Why Should I Remote Read?


Why should I Learn to Remote Read?

In a word, it leads to Astral Projection. If you’ve consistently failed to Astral Project, you need to read my short list of Why you MUST learn Astral Projection sometime during THIS lifetime. Don’t wait until you are FORCED to leave the body to learn this important Essence Skill.

But why should I Astral Project?

Okay, fair question, and here’s the short-form answer:

  1. To KNOW for sure that I am not this body, I am not this mind.
  2. To learn more about the INNER WORLD, the one I spoke about in Avatar’s Handbook.
  3. To MASTER the Quantum Universe on the Universal Grid — the “Hidden World”.
  4. To raise my own consciousness and thereby raise the consciousness of everyone around me, everyone I encounter in the course of a day.
  5. To overcome the Fear of Death by establishing clearly that I exist apart from the organic body.
  6. To discover The Body Electric and to learn to use it for The Work.
  7. To FLY and HAVE FUN. It’s okay to have fun, and it’s okay to fly. I don’t need permission to leave the body or to fly around in a Higher Body.
  8. To expand and explore beyond the ordinary boundaries of life and death, space/time and the confines of the human mind.
  9. To confirm the existence of parallel worlds and the persistence of time and memory.
  10. To experience the world outside the world of time-flow and space travel.
  11. To glimpse past lives and to expand my spiritual footprint beyond just a single lifetime.
  12. To meet my Guides.
  13. To learn the Inner Nature of the Universe, to read the Askashic Records, to understand the true purpose of Existence, the reason for the Creation.
  14. To find my way to the Source of All Knowledge.
  15. To Increase my psychic abilities.
  16. To further my personal evolution on the Path of Wisdom and Peace.
  17. To reduce environmental impacts and stress.
  18. To bond with others and create better relationships.
  19. To experience true Natural Tranquility.
  20. To harmonize and balance all Centrums.
  21. To find and successfully perform my Spiritual Quests for this lifetime.
  22. To meet the Dead and converse with spirits who have passed the Veil.
  23. To turn an otherwise dull, dreary and hopeless existence into a highly charged and exciting spiritual adventure.
  24. To reveal the inner nature of all things, the Jewel in the Lotus.
  25. To communicate with Higher Celestial Intelligences.
  26. To get help from Higher Beings.
  27. To recover lost skills from previous lifetimes.
  28. To create healing effects on myself and others.
  29. To bring about planetary peace and harmony.
  30. To discover my true nature and identity.

Those are the 30 most important reasons to learn to Astral Project. There are more, but those are surely enough to motivate anyone with an ounce of spirit to get on with the process.

By selecting five of the above list of 30 items, you can reduce the formula down enough to be able to then choose one of those five selected items as the item most meaningful to you right now.

This would then determine the starting point for your Remote Viewing learning project, toward mastering Astral Projection and TimeSlip Technology.

One hint: vibration is everything. When you vibrate out of phase, you’re free from the Time/Space Matrix and can travel anywhere in any universe instantly.

How does that work? Simple. All points on the Grid are already there. We bilocate momentarily at both the starting point and the destination, in a simple MOVEOTOS, not actually teleportation — more like re-assigning point location, but you don’t have to know all that in order to use the skill.

Here are five tips to successful Astral Projection:

  1. Try to understand the learning-curve involved here — you might just be able to Astral Project on the very first try, but most people don’t. It takes a while to learn the skills. Be patient with yourself and don’t let disappointment be an active word in your personal vocabulary.
  2. Always have a safe guide nearby.
  3. Use audio assists — they really help. Music, chanting, incense and candle burning, rituals or verbal inductions can work wonders.
  4. Don’t be reluctant to invoke the help of a Higher Celestial Intelligence.
  5. Stop looking for “IT”!!!

That last little bit of advice is the key to the whole thing. Just as you’d never be able to meditate while waiting and wondering if you’re meditating, looking for the “signs” of “true meditation”, watching, waiting for that “magic moment” when the trumpets blare out and the banners fly, announcing “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE MEDITATING!!!”

Anyone who has ever tried it will know what happens next. You stop meditating the moment you say you’re doing it. Stop looking for “it”.

Okay, that’s the short form answer to “Why should I learn to Remote Read?”, and here’s your reward for staying with it right to the end:

See You At The Top!!!