Escape Planet Trump Today

You can escape from Planet Trump right now, today, if you really feel the pressure, and if you have  an ounce of intelligence, you will be feeling the pressure right about now, from the anti-intellectual crowd.

They mean you no good. There’s no help or hope from Congress — they’re too hungry for votes and too concerned about their own welfare to do anything to stop the Holy Terror from lashing out anymore.

The punishment continues unabated, with no hope of an end to the misery and suffering to the Constitution and the American values we thought were guaranteed, but they’re clearly not.

The balance of power isn’t working, either. Turns out that the President can do anything he wants to do and nobody can stop him. He is above the law and the rule of law, and has proven so many, many times, and his Republic-clan Senators and Representatives have no backbone and no sense of patriotism, ethics or just plan good sense.

The Alice-in-Wonderland atmosphere is so pervasive that the streets are filled with fear and frenzy.

Everyone I talk to says they don’t know what to do, and wish they could leave, even though they don’t really want to leave America, but it’s becoming impossible to live here if you aren’t white and a certain brand of Christian.

People who don’t want to fight are left with running away as their only option.

When you back someone into a corner and take away all his or her options, and their lives are pretty much over anyway, you can’t expect anything but what you get — a catfight for their very lives, fought with every ounce of willpower they can muster.

So what? Big deal.


So they take out their foe. Who the hell cares? The fact is, when those supremacist folks are through with you, you’ll be dead and won’t give a flying fish what happens here on Earth, and that’s what they’re counting on.

The whole plan revolves around making sure that YOU don’t vote. Not now, not ever. Unless you happen to be the right brand of white Christian, and no matter what brand you are, you’re still destined for the ditch at the side of the road, the one with the piles of bodies for miles and miles in every direction.


Because they can. Because they can. Because they can.

When the friggin’ hell will you ever learn? There’s no reason for the meanness and sheer violence for the sake of violence. There’s no reason. There doesn’t have to be a reason.

A bully is a bully is a bully.

The only lesson a bully learns is to get stopped, totally, completely bone-crushingly stopped, by a victim.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t let the next victim off the hook. The bully never really learns the lesson — they only learn respect through fear, which is what you see in Trump’s posture when he’s sitting in the awesome presence of Vladimir Putin.

Sad, and I don’t need to restrict myself to 140 characters to express that, as some feeble-minded Presidents seem to have to do.

Keep in mind that Trump is only as intelligent as he sounds.

God, that’s a horrible thought. Sometimes I wish that insight were a gift I could bring back to the “Returns” counter.

So how does all this affect you?

You might have noticed around you, especially if you’re living in silicon valley or any area around a university or scientific lab that many folks in those fields are now already leaving the United States for safer ground.

They are, rightfully, afraid of the Trumpies, the mobs of ignorant, violent and racist people who voted for Trump and are glad of it, and they’re leaving as fast as they possibly can scrape together enough money to do it.

If you don’t have a passport, you need to allow time for it to process, about six to eight months or more, unless things have changed since last week.

You’ll need some sort of income when you land in a Strange Land as a Stranger.

I propose that you set up a system of income right now, today, that will allow you to amass the additional cash you need to establish a “bug-out” fund for yourself and your family.

You also need to take into account that you might land as an Amerikan Refugee in a country that does not feature or support English, in which case, you might not get in.

Sort of sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

And keep in mind that Amerikan Refugees will be, thanks to Trump, totally despised and feared as “rogue nation” agitators and such, and there will indeed be some folks planted in among us to make that a reality.

I said “us” as if I intended to become one of those Amerikan Refugees. I do not. My job is here, my station is here, my responsibility to Vortex is very present, and I have no real interest in survival per-se, in a dictatorship or worse.

Yes, worse.

Like I said, if you can afford it, you should get out, at least take a couple years’ vacation from Trump Amerika and come back when it’s safe.

It may well never be safe again to walk the streets of Amerikan cities without the fear of attack looming over one at every corner along every fearful street.

Fear your President. Fear your Congress. Fear your Neighbor. That’s where Trump and his fascist friends leave us. Fear, fear, fear.

Trump is afraid, real afraid. He always has been, but now it’s magnified by the office and by his awful situation, waiting for the dreaded moment when he knows he has no other choice but to exercise his Power of Pardon, and he gives in to the urge — what else is new? — and pardons everyone on the East Coast for Everything They Ever Did Wrong.

It’s a matter of fact, by the way, that if you accept a pardon, you also accept the guilt. This means that you can no longer claim the Fifth Amendment in your testimony, because you can’t possibly incriminate yourself.

Of course, if the battles are fought at the state level, it’s a different story — the Presidential Pardons do no good for state crimes.

It’s such a mess, but we’re the victims, and ultimately the future generations of Amerikans are the victims, because we can never again have a day without fear on our streets, not now, not ever again.

There will always be the fear.

Many of the people I know and see every day are afraid to walk out of their houses — can you guess why?

Curly hair. Darkish skin. Funny Spanish accent. Big Jewish nose. Red skin. Yellow skin. Brown skin. Black skin. Eyeglasses. Jewish Star on chain. Turban. Niqaab. Red Turkish Style Fez. Pocket Watch.

Pocket watch? Why a pocket watch?

Dumb question. Why a Niqaab?

You can argue the point ’til they come to take you away or just drop you in your tracks right then and there.

You can’t win.

The best course of action is to grab everything and run, which people failed to do in Texas and they paid the price, as will you, if you can’t make it out in one piece.

Making it out in one piece is going to take some money and some preparation and by the time you actually see it coming down the pike, it’s far too late, as it was for the people who stayed behind just because the flood had abated for a short while.

Preparation for evacuation is not evacuating. I don’t recommend that you grab everything and run for the hills, but you should certainly expect that the time MAY come when that is your only option.

You can’t argue with a mob.

Mindless swarms of fear-crazed angry ignorant people looking for a scapegoat, looking for victims until their blood-lust is satisfied, if ever.

You can’t argue with a mob. You can’t argue with a mob. You can’t argue with a mob.

There. I’ve put the phrase “You can’t argue with a mob” down three times in a row, to indicate a learning-curve over a series of several lifetimes.

Perhaps you also learned that same lesson your own self, at the hands of a mob or many mobs.

If you have an ounce of intelligence, you’re doomed. This IS the zombie apocalypse you’ve been expecting, only the zombies are Trump supporters this time.

Next time maybe they’ll be something else, but I doubt it. This is the way it always comes out, and Trumpies go zombie and start pillaging when the trucks stop rolling and the supermarket shelves are as empty as they were an hour before Hurricane Harvey hit the coast.

If you’re a typical citizen, you’ll read this with some amusement, think about it perhaps for a split-second or two, then dismiss it as ridiculous, and under normal conditions, you’d be right, and under those self-same “normal conditions”, I would never mention leaving a place that I myself have no intention of leaving.

I’m going down with the ship, as it were, but I hope you live to carry the Work forward into the horrible future of global war, pestilence and human greed.

Hey, there is a way out. Do you want it?

If so, tune in tomorrow at 6:30 am Pacific Time for our Labor Day Con & Workshop, and don’t forget that Labor Day is Union Day, meaning labor unions.

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