Secrets of Remote Reading & Viewing

I'm the sergeant on the right of photo, taken at Fort Ord, California, circa 1962.
I’m the sergeant on the right — Trainfire at Fort Ord, California, circa 1962.

“Remote Reading”, otherwise known as “Remote Viewing”, is where you merely look at something and report what you see. Remote Viewing does not involve the movement of any mass in space or time, and exists entirely apart from the realm of the Einsteinian Newtonian Universe.

In 1963, while serving in the U.S. Army Security Agency, I was recruited for a Remote Reading unit, which I joined just three days after I received my Honorable Discharge from the service.

I did not go to the military Remote Viewing Unit at Fort Meade or, indeed, any other military agency Remote Viewing unit — there were four civilian units in Virginia and California, which our team verified through our own readings and encounters with members of other teams, open knowledge of which was kept from us, but believe it, we were in contact every day with psychic operatives both on our side and on other sides — and there are plenty of sides in the political arena — under the tight pressure of a high security position in the most secret agencies in U.S. history.

I can’t and won’t tell you what our targets were — I’ll leave that to others — but the nature of the targets were generally buildings, vehicles or people, and when I say “targets”, I mean only that they were selected and visualized by the readers, often using map coordinates as a guide when needed.

Elon College campus, circa 1960.
Elon College campus, circa 1960.

In 1963, I first ran into Charles Tart, who was interested in the work of Dr. Joseph B. Rhine at Duke University at Durham, North Carolina, just a piece down the road from Elon College, at Burlington, North Carolina, where I had enrolled in an accelerated course, giving me access to classes and lab with the celebrated physics teacher, Dr. Hook.

Charlies studied hypnosis with Hilgard, while I had already performed several hypnosis acts onstage the previous year, with my longtime friend, Orm McGill, whom I had met through my magic teacher, Bruce Elliott.

Ormund and I did a double act at one of the Institute’s Convention Workshops back in the 1980s, as well. The video still exists of this performance, but keep in mind that Remote Reading is not properly the domain of street or theatrical magic.

The tiny 9mm Minox Camera was the smartphone of the day — it was used to photo documents, and was issued by various agencies.

On the second day after we arrived at the Arlington agency special ops area, there was a mandatory class on how to remote read, but it wasn’t much more than we already knew:

  1. Find a Safe & Quiet Space.
  2. Park the Body.
  3. Empty the Mind — Clear the Vision with Voidness — Visualize an Empty Room.
  4. Decide on a Specific Target — put in map coordinates if known.
  5. Visualize a building, interior or location associated with that target.
  6. Locate the target within the space.
  7. Visualize the target and describe the target in present time.
  8. Report on what you see.
  9. Make a map or diagram if needed or wanted.

The tenth instruction would be, “Verify Your Results”, but generally, you can’t verify results directly, although you can make inferences from events as they become known.

In a class situation, of course, it’s not only possible to verify results, but you actually have the responsibility to check results and correct the visioning, if necessary, to learn accuracy and detail work.

detail is everything -- it helps to have some art skills.
Detail is everything, and it helps to have at least SOME basic art skills.

Detail is everything. A vague, blurry sketch of something that might or might not be the target is too far under the wire to count for anything, but on the other hand, it’s far better than nothing at all, to help you capture detail from a Flash Vision. Patience is rewarded.

Back in the Agency Activity, we had no feedback on whether our guesses were good ones or not.

We operated in a vacuum, unable to even communicate verbally with one another to compare notes although, in point of fact, in total violation of the rules, we did run over our notes together to see if there were any corroboration, because you can’t operate this way with zero feedback.

Our “hit-rate” was in the high 90s, as were all four of the “blind teams” — meaning we were isolated from one another — back in the 1960s.

In the later Remote Viewer Teams such as the one at Fort Meade, I’m guessing their hit-rate would have been about the same, because we all carried out basically the same drill, which I’ve outlined here in this chapter.

What you can accomplish with Remote Reading is to gain access totally outside space and time. You can visit the past, the present or the future, just as readily and easily, so it’s ideal for self-study and for Reincarnation Awareness and Past Life Surveying.

Simplicity is the key, here, not the amount of detail you can heap onto the pile, but eventually, you want to develop that “milking” skill to get the most out of the momentary contact — however, just the contact ALONE can make the difference, can create change by observation, and more.

Arriving at the Spy School at Arlington, Virginia, spring of 1964.
Arriving at the Spy School at Arlington, Virginia, spring of 1964.

You can expand your lifetime footprint by recontacting past lives, parallel lives and lives entirely outside the present “universe”, using this simple viewing technique.

Remember that you don’t have to haul your Astral Body around in order to Remote View. The key word here is “Remote”, meaning “apart from”, “far from”, or “elsewhere other than there”.

With a little guidance and some help from a coach, you can easily use this method to transport yourself throughout the Time/Space Universe to any lifetime, location or period.

If you prefer, you can do it all yourself, by using a “selfie” camcorder to create a video of the event. You merely talk into the camcorder, upload it if you wish, then make notes from the video if you feel you need them.

In a coached Remote Reading Session, you will have a video record plus a notebook record, which will be made for you by your coach. For reasons of privacy you keep all such records, not the coach.

Quite often, a past life will resemble your present life in many irritating ways, so don’t be disappointed to discover an equally meaningless and sordid existence on the path behind you.

The only remedy for that misery is Awakening and The Work, which comes naturally from the Awakening.

Every lifetime requires an Awakening, unless you entered fully awake, not recommended for the organically squeamish.

An Early Awakening can be helpful, but coming in fully awake is not recommended for the squeamish.
An Early Awakening can be helpful, but coming in fully awake is not recommended for the squeamish.

An Early Awakening is sometimes helpful, but not always necessary, so exercise restraint in the Awakening Department, even if you’re an experienced life-surfer.

Using a Remote Reader’s Relic will help a lot, as I explained in the previous chapter, and you can add to the effect with wall hangings, thangkas, mandalas and other room decor.

An almost-empty, sparsely-furnished flat-black-painted room with a thick, dark carpet and single-source lighting such as a candle or small chandelier, is tempting but entirely unnecessary for Remote Viewing.

If an “Enabling Deity” thangka on the wall helps you get into the space, go ahead and use it, put it where it will do the most good. If you need some incense, don’t hesitate to use it.

I sometimes use a candle as a focusing tool, but more often than not, I just sit at my desk these days, set my target, and let go — the image will always pop up, albeit only momentarily. Don’t expect more. You can work hard to hold onto an image, but it’s just not necessary.

You can “milk” the momentary vision, if you treat it as an after-image, looking for detail, for as long as the image holds, which can vary mightily from manifestation to manifestation.

Like all art skills, Remote Reading or Remote Viewing can be learned, but as I tell all my art students, be patient with yourself.

When you first break through the Time/Space Barrier, you’ll recover instantly all your psychic skills from every lifetime in which you used and/or developed them, and from then on, you won’t have to learn by the numbers.

Until then, do stay with the numbers.

Remote Viewing can include documents of all kinds, such as newspaper articles, files and more.
Remote Viewing can include documents of all kinds, such as newspaper articles, files and more, such as this Army Security Agency news article.

Remote Viewing extends, by the way, to file drawers and cabinets, documents and locked chambers, and was used by the KGB quite extensively during the height of the Cold War.

I should mention here that the real reason behind the closing of the psychic agencies and activities of the intelligence services is twofold:

  1. THE UFO EFFECT — Saying anything about Remote Viewing used to be akin to admitting that you practiced witchcraft or had been abducted by a UFO, meaning that you automatically endured the withering ridicule that awaits anyone espousing anything outside the box. This is changing, due to a few well-made documentary television shows such as “Through the Wormhole” and “Ancient Aliens”.
  2. INFLUENCING CONGRESSIONAL VOTES — Yes, it’s true that we gave Tarot readings to several members of Congress, but for Chrissake, that was just to demonstrate that it could be done and that it was an effective way to access unspoken information.

The fear was that we would somehow “capture” or “enthrall” or perhaps even “enchant” members of Congress, making them vote the Pagan Ticket. There’s no accounting for taste, but rest assured that the psychic units are still functioning and that they are gaining more and more credence the more science does to verify that there is a hidden world behind the obvious one.

How many lifetimes should you examine? Where should you start? How to begin…???

Well, start at the beginning. In a coached session, you’ll start from right where you are, learning to read the room you’re in and can easily see with your ordinary eyesight vision.

Step by step, you’ll learn to apply the science of Remote Viewing.

My friend Bob DoQui demonstrating the viewpoint of Remote Viewing.
My friend Bob DoQui demonstrating the viewpoint of Remote Viewing.

There’s a lot to learn, it’s true — and even though it’s basically incredibly simple, it can be overwhelming, but if you take it step by step, it will never be totally overwhelming, just challenging at each step, and that’s what a coach is trained to do with you — take you step by step, explaining each step along the way and making sure you’re confident with it before going on to the next level of challenge.

The idea is to build up your confidence in yourself and in your natural psychic abilities. You are totally telepathic, as is every member of the human race, but you’re trained out of it almost at birth, and it has to be resparked, rekindled, re-awakened, within yourself.

You have the ability to move objects with your mind, levitate into the air, make things vanish and reappear, and all the other amazing things that seem to defy natural laws, but actually don’t, if you understand the principle behind the event, and that’s one of the main things Remote Reading/Viewing will do for you, help you sort out the facts behind the operating universe.

You can achieve great things, but you must start somewhere. Be patient with yourself.

You can start at Step One by calling for a coaching appointment.

See You At The Top!!!