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How would you like to buy 100+ hours of my unbroken & undivided attention? It suddenly occurred to me as I was working on a Lincoln Memorial set that you might not realize that I have hand-searched every personally searched collection I send out, and that this involves at least a hundred hours of highly focused attention with the additional overlay of my coinology experience and grading skills. I sell my Lincoln Memorial collections on eBay — they typically will go between $300-$400 apiece for the 144 coin set with 1960 and 1960D small dates plus the 1970s small date. Naturally all the 82 series is there as well.

You can arrange to order a few of these hand-collected complete sets of Lincoln Heads, Indian Heads, Buffalo nickels, walking Liberty halves, and Mercury Dimes, if you would like; there is currently a waiting period of about two weeks, but I haven’t announced this offer until now, so expect a flurry just before Christmas Shopping Panic Time, December-ish, when I probably won’t be able to make one for you on time for the Holidays. In short, order now.

You don’t have to pay until we ship it, and you can tell me when that will be. All hand-collected sets are “luck of the draw”, meaning that you get the best of what falls that night. I guarantee that the Memorial Set will be complete with every coin called for in the Dansco Pro Album, but I do not guarantee that every coin will be XF to GEM BU. I’llĀ  do my best to make that happen, but if you want a complete set made in one night, you’ll have to take the best of whatever comes up.

Speaking of “Complete Lincoln Memorial Set Made in a Single Night”, I hereby issue a challenge to myself; if I fail to complete a set in a single night, you get the coins free (minus the $50 album, of course; for your sake, I can’t let you stick me for the drinks).

If you want a “Perfect Lincoln Memorial with Proofs” I think you’re crazy — you don’t need to add the expense of the Proof-Only coins and they are not properly part of any circulated collection, but you’re welcome to your opinion. I charge $400 flat fee for a “Perfect” Lincoln Mem set with proofs, but I didn’t collect them personally, it’s strictly a commercial “perfect” set with all GEM grade coins, ho-hum.

For resale, however, the “Perfect” set is highly recommended, and I can get them wholesale fairly consistently, with a waiting period of about six weeks between order and fulfillment.

I want to point out here that I have just completed three collections in which the key dates cost several thousand dollars apiece, just to put the Lincoln Memorial Set into perspective. It also highlights the fact that I can’t possibly afford to be in the coin business for the money — the way I play the game, it’s not feasible, because I don’t play for the money — I play for the odds.

What I mean is, the strange & unusual.

You wouldn’t believe what shows up in any given nightly coin search among Lincoln Mems. No other coin provides the artist the opportunity to see such wild rainbow effects and opalescent colors. It’s very psychedelic, and that’s one of the primary things I wanted to share about coins.

Speaking of sharing…

You are so fortunate to be living a life which allows you the leisure and affordability to collect coins. Many people in the world have never even seen a coin and wouldn’t know what to do with it if they did. Most of those people are starving to death and have no good drinking water.

As you work with the coins, think about them. That’s just one layer of suffering that can be alleviated, however slightly, by the action of Coin Sorting. There are other spiritual assists you can manifest within the Mystic Eye Ritual of Spirit Coin Sorting.

Okay, back to hard cold facts. You can’t sit on the coins you collect. Coins need sharing. Sharing is, and that’s a fact, Jack.

So collecting coins and sorting coins and grading coins and putting coins in collections and exhibits can be sharing, can’t it? It gives a focus to the collections to have a goal, such as a public showing of coins. But not just collections. Not just ANY coins, no, indeed.

What I have in mind goes a lot deeper and involves you thoroughly.

What about a collection of coins to prove the thesis of our favorite textbook, “Grow Rich with Pocket Change”, by Ken Potter and Brian Allen? It would be easy indeed to demonstrate the power of concentrated multiple attention coin search by showing not only the metallic result of a nightly coin search — meaning an array of the very best catches of the night — but I’d also include a DVD video of the event itself, showing clearly when each coin was found and that they were all found in a single night!!!

Want a great way to attract kids into a coin shop this year? Conduct a Daylight Seance (see my stuff on for ideas) and have as the center of attraction the Houdini Seance Coin or the entire Houdini Conspiracy Array which includes the Medium “Margery” and noted spiritualism champion Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, supposed author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. You might be interested to find out why he murdered his co-author and friend of half a century.

How about this for an idea:

Collect one full Lincoln Mem set or get one from me to show friends and neighbors what you can do for them for a great Christmas Gift this Holiday Season. Or magic-find some great single coins to give away as fascinating art and historic stocking-stuffers — I can show you how to turn ordinary coins into incredible gift items just with information!

See You At The Top!!!