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Website Flips How 2

Here’s an example of the perfect website for exploitation as a market flip.

Imagine what you can do with a website that is specific, just generic enough to get some interest from a number of directions, and yet it’s unbelievable that YOU got that website, that it wasn’t snarfed up years ago.

The answer is, of course, that it WAS snarfed up years ago — by me. I saw this coming, as you’ll note in “SlimeWars”, and predicted every single thing that’s happening now. It may be news to you, but it’s not news to me — it’s the same old story, told in a new way.

Okay, so what do we have here to work with? Continue reading

5 Work Things You Can Do For Free!!!

If nominated, I shall not run. If elected, I will not serve. — ej gold

Here are FIVE Work Things YOU Can Do For Free!!! None of these will cost you a cent, and they’ll hardly cost you anything in time & effort. Because they’re totally, absolutely cost-free, they offer no opportunity to bullshit about why you aren’t doing them.

  • LIKE — Click the “LIKE” button on the things you like that I’ve published or posted.
  • COMMENT — Just a few seconds of your time to add a short one-sentence or one word comment, such as “cool” or “wow”, would create a lot of wave action, which is to say, “pool-chain-emanations” outward in all directions, just from your simple “additive” action, by posting a short comment. You can have a profound effect with this simple magical operation.
  • SHARE — This is the most important of all, creating an outward wave, actually a psychic “shock wave”, that reaches millions ultimately, but it all starts with you actually clicking the button that says “SHARE” on my postings.
  • SUBSCRIBE — I don’t care whether you subscribe or not, but it helps the ratings and the trendings, which is what gets our message out there, so please, please, please remember to click the button that says “SUBSCRIBE”.
  • GENERATE MEMES — Create some content about our work, which can be as simple as taking one of my pages or comments or one single word or phrase with an attribution, which looks like “– e.j. gold”, or some such, like a sutra, and sticking the text onto your own photo or some image you like, and posting it with the hope that it will get shared out and maybe go viral, so add your name right at the text point. This is beyond the pale for most folks, so if you are totally challenged by sticking a text onto a photo, forget Work Thing #5 and just stick to the first four.

Want some WORK PROJECTS that are FREE and are far more challenging? Contact me on the chat at the ICW or my morning show and I’ll be glad to discuss it with you in open forum, so everyone can benefit, not just one person — gosh, that sounds so awfully socialistic, don’t it? What I mean is, it increases the necessity, and that guarantees a better transmission. Continue reading