anyone other than a White Christian that a President would turn out to be a thorough card-carrying racist bastard.

I didn’t turn down “Minorities” from MY housing project, you lying asshole bastard, YOU did, and you’re lying about it now, and you’ll be lying about it with your very last breath!

I never thought I’d HAVE TO talk to a President that way, and I wouldn’t, if he deserved respect, but fuck him, he attacked me first, as a non-Christian and a non-white, meaning that I’m a Jew and, like I said, I’m determined to get my licks in before I’m wiped off the map by overwhelming force.

Most restaurants and hotels that turn away blacks also turn away Jews and Hispanics and Asians and Indians, as any one of us will grimly inform you.

If you’re White and Christian, you won’t have experienced this prejudice in Amerika, but it’s there. Want to find out just how oppressive it is? How intolerable? Want to find out why someday the aristos will all end up on the guillotine and always do?

Wear a “Jew” armband around town for a while, and see what happens to you and what you have to do to defend yourself, protect yourself from actual physical harm, every single day of your life.

It makes many people wish they’d never been born, which would suit the Republicans just fine. In fact, that’s their plan.

Under the inspired leadership of Mass-Murdering Fuckhead Adolph Hitler, all Jews in Germany were forced to wear the hated “Juden” or “Jew” armband, which marked you as a target for vicious street violence.

The “Juden” armband is white on blue, and you can find the pattern online — with or without a yarmulka, and you’ll see what I mean. Want to get into a fistfight or deadly combat? This is definitely the way.

Identify yourself as a target.

If you’re other than white, you won’t need to do anything to identify yourself as a victim.

No restaurant, no hotel, no pool, no gymnasium other that the YMHA and YWHA — Hebrew gyms for Jews who were turned away from the YMCA and YWCA for not being Christian.

You can’t legally turn a Jew or a Black or a non-Christian away from a hospital at this time, but hold onto your hats, because if Trump has his way, we lose 55 years of Civil Rights advances over the next few months, thus rolling the Civil Rights Clock all the way back to 1955, before Martin Luther King, before Rosetta Parks, before Coretta King.

We’re now back where we were during segregation, maybe even worse, and now it’s not just African-Americans, it’s Muslims, Jews, Puerto-Ricans, everyone except the lily-white Christians.

Jeez, it suddenly occurs to me, what if you’re black AND Christian? Do they allow you to go into the pool, but only up to your knees?

Thanks to Donald Trump, it’s now considered a SPORT to kill innocent senior people on the street, and several hoodlums and punks have threatened me lately, thus making it very clear that sooner or later, I’ll be forced into deadly combat by someone who thinks they can take me down in an even fight.

Of course, Republicans are known for not fighting fair.

Screw Donald Trump, and the racist extremist horse he rode in on. Even his own party will eventually have to distance themselves from him or suffer defeat at the hands of an angry mob of millions of outraged citizens who emphatically did NOT wish to elect a dictator.

Even if Donald Trump actually had the will of the people and hadn’t lost the Popular Vote and won by an old election-hall trick, that doesn’t give him permission to put “His People” in power, and then blow the rest of the country out of the water.

He does NOT have the right to enforce his opinions and views on others. He’s supposedly the President of ALL the people, not just his closest friends.

Amerika is being held hostage by the very rich, and you know what happens when that goes on too long and the rich get too greedy.

There are now millions of voices of people who are thoroughly SCARED of Donald Trump, and are already tired of him after only two weeks of his Power Madness, and they will get rid of him when he goes just a bit too far, and he will, but he’s NOT going to get very far, at least in THIS LifeStream.

Life in Amerika is no longer a Fair Game. The White Christians own the field. Please note, there is not a single Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist television station on the entire band of satellite television stations. Not a one.

Why do you suppose that is?

In my opinion, it’s the same reason as not finding a single Synagogue in this county, even though there are an estimated 7,500 Jews living here. There is a “social center” in the Rabbi’s private home, but nothing on the street, no building to cover in swastikas.

The object now is to try to stay 100% with SoulGroup L315a, and that means doing your daily practices without fail, every single day, to keep connected.

Run a click, walk a click. Like I used to say to the troops back at Fort Ord, “Pick ’em up and lay ’em down!”. Keep up with the troops, maggot!

In order of importance, the morning chat will keep you well-informed, reading my blog will give you the particulars of the day, and you can get grounded, centered and connected by placing your Avatar in the Ashram.

Readings from the ABD, running Orbs for yourself and others, playing five minutes of guitar, training your voice for angel song, doing some embossing work, making rings or earrings — all are good practices to help KEEP YOU IN CONTACT. They also work to keep you TRANSCENDING, to keep you well above the world of pain and misery that humans have driven themselves into through greed and violence.

Hey, what goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. You get what you gave. That’s an immutable law, and Donald Trump will surely one day pay the price for what he has done to millions of people who didn’t want THAT done to them.

Of course, he has followers who DO want that done to them, and that’d be fine, if millions who DON’T want that done to them weren’t getting run over by a steamroller in Congress.

So the upshot is, there are plenty of voices, and my voice is just one of millions.

Should the time come when every non-Christian must leave Amerika or die in the camps, I will surely mention it in my blog, if I’m allowed to remain at my desk, which I doubt. I’ve told you for many many years, by the time you see it coming, it’s too late to duck.

Myself, I’m not the Jordan-Crossing type. As Darth Vader says of Obi-Wan Kenobe, “Escape is not his plan,” nor is it mine.

About halfway through the Trump blogs, I realized that they were coming, by and large, from the perspective of Leslie Ann, and the comedy angle was becoming more and more evident so, bottom line, I asked Claude to take the blogs off this blog site and put them on Leslie Ann’s page, where she can re-work them to her satisfaction.

They form the first half of Volume Five of her Trilogy. She figures that if there can be a ten-volume Dune Trilogy, why not a five volume “My Life as a Boy”?

My job relative to Trump Amerika is not in blogging, but in creating devastatingly funny video games and filk songs to give tools to folks, so we can all pull those statues down when the tyrant falls.

On the other, hand, my blogs do seem to interest him. How do I know? Remote Reading. You can do it, too, just as easily as I can. Remote Viewing, like telepathy, is built into the human biological machine, as if you didn’t already know that.

See? You’re already telepathic as hell.

So while the Race Wars, Religious Wars and Ideological Wars rage all around us, we’re obligated to stay focused on our spiritual work.

I don’t mean to ignore someone who’s overwhelmingly and unignorably in your face and agressing on you. Go ahead and punch them in the nose. I don’t get into fights, because I’m not going to live the rest of my life waiting for them to get even.

What I mean by staying focused is, do your spiritual practices, don’t give up the ghost, even if you feel like just quitting the day job and going on the breadlines.

Dictators always work the same way — it’s classic NPD OVERWHELM. They wear you down, and wear you down and wear you down until you finally give up and tell them to go ahead and do whatever the hell they want.

That’s their method of controlling you, and you have to learn to defend yourself on that level.

That’s why I’m considering starting a “NO OVERWHELM!” training, although I don’t know how well that will be received. It works along with the HARMONY Training and devices, plus a few simple self-defense moves for those times when reason doesn’t rule, something that will happen more and more.

People will be less inclined to listen to reason, more likely to act reflexively, animalistically to perceived threat, which will soon be anything or anyone slightly different from themselves.

Frankly, I’m more inclined to tell someone to fuck off than I have been, but that’s my New York upbringing.

It’s typical of a New Yorker to ask a cabbie, “Can I get you to take me uptown to 186th and Grand Concourse, or should I just go fuck myself?”

I’m used to getting pushed around, but there’s a limit to the push I will take from ANYONE, and once over that line, I don’t expect to go back. I do NOT respond to bullies with reason, wit or bravado.

I do what anyone would do when faced with overwhelming force. I get my licks in first.

According to Law, this is the TIME OF RACIAL PURGING, and you would be wise to learn how to stay out of the way. Is it possible to stay out of harm’s way?

Probably not, but you can certainly TRY to stay out of harm’s way.

One way to do that is to remain centered.

Another way is to move away from a crowded urban area to a rural countryside farm or ranch OR ASHRAM, and sit out the raging mobs if you can — some of them are bound to run over the countryside, respecting nothing, mindlessly and hysterically destroying everything in its path, including you and your home.

The mob will make a sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before, unless you’ve been lynched or stoned in a prior life.

It sounds like an oncoming freight-train or a twister, but it isn’t.

It’s people gone mad, made crazy, wild with fear, howling with infused rage, looking for a victim and, like I said, that’d be you, if you get in their cattle-path.

Yes, cattle-path. Don’t expect Ancient Wisdom to come from the mouths of these hysterical fear-driven morons.

I call them “Alien-Dominated Zombies”, and they were the subject of several songs that Jimmi and I wove into music a few decades back.

I’m still singing about them, and now the zombies are pissed off because I make fun of them all the time, and I guess they’re right — I do lay it on rather thick sometimes.

Jimmi, on the other hand, perhaps wisely, went back to 1950s doo-wop.

With a reduction of threat-level from Washington, I can grab a little free-time to develop what I really prefer to work on, which is my Inter-Dimensional Tube and my See In 3 Dimensions BINOX, both of which are on my workbench at the moment, and to which I intend to return when I’m done blogging, whatever THAT means.

I also have some pages of song lyrics here by my side, and I’ll be spending some time tonight working to refine the wording and add maybe a few more verses.

Also on the work-table for tonight will be some level-writing, probably on Level One, of “Escape From Trump Amerika” and no, I’m not making the Oval Office — I just put that up as an example of what I COULD do, if I were so inclined, but I’m not.

My plan is to develop along the lines of some of my more difficult maze-games, combined with a zombie shooter that makes it fun, challenging and non-boring.

I hope it’s as much fun for you to play it as it is now for me writing it. Tonight, my main concern is game-balance, making sure that you have enough ammo replenishment to finish the Quest, and that the NPC shopkeepers are in good working order, which means some work on the responses and maybe some voice recording for the NPC soundbytes.

I don’t want anything I’m doing to suggest violence or aggression against anyone, except maybe a zombie or two and a Level Boss at the end of every level, and that’s why I’m not doing the Oval Office, although I could and it might be funny and go viral, but it’s not my style.

Escape from Planet Trump IS my style. I use the opportunity to introduce some StarGate technology and Jaunting Styles. I regard this time period as a great opportunity for Work.

You can’t have a game without breaking a few omelettes, eh?

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Trump-Free Zone, somewhere, over the rainbow, if I remember rightly.

I’m one of those Pacifists who can’t be held against the WALL for even one single second without delivering a blow to the throat, following by a devastating strike-through into the sternum. I guess I wouldn’t compare well with Gandhi on that score, eh?

But we’re totally different Avatars, Gandhi and I — were I black today, I’d be in the streets after the Sessions appointment. I haven’t checked CNN yet today, but I’m sure that sooner or later, the Government Bastards will provoke something.

They want an excuse to call the National Guard, to point to the blacks and women and Hispanics and Asians and say, “They’re the violent ones!”. It never fails, and it’s always the same story.

Aristocrats never change, throughout history.

With the Republicans occupied with millions of targets, it leaves YOU and ME free to work, to practice our spiritual exercises, to make up some songs, write poetry, write a blog, write your Congresspersons, paint a picture, stay creative, stay active, stay vocal and stay free with maxi-pad.

Now with millions of voices raised in outrage and opposition, Trump is ready to ascend to the throne he’s due to occupy in history, as the most hated U.S. President in U.S. history, and we’re here to see it happen!

How cool is that???

See You At The Top!!!