The Fuck-It Meditation

What is the “Fuck It” Meditation?

First of all, it’s intended to offend, hence the name and designation, and I’ll tell you why it’s the way that it is, in a nutshell. Because it just is, okay?

I know that’s kind of a stretch, kind of hard to understand, to grasp, to dig, to grok what I’m laying down here, but fuck it.

The Magic Mantra “Fuck It” is cleansing power, courage power, overcoming power.

“Fuck It” will bring Trumpies to their knees.

The “Fuck It” Meditation is a powerful tool, a constructive and positive method of defeating Trumpism and the effects of Trump within you and around you.

The “Fuck It” Meditation is a way of Transcending Trump and Trumpism, and a way to gain power over the venomous emanations coming to us from Washington, from both the Bullshitting President and the Bigger Bullshitters in Congress.

I’ll explain:

You want power right now, even if it’s abhorrent to you to wield it — it’s not necessary to actually USE your power, but it is essential that you gather it quickly, and that means major steps to awakening before the thing drops, as it surely will.

Big things are happening in Congress, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

Spooky things are being planned for you by weird conscience-challenged Senators and bizarre Representatives in the House of Whores, I shall begin to call it, due to a profound lack of guts and patriotism in those hallowed halls.

In short, they are about to really fuck with us this time, and we are expected to take it without a struggle.

This is where the stupid bastards in Congress mis-read the street. I’m on the street all the time, and I see and hear things done in darkness and said in whispered tones.

In short, I’ve been mucking about on the Astral Planes again.

The people are scared. Really scared. They’re scared of Trump, but they’re even more scared of Congress.

They are also afraid of their government in general, police in particular, and the image of men in black is once again pervading the atmosphere on the lower droid levels of human existence.

The people are ready to panic.

If they do, of course it’s they who always pay the price, and pay they will, just as they will pay with their very lives once the healthcare bill gets signed.

That’s the end of the Republican Party.

Frankly, they could care less. Most of those bastards are on their last term anyway, and have no interest in the people they serve, so they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What do they gain?

Why, White Supremacy, of course. That’s what the Trump Regime is all about, and I use the term “Regime” advisedly, full-well knowing that I might pay a penalty for having suggested the word in relation to Trump and Trumpism, but in this climate, I take chances all the time that I will be persecuted and prosecuted for speaking out clearly and honestly.

Honesty is trashed and those guilty of honest speech are profoundly destroyed and demolished, in Trump Amerika. All Congresspeople are now Fear Objects to the masses, and unfortunately for them, they don’t realize that this is what’s happening.

Fear Your Leaders. Fear Your Leaders. Fear Your Leaders.

That’s not MY message — that’s the message that the Senators are sending to the people they hate, the people they have betrayed, the people who will vote them out of power when they realize what these rich bastards have done — the money they steal will go into their own goddam pockets, did you know that?

The Senators are the rich guys who are stealing your healthcare benefits to line their own pockets and the pockets of their rich friends.

They never learn. Look at what happened during the French Revolution — the aristos were still saying, “But I don’t understand,” and they didn’t. They never get it.

If you are not feeling the weight of the oppressive heel of government now, you soon will, and then you’ll get it. Only then will you fully come to understand that when your back is against the wall, there’s nothing to do but fight.

The Senators who are screwing us with their tax break named as a healthcare bill are not merely losing the trust of the people — they are arousing the people to fear, and thus to anger and, eventually, the people will rise up in self-defense and take to the streets or worse, meaning they’re try to Occupy Congress.

No good deed goes unpunished.

They will be killed for their trouble. This is exactly what the White Supremacists want to see happen — blood in the streets. That’s the kind of thing that justifies calling out the National Guard, which is Trump’s newest plaything.

Of course, the National Guard isn’t very likely to fire on unarmed citizens, but he doesn’t yet know that the majority of servicepeople are minorities.

(*see: Kent State Massacre for data on National Guardsmen shooting unarmed civilians.)

It’s much more certain that there will be piles of dead if the soldiers are not citizen soldiers, but mercenaries, who get paid to shoot whomever they’re told to shoot.

That’s the future of Amerika.

If you’re at the “Fuck It” stage of life, as I certainly am by any standards — but I’ve been that way all along, I must admit — you’re saying “fuck it” right now, and that is the right phrase, the correct mantra, the powerful prayer.

The Sacred “Fuck It” Mantra, uttered with enthusiasm, fervor and righteous curmudgeonly candor, will set you free.

“Fuck It” is freedom from fear.

What the Hell can they do to you, kill you? … And why the Hell should they shoot you when all they need to do is take away your healthcare benefits and coverage?

Of course, that’s exactly what they’re doing, while you sit there dumbly and passively observe them sticking it up your ass once again, like they do.

So what can you do about it?

You need to either get strong, or find some strength to which you can attach yourself. I largely prefer the latter course, because it works faster and better, and that’s all the justification I need to make it happen.

You need to ACTIVELY EMPLOY the Fuck It Mantra, and that means selling chocolate. Nothing gets the Fuck It Meditation going faster, stronger or more powerfully than selling chocolate, and no chocolate makes it work faster, stronger or better than Chocolate Obsessions Chocolate, so order some today.

You can get a starter pack for only $50 bucks, so why wait until they come to get you? Order today, and hope that you’re still there to pick up the package a couple of days from now.

You need Chocolate Power.

As you are, you’re helpless to even struggle slightly against this aggressive and violent personal assault by Senators and Representatives in Congress, on you and your family.

Yes, I said “assault”. Actually I held back, was tempted to say r*pe, but don’t like to use the word in any context, even in self-defense, but that’s what it feels like, and that’s what it is.

There are millions of Amerikans who feel the same way, that they’re being assaulted. It’s not what’s being done, so much as how it ‘s being done, with a Shadow Government operating right out in public view.

You can’t trust a Senator.

They’re rich, privileged and never had to work an honest day’s living in their lives, so what do they care what happens to you?

To those Senators, you’re just a pile of junk DNA, garbage that serves them and feeds them and keeps them fat, but never satisfied, hungry ghosts causing grief and misery everywhere they go.

Senators are categorically liars, thieves, exploitative rich bastards with no love for the poor or for immigrants or anyone not already in their social circle.

You want a second opinion?

Okay, here’s my second opinion: they’re ugly, too. There isn’t a single Washington politician that’s going to survive this outrage. Every one of them will be voted out of office in the very next election where their seat is contested.

Can you imagine being remembered as one of the bastards who passed this bill, that robbed the poor and gave to the rich???

Would you want your name in the history books as one of the Congressional people who betrayed the people?

How are you handling the idea of your grandkids growing up thinking that Trump and Trumpism are good things, are okay?

When you become an Amerikan Refugee, how do you think you’ll be received in the countries that Trump has attacked, shamed and humiliated?

It doesn’t matter. He also took the opportunity to use his Presidential Bully Pulpit to attack, shame and humiliate his “friend” Jeff Sessions, the stupid Republican who wanted to be the very first to accept and congratulate Trump on his victory.


Because Jeff Sessions is a well-known and very obvious White Supremacist, and I’d just love his lawyer to bring me to court to defend that position, because I have evidence, and I would dearly love to expose that creep for the racist that he is.

I know, I’m getting awfully close to dangerously over the edge, but as I said in a previous paragraph — not to mention in several previous lifetimes — that I’m way past the “Fuck It” stage, well into the “You’re on your fucking own” stage, which leads of course to the ultimate, “what planet?” stage, which is by far the best platform from which to speak.

Now, that “Fuck It” attitude generally comes from the age of the responder, but actually, as I’ve mentioned many times, I’ve always had that attitude, and if you did your homework and got yourself plugged into the Multi-Life PLS Course, you’d be saying “Fuck It” by now.

If you haven’t done any chocolate sales, you really don’t know the meaning and significance of the phrase, “Fuck It”.

In order to sell anything, design anything, present anything or do anything other than perform robot tasks at the office, yard or factory, you’ll have to master the “Fuck It” Meditation.

It’s really very simple. Just regard the future. Pretty fucking empty and hopeless, as long as Trump remains in power, and his regime remains intact, yes?

It should be easy to see how bleak the future is from here.

That makes it so much easier to realize the truth of the situation, which leads you to automatically utter the magic phrase, “Fuck It”, thus allowing you to not give two shits what happens one way or the other.

Remaining indifferent to the world is the key to success in the World of Trump. No matter what they do to you — and they’re planning to do PLENTY to you and your friends and family, especially if you speak another language besides English — don’t let them see you sweat.

Don’t let them win.

How do you do that, realistically? Well, the fact is, they always win the battle, but you can win the war.


I’m going to give you the answer, but you’re bound to think it’s irrelevant or just plain stupid.

Sell chocolate.

I know, it sounds trite, ridiculous, absurd and totally disconnected, but I assure you that magically, it isn’t at all disconnected, it’s rooted right in the heart of the matter.

It looks like chocolate powder mix, but it’s much more than that. It’s Magic Powder. It carries Blessings with it, Baruch, Baraka, Good Vibes, and spreads them outward in a spiderweb pattern across the sphere of Planet Earth.

As these little chocolate-filled tin canisters spread out across the globe, they weave a pattern of spellcasting and prayer, and that’s the whole secret and yes, that is my entire plan.

I think it has potential.

If I were starting in the POD game from where I’m sitting now and from what I know and surmise now about the POD market, I’d be on chocolate mixes and hot sauce totally, until I managed to saturate the market.

The educational aspects of the “Paint Me” tins is obvious, but think about the therapeutics, the fundraising, the extra-income earning, the communication and contact, and you’ll get what’s really happening here.

It may sound like I’m being sarcastic or silly about selling chocolate as a way to win, but please believe it, there is nothing nearly as powerful as the chocolate sales to make the world right again.

Get in touch with me, order up some chocolates and join the March of Tins, a veritable army of chocolate sellers with freedom and justice for all, and that means YOU.

Stay on target, Luke. Give in to the Dark Chocolate.

It’s about selling chocolates. There is nothing else, nothing more, nothing important. Just chocolate.

The main thing to remember is that chocolates are always chocolate, and wax is not always wax. (ref: Chief Inspector Clousseau, if you’re wondering.)

So get out there and do your part.

See You At The Top!!!