$1 Million Dollars From Freedom

“Which POD site is best for me?” is the current Question of the Day, apart from the other Questions of the Day, such as, “Is this it?” and “Did They Get Me Yet???”.

To eliminate the worry, just take refuge in the certain thought that eventually, they will, and the fact that they pay the price is no compensation to the victims, which is us. Trump is not the enemy, nor is he the problem. It’s greedy Senators, hungry for votes.

Never mind all that. Forget it. Totally wipe it out of your attention-frame. Stop watching the news, stop listening to the rumors. Just ignore it, until it overwhelms you and destroys you.

The alternative to waiting for the Big Crunch is to DO something to lift yourself out of your present very helpless — and very very vulnerable — condition.

So back we go to our original premise — “Which POD site is best for me?”



At least you’ve got it whittled down to manageable and confrontable size by defining the limiter, “me”, meaning you, of course, not me, if you follow my meaning. If not, you might be lost, in which case, either you’ll need a map that indicates “You Are Here” or you’ll need to start all over again at Square One.

Of course, the alternative to taking action is to stay stopped.

I’m taking for granted that if you continued to read after the previous remark, you’re probably more interested in taking action than in remaining plugged up and motionless.

Okay, so which POD site IS best for you???

Well, the POD site needs to be identified by type, as you would a shop of any kind, but before we analyze the four shops I have in mind, let’s see if we can identify the other part of that equation, the “me” part that is you.

Are you an artist? If so, you’ll want a POD site that favors the artist more than the designer, perhaps, unless you are also a designer and presumably know the difference. If you don’t have a clue what the difference might be between an artist and a designer, let me somewhat enlighten you, in a limited way on a specific subject.

A fine artist is dedicated to exploration of the art and medium or mediums — not media — with which he or she works.

A designer takes already existing artforms and matches them to a pop market. An industrial designer can go further into engineering aspects of a product such as a mixer or a toaster or a car, and an architect must know the engineering and load basics of a house before designing one.



As a POD artist OR designer, you need none of that stuff, no engineering, no qualifications whatsoever, other than a serious desire to be a good and successful designer.

You also need no marketing skills. All four POD sites have powerful marketing tools and you can use them at the touch of a button, if you’re already on facebook and use the “normal” methods of communication on the internet and in the social network.

In short, if you can use a cell phone, you can do this.

You really don’t need art skills either, to be a successful online product marketer. You can take photos right up to the websites and create the product by cellphone manipulation, and that includes text and all sorts of related creative aspects of a product.



All that stuff is available at the touch of a button, and if you don’t know how to use those tools or don’t have those skills, each of the POD sites has “instructionals” up on youtube and on their sites, to help the newbie such as you to get started.

As a matter of fact, getting started is a minor deal, no big thing. They’ve designed their websites to accommodate the masses, which means an average IQ of four.

Can this be transcended? Yes, of course. They’ve left avenues and provided for those who are very skilled and very very skilled.

If you are a professional artist, you’ll appreciate the aspects of wall art, sculptural art and other art applications that you’ll find, many of which will yield objects of daily use and functional art that has more usage than mere visual beauty.

For instance, I’ve been pasting my landscapes and angel paintings onto such things as a recharging hub for thumb drives, a fantastic new speaker system for MP3 players, and an assortment of light and dark Belgian chocolates that say “Get Well” or a variety of dozens of other messages in a variety of languages.



If you’re a fundraiser, you’ll appreciate the promotional nature of the items you’ll find on cafepress.

If you want something on the side of interesting household items such as table lamps and MP3 speakers and jewelry and candles, Zazzle would be your obvious destination, although what you’ll find Zazzle superior at is anything related to an event, such as a life celebration, wedding, funeral, wake, birthday celebration, confirmation, baby shower, anything that involves people at a party, and that would include Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

What you want here is to see the NATURE of the POD site.

  • Zazzle is a Wedding Planner’s Paradise.
  • Cafepress is great for fundraisers and small item sellers, and has some great features that you will want to take advantage of once you get settled into the trade, if you ever do decide to get off the old ass.
  • Redbubble is artist-based, and excels at flat wall art.
  • PAOM is strictly fashions, garment district stuff.

If you’re a professional designer, you’ll be able to produce your very own name-brand line of hi-top and lo-top running shoes, slipons and flip-flops, enough to fill a small shoe store or a fair booth with at least 100 examples of your super-cool footwear, and nobody else has these!

“Exclusive” is the word you want.

Imagine being able to present just about any business plan you have in mind that involves a product. Anything is possible, because the item doesn’t have to be the actual thing, just a picture of the thing. Here’s an example of an ancient Jewish coin that will never leave my collection, but YOU can have it on a giant Soup Mug just by clicking on the image below:


If you’re a fashion designer, you’ll appreciate the instant ability to produce a line of dresses, bathing suits, hats, coats, jackets, pants, leggings, bras, undies, suits, ties, bracelets, eyeglasses, rings, fine watches, backpacks, ping pong tables, golf balls, gloves, ball markers, visors, club covers, chocolate brownies, wallets, tote bags, pens, pencils, poker decks, casino chips, jelly-bellies and colorful gum, shortbread cookies, beautiful candles, bathrobes, lockets, pendants, charms, wine and beer labels, and so much more!

If you’ve always wanted to open a bakery, but could never afford the $70,000 hit for the grease trap and the other $100,000 for building inspections and the usual bribes, you’ll be delighted to learn that you can open a bakery without an oven.

You don’t need a food-handler’s license, nor do you need a storage system for fresh foods, and you don’t need to bake all day and sell all day.

You don’t need to do anything except upload your artwork and the POD site ships to your client, and sends you your share of the money.

You do no inventory, storage, packing, shipping, invoicing and bill collection, nor any of the customer interactions unless you want to, and you should want to stay in touch with them, so you’ll be aware of the customer support, if you’re a smart marketer or just a plain good person.



You want your customer to be happy, within certain definite reasonable limits, meaning that you can’t and shouldn’t tolerate abuse from a customer, but at the same time be aware that their complaints on the internet can haunt you forever.

Every POD website has its critics, and if you read the criticisms carefully, most of them revolve around shipping issues, breakage, failure to arrive, etc. and the remainder of the complaints are genuine issues, but wait…

Those issues are always about skills, whether they’re design skills or uploading skills or just knowing the difference between a .jpg and a .png — and there are other areas of expertise and skills that you will need if you’re to really be successful.

Other complaints center around the fact that if you log onto a POD site and construct something for the first time and what you get is not at all what you expected, you clearly have no concept of Swedish cookery.

If you knew your way around the kitchen at all, you’d know with every fibre of your being that “The First Pancake is a Lump”.



It will take a dozen or two dozen tries to get a decent thing out of any of the POD sites, because experimentation is necessary in order to acquire expertise.

If you just want a one-off just the one time, you need do nothing more than upload a photo, put some text on it, and add it to your own shopping cart.

If you did that and only that, you’d number among the millions and perhaps billions who have done exactly the same thing. One thing, one time.

Mastery never happens the first time you try anything, no matter what.

Mastery, if it comes at all, comes over time and with “smoothing” experience, meaning that as you go, you acquire knowledge, understanding, compassion, wisdom and delicacy, a sensitiveness to the otherness, meaning that you’re able to put yourself in another’s moccasins, shoes, boots or stack heels.

So the first real question is “Who are you?”. If you can correctly answer that question, the field is yours, and the other answers come easy.

Okay, let’s see how each POD site fits in with your intention as a Being.



Gosh, I guess we’d better ask ourselves the Prime Question before we go much further — “What are you trying to do?”.

That simply means, “Where do you think you are going?”.

In order to get anything going, we’re going to have to determine what it is we want our shop or line of goods to do.



Are you trying to earn a living from POD marketing? If so, there’s a lot of distance between you and the finish line. You can’t just start up a POD business and take a livelihood out of it. Any new business needs at least six years to mature to a paying business if it ever indeed does climb out of the initial hole in which it appears.

Yes, hole. Every business starts out in the red, and most, about 95%, fail within the first year.

If you ask the best CPA I know — David Franco — he’ll tell you that they were either lazy — not generally true about an exciting new business — or they didn’t do their due diligence, which is far more likely. You really have to know how much it costs you to sell something, not just the hard cost, the real costs, plus the cost of doing business, the cost of staying alive, staying alive, and the cost of retirement, which must be built into any plan now that the Federal Government has turned nasty.

If you sell food in a restaurant, the first thing you need to know and fully grok is that a restaurant is a retail food business. You’re selling food, and you’re attracting the customers into your shop by convincing them that you’re the best restaurant or the cheapest or the most popular in town.

So once again, it’s not how you feel, it’s how you look, and you look marvelous. Thank you, Billy Crystal, for that piece of incisive humor that nobody today remembers, even those who were there.



Nominally there is what most folks ever manage. Just barely there, with a Dial-Tone Consciousness that every so often goes into a warble-pitched string of meaningless invectives.

In short, there’s a world of difference between an amateur and a pro.

If you get that, you’ll be able to navigate the next few months in what has become Trump World, meaning that it affects more than just Trump Amerika, and the market reflects this profoundly.

You can see gold on a spiky rise after again hitting the 1300 mark, but that doesn’t affect your daily life, does it? The hell it doesn’t.

With a marketplace destroyed by fear and uncertainty, only the rich get richer. The common person has no idea what’s going on, and you get knee-jerk reactions of the masses reflected in the stock market, bond market and commodity markets, such as gold, silver, wheat, corn and gym socks.

I’m only half-joking about the gym socks. They are in fact treated as a commodity in the Chinese industrial chain, but as retail goods in the marketing exchanges — go figure.

If you’re following the gold market, and I’m sure you’re not, please realize that the curve must follow the curve, meaning that gold can spike only so fast before people start taking profits out, which drives the price immediately back down again, which is what’s happening now, a fight between bulls and bears.

Tell me another story.



You can’t make a living from the stock market, not by simply investing money in companies, but you can make a living from it if you sell gold pans.

What I mean is, the people selling the gold pans and the steaks were the people making the big bucks back in the gold rush days.

We’re especially aware of the gold mining in this area, because we own and work several claims, although only recreationally, not professionally.

Why don’t we exploit our gold mines?

I’m going to assume you actually want an answer to that, because you should. It’s actually more efficient and effective to market the RESULT of our gold mining than the mining itself.

What I mean is, a PHOTO of a beautiful nugget is worth thousands in the product design marketplace, while you can only sell the actual nugget once, and then you have to go find some more nuggets in the nice cold river, or deep in a hole in the ground.

If you feature working underground for the rest of your life, mining is for you. If not, then you might consider making wondrous goodies from your photos of both the gold and the mine or claim.



You’ll be amazed to learn that it’s easier to sell a photo of gold than the gold itself, and that the money adds up fast, if the price is right and the product is desirable.

It’s impossible to predict what will go viral, but what you really want is to produce one product that goes viral. Anything short of that will barely make its own way.

How to get something to go viral?

Well, it can’t be the thing itself. Millions of similar things are out there, so yours is just another of millions of similar things. What makes it unique?

Maybe in your case, nothing.

In which case, you need to take another run at this. You need to DO something to make your product stand out from all the others, because at this point, you can’t break out of the mold entirely — you’re dependent on their manufacturing system to get you the product with your image and name on it.

If you plan to make a LIVING at POD work, you’d better find that “Fantastic Viral Thing” fast, or go broke trying.

I don’t bother to find stuff amongst my own things in order to go viral. I know what everyone wants more than anything else in the whole world.

Their face and their name.



Give someone a piece of paper and a pencil, but no instructions. They will write their own name over and over and over until something else catches their attention or they’ve filled up the sheet and there’s no more room for another scrawl.

That may be funny to you, but it’s the basis of all psychological systems and is the singular reason that Trump is so scary as a President — his name, his face, his name, his face.

Like I’ve always said, funny makes viral.

So, let’s get back to our original premise, which is: “Which of the POD sites is right for me?” meaning which of those POD sites is best for you, of course. Try to follow this, okay?

A wall artist, meaning a painter, drawer or sketcher of flat wall art will probably find Redbubble the most congenial POD site from which to work, although there are other very good alternatives.

I’ll explain why: on Redbubble you’ll find a number of wall art choices that are automatically available to your client when you upload a single graphic of the right size and shape.

Right size and shape for that particular site is 7632 pixels by 6480 pixels, and don’t you forget it!

That pixel size and shape will get you by in a number of other POD sites, so it’s maybe handy to know, while on Zazzle, 1300 pixels by 1100 pixels will be more than enough for most of what they offer, with some few minor exceptions.

There are always exceptions and, as a marketing artist, you should brace yourself for them when they come along, and they will — those exceptions are the “bugs” of the art world, and they’re as plentiful and as hard to find and get rid of as the most annoying bug in any technological hardware or software, and that goes double for lawnmowers and toasters.

The kind of things I’d tend to upload onto Redbubble would be paintings, drawings, ink wash, pastels, charcoals, graphite, poster paint, watercolors, oil paintings, thangkas and even maps and medieval illustrations, woodblocks and wood engravings.



If you have no skills or expertise in this area, you can buy such items and photograph them yourself, or have them taken out and shot, in a nice way, I mean, on a pixel-rich camera or cellphone, and uploaded and placed onto a variety of wall art systems, anything from a miniature framed locket all the way to a giant wall-sized blowup hanging fabric that dwarfs your sectional couch.

How to attract customers to your shop?

  • Directly by paying out a lot of money for advertising that doesn’t work.
  • Somewhat Directly, by showing your products  on eBay or Etsy or similar.
  • Indirectly by having your items show up on personalities in the public eye.
  • Very indirectly, by writing an interesting blog and placing ads therein.
  • Very very indirectly, by smashing some sort of meme across their eyeballs.
  • Very very very indirectly, by sending out 1 million Insta-Grams.
  • Really not quite even there, by posting something on facebook.
  • Totally absent, by engaging in intellectual debate on the merits of this stuff.

If “none of the above” is your answer, you might just have to keep on keeping on until you can rise above the low murmur of your television set.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to rise above it, but you’re going to have to do at least SOME of the rowing, too.

You have no idea how much energy it takes to get from one star to another, but you’re about to find out.

Okay, so what if you’re a dress designer, hat designer or purse designer, what can you do?

First of all, get the picture right; you can’t just imagine up a garment or accessory and have it made from scratch.



You’re working with already existing items that have a definite form and shape, called a “silhouette”, and that’s what you can print on.

Some makers allow you to totally cover the item, most don’t.

If you want to really make clothing, there’s only one good place for you — PAOM — Paint All Over Me.

It will allow you to do one of two things — either paint your fabric design onto one of their garment numbers, or have them print the fabric and ship you the cloth goods so you can make the garment yourself from whatever Simplicity pattern you want.

It’s that simple, but keep in mind that your garments don’t have to be totally unique to be totally unique, meaning you don’t have to have a different silhouette or cut, just a different look.



There are only so many ways to cut cloth.

Anyone who tells you any different is a liar. Same is true of music, only eight notes. You’re bound to step on somebody’s toes when there are billions of musicians and artists making music with the same notes and painting with the same pigments.

It in fact is the same with everything on every level. It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you DO with what you’ve got.

Much of that “doing” is governed by the Laws of Karma, meaning that compassion and concern for the receiver is foremost in your mind at the moment of creation.

If you’re working for the common good, you’ll do better than if you’re working just for your own benefit, although you’ll never convince a Trump of that.

In my day, back in the 37th century, which is the world outside the Tank, which is what we World History students call this history SiM device in which we’re playing and learning, a
“Trump” is anyone who has a huge ego and has heavy trust issues.

You needn’t worry about all that stuff for very much longer, according to my history textbooks from the 37th century. I know what’s going to happen, and you’ll be okay.

Just try to stay afloat, like soap, shit and Manhattan Island.



I note that nobody is ready to take me up on my offer to put my Donner Family memorabilia to use as a museum and gift shop, eh??? Well, it’s a bet I’d make any day of the week, but you’d have to be free to do something really involved and with a lot of commitment to it. Running a museum, gift shop, restaurant and beauty salon is not an easy task.

One way to stay afloat is to TRANSCEND, and one way to Transcend is to get above it all, and the easiest and cheapest and most effective and most efficient way to do that from where you sit right now, which is basically broke and helpless, borderline poverty level, is to use the POD technology to bail your ass out of the sling.

Why POD technology?

Because it’s free and it’s fun– there’s no inventory, no packing, no shipping, no invoicing, no hassles, just creative energy day after day.

Now what if you’re an artist, but not a wall artist?

Sculpture is easy to accommodate and can make exciting products, but keep in mind that these days, nobody has the room to put in lots of schmaltzy stuff, so minimal artwork and maximum usefulness is indicated here.

Functional Art is a creative challenge.



You need to understand that nobody you know and can contact is able to buy wall art other than the occasional poster, and that in your world of daily contacts, there are no art buyers and no art collectors and no art patrons.

If you’re working with a gallery these days, you’ll know just what I mean — from the occasional hit, you can’t make a living.

I knew plenty of actors and actresses who were between jobs way more than they had jobs, and that goes for carpenters, roofers and plumbers, too.

There’s always less work than you’d like, if you’re in any of the creative professions, including teaching and performance art.

So what can you do to remedy the situation? How to come up with a hit? What can you do that will surely go viral?

Actually, nothing.



What I mean is, there’s nothing you can do to PREDICTABLY produce a viral anything, whether it’s a product, a video or the latest film craze or monkey trap, meaning something bright and shiny.

However, as hopeless as it seems now, and as helpless as you appear to be at the moment, wriggling with pain with every outrage from Washington and Great Nature, there is a way to rise above it all, to make it over the top.

Make a million bucks.

I know, you don’t want to. You’re not greedy, not even slightly interested in money, and this is a good thing, totally understandable from the viewpoint of ordinary life, but I’m not talking about money — I’m talking about taking personal power over your own life and work.

This is only good advice if you’re an experienced Bardo Safari Gamer and understand that money is nothing, just a marker and trade item worth nothing outside the realm of the game world.

Surprisingly, it’s much easier to raise a million dollars than to raise a dollar.



When you’re talking a million bucks, you’re talking to people who are used to money, used to spreading it around to make it work for them, used to seeing it come and go, like the ebb and flow of a tide, and temporary poverty doesn’t faze them one bit.

If you can make yourself rise above the ordinary considerations of organic life, you’d see how easy and obvious it is to use the POD technology to rise above the turmoil.

First of all, you need to make a name for yourself as an artist or designer, then you need to know some television personalities or fashionista celebrities to wear or show or carry your stuff, right?


That’s a stupid and expensive way to go about making a million bucks, and there’s tax trouble just around the corner, if you don’t put the tax money aside NOW, so you don’t have to dip into savings to pay it when it comes due.

Little things like that make good business sense, but you might not have those skills in your hip pocket. No problem, if you’re planning on attending the Labor Day Con this year, because that’s what we’ll be working with all weekend long, is how to get above it all, and how to help your family and friends survive the Age of Trump.

Keep banging those rocks together, gang.



The real secret of making a million dollars from POD technology is to use the WORLD’S GREATEST SECRET.

What is the World’s Greatest Secret?

Why, the image and text I can and will absolutely guarantee to be the most viral product you could ever produce, will be the face and name of your client.

If not their face and name, their dog’s or cat’s or horse’s face and name.

If you can deliver that, you can’t go wrong.

Give me my face and my name on a cool product, and you will soon find yourself clutching a pile of money.

Now, the whole aim of getting that money is to rise above the organic, not start a feeding frenzy on it, but if you’re not an experienced long-term Bardo Safari player with a LOT of training and highly supported reinforcement OVER THE YEARS, not a couple of minutes or hours of reinforcement, you might get caught up in the money trap.

If you can rise above the money trap, it’s only because your HABITS carried you through, and those habits are DEVELOPED over the years, they don’t just happen automatically in a few seconds of game-play.

So it’s about finding the Ultimate Image — that’d be your client’s face — and the Ultimate Text Message, and that would of course be your client’s full name with middle initial.

It’s all about ego, but you can turn that into a soul journey, even for the greedy sons of bitches who are only interested in themselves and what they can get for themselves, just by capturing their image and placing it onto an embued item that confers spiritual growth upon them, but only temporarily, to their great relief.

Still, that’s just enough to make it worthwhile from your perspective, and it DOES get you over the top and through the battlefield of the next few years, and battlefield it will be, unfortunately, until humans learn to get along with each other without outside enforcement of behavior, which will mean higher levels of behavior, which is presently being destroyed by Very Presidentialness.

So What? Who Cares?



You’re an immortal being. You have a very limited time here on Earth, and only so much time to accomplish your work to prepare yourself for The Next Level, your destination after you’ve worked your way through the learning curve of Planet Earth, which is somewhere between the Hell and Brute Worlds and the World of Hungry Ghosts, which you wouldn’t like very much, unless you have a hell of an appetite.

The Hell of Disappointed Republicans is getting more and more popular as it fills up.

Am I a Democrat? No. Am I a RepubliKlan? No. Am I anything resembling human politics? What are you, crazy? Haven’t you been listening all these millenia?

This world is nothing, yet you strive to work with it and within it to achieve a learning goal, that of kindness, consideration, delicacy, compassion, selfless actions and right action.

In a nutshell, it’s a nutshell, and you’re expected to learn as you traverse it, not merely overwhelm and crush the opposition. That’s never a good solution to anything.

You need to find a middle ground, a meeting place where ALL ideas can be exchanged, and all aspects considered.

Hate is a product of fear. Without fear, there is no hate.

If hate is manifested, fear is always behind it. Treat the fear, not the hate. Still, keep in mind that nothing you can do will bring about peace on Earth, but you can bring about a small change in a small number of people by taking special action now, before the rising tide sweeps you away into the ocean of hysteria and pain.

Transcend. Do it now, while there is still a LITTLE time left.



If you’ve been following the newscasts lately, you’ll know by now that Trump’s plan includes you being dead, either by the National Guard, Great Nature or sheer medical and organizational incompetence and indifference.


Up until now, in America, you could be poor and nothing too bad would happen to you other than being largely ignored to death.

Now, you’ll be rounded up, or left to die in a hurricane by a federal government that is deep in the mire of partisan politics and clannish tribalism, and I DO mean clannish.

If Trump has his way, millions of poor people will die, and they will almost all of them be Democrats, which means certain victory in 2020, which is his only goal at present. All other goals serve that one goal.

Luckily, he hasn’t the attention span to remember his goal the very next minute, so we’re okay as long as we don’t fall into the category of “street sweepings” which is what the poor are to the Senators in Congress.



Just get out the bulldozers and sweep the bodies of those unwanted f******g Democrats into the nearest ditch.

You think that’s too far-fetched? I’ll bet you thought Trump was a joke, until he insulted his fellow crazy man, Kim Jung Un.

Or was it when he crossed yet another red line?

It never ends, and for you, it will end it death on the street or in a bread-line, unless you wise up and WAKE UP and get busy doing something serious to save your fat ass from certain destruction.

If that’s not enough threat to get you off your potato-couch, maybe actually SEEING SOME OF YOUR NEIGHBORS being rounded up will set you free???

I doubt it.



It would take a nuclear weapon going off fifty feet above your house to shake you out of a dead sleep and get you into motion.

Well, you can’t say you weren’t warned. You can’t say you weren’t given the chance. You can’t blame anyone but yourself if you fail to take action now, when it’s almost too late.

Actually, it’s already too late, but there are some actions still possible even at this late date, some of which you might be able to take, some not.

Make no mistake, you’re going to need food and water supply aplenty, to last you through truck strikes, road interruptions, weather conditions further into the global warming than even Hurricanes and Earthquakes, and biological attacks that make you shiver, shake and melt into the ground!

No problem, if you’re prepared for the worst, but if you’ve got your head buried in the sand, by the time you look around and smell the roses burning, the toast will have already climbed to the top floor.

In short, you’ll be dead or wishing you were.



Don’t get caught in the meat-grinder! Take positive action now, while you still can, while there’s still something you can do! If you hesitate too long, there will be a time when you won’t be able to act, and you’ll go marching to the gas chamber, nice & quiet-like, not making any trouble for the guards, they’ve got trouble enough.

If you’re looking forward to the firing squad or a team of doctors experimenting on you to find out how long you can live while being tortured, you’re in luck, that’s what’s headed your way right now!

Trump is determined to make your life the living hell that his life is for him. Don’t let him win that game!

You can find out all the details of the POD Transcendent Technology this very weekend, starting at 6:30 am Pacific Time.

You’ll get very basic and very practical and pragmatic techniques to master the POD technology, along with the best marketing tech we can possibly deliver in a workshop mode, which is plenty to start with.



There’s lots of room for improvement, but getting started is the most important step. Fix it in the mix.

I hope we’ll see you at this upcoming Labor Day Con & Workshop. We’ll be focusing on comedy as a remedy for pain, but we will also delve deeply into survival techniques in this dangerous time, made even more dangerous by a senile lunatic in the White House.

You can make it. I encourage you to try. Don’t just roll over and die. Why be a Senator? Have some courage to do the Right Thing, take the Right Action!

Get out of debt forever!!!

I don’t know how that can be achieved, but it’s a goal that will keep you occupied.

See You At The Top!!!