Using Coins as a Buyer’s Premium

Photo of E.J. Gold by Leon Ames, circa 1972

My friend Leon Ames owned Leon Ames Ford in Los Angeles. His manager, Ralph Williams, bought the dealership and then sold it to his manager, Cal Worthington. I knew them all, and all three of them said the same thing: “Offer a huge stuffed teddy bear and they can’t refuse the deal.”

I have such an item for you; the teddy bear doesn’t work when selling art, but coins will work, because the same people who collect art are aware of the value of coins in a legacy collection. The collection must be very interesting to cause someone to want to buy it. My History Gift Sets are the perfect solution to a Gift Problem!

Keep in mind that copper, silver and gold coins are a great way to keep in touch with your PuPs!!! They cross over where biolife doesn’t!

Here is a list of the gift sets I can make up for you at wholesale prices:

Main Events Year by Year of any time frame in ancient, medieval or modern history

Significant People Year by Year

Show Business, Theatrical Events

Athletics, Athletes, Records Broken, Famous Events such as Babe Ruth’s Last Game

Business People, Business Events such as invention of the microchip

Infamous or Notorious People, such as Bonnie & Clyde, my most popular coin set

Anthropologists and their discoveries, such as Leakey, Alice, (Piltdown was a hoax)

Archaeology, such as opening of Tut’s tomb, discovery of Atlantis, Lost Ark, etc.

Scholars and Academics — all the latest news from the brain trusts of the world

Journalists, Missionaries & Explorers

Saints, Gurus, Religious Leaders and Spiritual Events, such as Lady of Lourdes

Photographers and Photography, such as Family of Man at MoMA, etc.

Painters, Sculptors and Other Artists

Writers, Editors, Publishing, such as publication of James Joyce, “Ulysses”




Military Figures, Wars, Combat, Weapons & Maps

Those are the main categories, but there are thousands of possible categories that you might like for your shop or online sales. I can show you how to become an effective online merchant if you’d like, but you have to tell me that you want this. I won’t spoon-feed it to you, and it’s hard work to start something from nothing. The faster you want your work-effort coin-merchant shop to become money-productive, the more you’ll have to put into it, based on a number of profound and immutable laws of physics and math. In short, GiGo.

It is entirely possible to start a business up from absolutely nothing, not even a penny to your name. In this case, however, expect a long, hard road with lots of stumbling blocks and small rewards for big efforts.

If you’re able to give yourself a good boost at the beginning of the work-effort, you’ll find results much more rapidly forthcoming. It costs money to make money. If you don’t put out the front-money, it must be replaced with time, attention and effort.

Starting with zero is possible, but frustrating and difficult. If you’re not totally bound by the ropes of extremity, put a little “earnest money” into it. This will not only “prime the pump” as we used to say at Pete Seeger’s house — he drew his water from a well — but it will also give you a Reason To Go On.

You have to have a Reason to Go On.

Without that, it’s too easy to succumb to the stress and misery of life and just give up and slump down and collapse in self-pity. The problem is, no personal reason to go on suffices. You need a Higher Purpose.

Hitch Your Wagon to a Star. That’s always been the Core of my Teaching. Get yourself into the Great Work somehow, and let the Great Work provide. It will, if you’re actually in it. If you’re dreaming about being in the Great Work, only in your dreams, bud, will anything happen for you.

How do you get into The Great Work?

Ask me how to get into the Great Work when we’re on the air this morning. The same technique for easing yourself into the Work is the same as that for getting rid of your Inner Screamin’ Demon.

See You At The Top!!!