Abstract-Expressionist Outfits for Fall Season

Spectacle Sunrise Evening Morning by ProsperityPath

This fall, it’s all going to be abstract, and if you pamper yourself with something lavishly abstract, it’s bound to also be expressionist.

Unconditional Love by ProsperityPath

That would mean “New York School”, the painting school of Kline, Pollock and DeKooning — and me. I’m one of three survivors of that so-called “Cedar Bar” School, the only one in the group who actually had shows at the Cedar Bar, covered by many New York newspapers of the day — I have a few clippings posted online.

Harmony Peace Tranquility by ProsperityPath

Abstract Expressionist comes from the “Action School” of Hans Hoffman, who was the teacher of ALL the expressionists you ever heard of, and some you didn’t. Expressionism means you literally flow your energy into the painting.

Fabric of Space Time Interwoven by ProsperityPath

That’s the whole secret, period. There isn’t any more to it than that. It’s sort of like finger painting with a brush, if you know what I mean. Of course, without a serious fundamental grasp of the principles behind painting and drawing, it comes out like something you’d see post-Warhol.

Spanner Infinity Healing Wave by ProsperityPath

In case you’re wondering what to do with these things, just consider walking into a museum gift-shop with one of these numbers on — it could be any one of the various wearables that are offered on the site.

Fairchild Turner Machine Goes West by ProsperityPath

Okay, now imagine one of those long blue landscapes with the red suns as a METAL PRINT, custom-crafted to exact specs to match my original pastel work. Metal Prints almost glow in the dark.

Swirling Galactic Strings by ProsperityPath

I guarantee that if you show that to a few qualified buyers, you will sell it. I could easily turn the big 40″x15″ piece for upwards of $1,500 and you could, to, if you had the customer for it and the balls to sell it for what it’s actually worth.

Gotta go now, time for breakfast and morning meeting — I hope you can make it.

See You At The Top!!!