How to Have a Voice!!!

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Unless 3 billion people a day read your daily tweets, you have no voice in the situation that confronts you — the end of Democracy and the end of your personal freedoms and your family’s freedom from fear.

But wait…

Yes, there is an alternative solution to the horrible mess we’re in. You CAN fight back with the MIND, and that’s what I propose you do right now, today, before you sink back into the cowardice that is the human condition, and here it is. I call it:

“Crime Pays”.

Why it works so well is because in Washington, D.C., at least, crime DOES pay. The ROLE MODEL for our children and grandchildren is always the President, and you can imagine the kind of kids this generation is going to be like, if Trump is any example, and his kids are just as obnoxious.

No, that’s not fair. Eric Trump — the one who said that I’m not even a person — is far and away more obnoxious than anyone except his dad, and that includes Don Rickles and Atilla the Hun. His de-humanization prepares the way for the Great Roundup, and he’ll undoubtedly be the Oligarch who solves the Final Problem, which is us, but you knew that.

There is no reasoning that can change anything. Red is Red, Blue is Blue, and never the Twain shall meet, except crashing head-on.

The human race is afflicted with “Political Tribalism”, which means “no cooperation”, which means “nothing gets done”.

Watching the Democrats and Republicans slug it out over Trump’s downfall is like watching Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee destroy each other right down to the mud. I live in a Democratic ghetto in the midst of a Shit-Kickin’ cowboy town, Republican and staunch Trumpites to the end, which this very well may be.

Okay, without further ado, here’s my “Psychological Warfare” entry into the fray. Again, I remind you that I am not a Democrat — I’m just lumped into “Dirty Pinko Democrat Commie Bastards” by the common outcry as the mob nears my neighborhood.

If there is any lesson to be learned from watching the news coverage of the Russia Probe, it’s that you can get away with lying, cheating, sexual misconduct and even hand top secret material over to the Russians right there in the Oval Office and get away with it.

The Republicans are holding their noses as they deal with him, but they feel that it’s worth destroying their own careers in order to get their agendas passed, and in a strange horrible way, they’re quite right. Their fate is tied to that of their wicked hero, Donald J. Trump.

Remember that as long as you don’t break down, don’t back off, never retreat, never give up and never admit you’re wrong, that you CAN get away with it — Trump does it time and time again, and YOU CAN, TOO!

It’s just a matter of intimidation.

You really don’t need a solid foundation. Two major players defied Congress, refusing to answer their questions with “I don’t feel like telling you that”, and the stupid Congresspeople rolled over and died with it, accepting that response, even though it was clearly completely in contempt of Congress.

You CAN get away with it!

Don’t let all those Hollywood films fool you into thinking you’ll get caught! You won’t! Just keep telling it like it isn’t! Lie, lie, lie.

Learn to think like a lawyer.

Uh, oh…I’m gonna get it from some of my attorney and Bureau friends, but it’s not my fault — 99% of the lawyers give the others a bad name.

If you do happen to get in trouble, be sure to hire a New York real estate lawyer, someone you know personally, if you’ve got trust issues anything like Trump’s.

Okay, okay, I’ll show you a couple of things, but then you gotta go and check them out. If you really, really want to make a difference, buy 100 buttons (there’s a 100 button pack) and send them to every news reporter you know.

You might want to check out the variety of imaginative products — I’d love to send a coffee mug or water sipper or a wine charm to my favorite reporter, Rachel Maddow, on MSNBC, and the same goes for Al Franken, Wolf Blitzer and Maria Bartiromo — who might remember me as one of the lead singers of “Wall Street” back in the day — we were on her program for four hours!

Okay, I getcha, you wanna see the merchandise, right?

Please note the subtle message. It’s possible that some of these will end up on some Trump supporters, much the same way as “One Toke Over The Line” ended up on the Lawrence Welk Show — he introduced it as a “New Age Hymn” and he was right.

Crime Pays Heart Earrings only $25.99

Wow, see what I mean? Someone could wear those heart earrings and never notice the message “Crime Pays” across the collar, haw, haw, haw!!!

That’s the main purpose behind this chapter, to show you how subtle and crafty the message can be.

“Crime Does Not Pay” is something we all heard as kids, and back in the day, when the dedication and integrity of the FBI was respected — as it needs to be and should be — it used to be true, but today, all you need do is lie, then double-down on the lie and repeat as necessary, until the opposition is crushed by the emotional filibuster.

It works in personal relationships, and in real estate deals, but not in politics, especially not in the Oval Office, where the President is supposed to be the leader of ALL the people, not just a support base, especially when the base is a bunch of flat-earthers who can’t understand that the United States is under attack by tens of thousands of cyber-soldiers, and that unchecked, THEY WILL WIN the Hidden War.

Never mind the Deep State. Continue to play games and there won’t be any state left over which to fight like dogs over scraps — no, make that “feeding seagulls at the beach”.

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Product Information

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  • 100% top grain leather
  • 6 credit card slots
  • Clear ID pocket
  • 4.375″W x 3.5″H folded (8.75″W x 3.5″H open)
“Crime Pays” coffee mug is only $23.99 and lasts longer than a Presidency!

Wow, the time has slipped away, must dash to breakfast and the morning show, where I’ll be talking more about this important method of creating impressions and getting a point across in a debate where you don’t have a voice.


See You At The Top!!!