My First Runway Show of 2017

Pink & Red Bug From Another Place by ProsperityPath
Pink & Red Bug From Another Place, all sizes, $108.34

You can click over to the page directly from HERE and buy this dress right now.

I’m ready for a real runway show. I’ll be working with very exotic patterns in just a few days — the people at PAOM are clearly on vacation for the holiday, and that’s okay with me, because I’m working out the details now on LeslieAnn’s Fashions over at

In case you’re as 20th century as I am, let me indicate to you that you can use the above hot-link to buzz over to my fashion shop to see what’s up.

Spiral Vortex Spinning Ladder, all sizes, only $108.34

As you’d expect, this dress is also ON SALE — you save $100 — over to that there “redbubble” site, so COME ON OVER and buy one for yourself or a friend!

Let me take this opportunity to introduce my Summer Line — you’re still in time to buy my summer colors!

Blue Farmhouse on Zena Road by ProsperityPath
Blue Farmhouse on Zena Road, only $53.34 while supplies last!

If you just can’t wait another second to buy this, CLICK HERE and you’ll be there in a flash! Or, somewhere in a flash. I’m not entirely sure I put the right link in there, and I’ve run out of time to back up and check it — besides, it’s funnier if it is the wrong link.

I’ll be working on my Fall Line in a few days, when I’ve finished with the summer stuff.

Cathay Street, Chinatown, Manhattan, 1956 only $108.34
Cathay Street, Chinatown, Manhattan, 1956, only $108.34!

Okay, okay, I’ll give ya the url for this number — HERE IT IS — but hurry, those things are going fast, and they’re running out of thread!

Please note that if I had a full fashion shop and setup, I’d be selling like crazy — these numbers are HOT, and just wait ’til you see what’s coming, because it’s even more professional and extensive and includes beachwear.

Yep. It’s like Redbubble on steroids.

I’ve been wanting to try some evening formal and daytime casual designs, and finally, I’ll be able to do it.

Sadly, we no longer have a shop from which to market the hell out of these things, but perhaps you will have some luck in that arena.

MacDougal Street Greenwich Village by ProsperityPath
MacDougal Street, Greenwich Village, 1956, only $108.34

You’ll find this gear HERE and if you decide to buy it, I’d appreciate a selfie of you wearing the item. That goes for any of my gear.

I finally get to make some swimwear, like my friend Max did years ago. She was a seamstress which made it easy for her to design bikinis, which she did, from fabrics bought at Home Silk Shop, where all the designers shopped for textiles and unusual designs.

Golden Buddha Unmasking the SIM by ProsperityPath
Golden Buddha Unmasking the SIM, all sizes, only $75, you save over $100!!!

This number comes in a bunch of product designs, all of which I think you’ll love! You can CLICK HERE to check it out.

I’d love to be teaching product design of all kinds, because the print-on-demand houses give an artist the opportunity to create something really useful and very manufactured, without the expense of tooling up a factory and producing them by the millions.

Gotta go, it’s breakfast time, and then the ICW.

See You At The Top!!!