Working With Distraction



One of the things Donald Trump would definitely never become aware of is the general effect of his hysteria and rumpus-room tantrums. With his ugly pig-face in the media ALL the time, 24/7/365, there is no getting away from him and his evil minions.

When government is working normally and well, citizens aren’t running in the streets in protest every few days, calling for impeachment or worse.

Government is NOT working well, therefore we have a situation where it’s virtually impossible to concentrate on your work every minute of every work hour of every work day.

You HAVE to be able to concentrate. Trump doesn’t.

I don’t mean that he doesn’t need to concentrate. He CAN’T concentrate and doesn’t want or expect anyone else to, either. His brain is shot to Hell, and sooner or later, someone competent to say so will say so.

Trump is blissfully unaware of his transparency on his father’s pet issue, white supremacy.

He’s taken so many steps against Muslims, Hispanics, Asians, Jews and other minorities over the past few months of his disturbing term of office that his intentions are all-too-clear, but he thinks he’s fooling people with his “I love the Dreamers”.

He loves them, all right. They do his dishes, his laundry, his driving and his gardening every day of every week, and he’s ready to dump them into the trash along with the member of his Cabinet that he’s already thrown under the bus.

His advice to the Dreamers was to go back where they came from, but they came from here, so where does that leave them?

More importantly, where does that leave us all?

He ordered the Native Americans to also go back to where they came from. They are all undocumented and they don’t even live in the United States. They live on reservations, and some of them have attacked Donald’s oil lines and that makes him so mad.

How cool is that???

Trump is unaware of many things. He has no concern for the future, because he can’t grasp it — he’s very very limited in his intellectual capacities, and is far more advanced in senile psychosis than anyone — except his kids — could possibly know.

It’s being hidden, kept secret, but it IS known by a few Washington insiders, and I only wish I were joking. It’s no joke, and someday his finger will slip on the nuclear trigger, and you’ll wish, belatedly, that you had done or tried to do SOMETHING.

Thing is, Trump is not the enemy. He’s being USED by the enemy. So who is are are the enemy or enemies?

NOBODY is MY enemy.

I can’t afford enemies, don’t collect ’em, don’t have a single one, at least from my perspective.

I do hope you can see your way clear to declaring the same.

Of course, having no enemies means overlooking the fact that sooner or later one of those “non-enemies” is going to prod you with a bayonet and make you walk unwillingly through the open door of a gas chamber or casually walk up to you and without warning, do something absolutely despicable.

I wish I were kidding.

I consider a fart to be a deadly weapon in the right hands, and gas chambers are actually now being built by Trump’s secret troopers, the ones he has in place once Congress grants him the right to change the military from a Constitutional militia into a paid private army of soldiers who will shoot anyone for a price.

Of course, nobody’s calling them “gas chamber”. They’re currently referred to as “material storage units” with one entrance, one exit, one way only, with gas ports on either side, listed as “ventilation ports”.

Again, I wish I were joking, but unfortunately, I’m not. Steven Bannon is involved in the project, which will soon be uncovered by investigative reporters, but then the story will be quashed.

I know, it sounds so Conspiracy Theory, doesn’t it?

But the facts are very plain and since Charlesville and the Dreamers, Trump’s cards are on the table. He is in fact a white supremacist, but he’s not nearly so rabid a racist as Jeff Sessions, who is on-record against any and all civil rights.

It’s ridiculous, of course. We have “unusual weather”, but no global warming. We have dangerous exchanges with NoKo by twitter without the knowledge or approval of the Chief of Staff and the Pentagon.

We have riots, disturbances, global upheavals, hurricane after hurricane and more disasters on the way every single day of this year, well into next year.

So with a mentally disturbed white racist President in power and the weakest and most cowardly Congress ever elected to public office, what can you do to keep yourself focused and able to do your work every day?

Actually, it’s impossible.

You can’t ignore Trump. You can’t AFFORD to ignore Trump, because he’s got hold of your proverbial short-hairs, meaning he’s holding you and the rest of the world hostage.

He’s going to throw away the lives of 7.5 BILLION human beings, and he doesn’t really care, as long as civilization exists long enough to put him on the cover of TIME magazine just once more.

Actually, Trump won’t be satisfied until ALL the works of Obama have been obliterated. This is what all dictators from the dawn of time to the present day have done.

History begins with Kim Jong Un.

His plan is to destroy the entire world and repopulate it with his puppets, and you know what? I think he has a good chance. Would you like to know why?

Because he has a purpose, a single-pointed purpose.

Everyone opposed to him has conflicting purposes not only with each other, but conflict within themselves, thus complicating the effort, like tying your own shoelaces together and then being as a result, unable to escape or to walk without hobbling.

So there you are, shaking and quivering and sweating and looking up into the sky, wondering when the bombs will go off overhead.

Believe me, if it happens close enough to see, you won’t be around for more than a millisecond before the blast rips you into shreds and then radiates anything that might have survived the initial explosion.

Or you might die at the hands of a wild, enraged and senseless mob of zombies who, until they were driven into a panic by Donald Trump, were your friends and neighbors.

Trump has a way of enraging and dividing. Like I said months ago, there’s someone living inside him, and that “someone” is Hell-Bent on destruction, carnage and mayhem, and it looks as if his hungry “base” will be coming after all of us, sooner or later.

They want to shut us up forever, take away our “rights” forever and destroy everything that is America, and as a gentle person, you’re probably going to let them ride right over you.

There is an alternative, but it depends on the “open carry” laws changing, and when the police are no longer willing to protect you — because you’re not the right kind of white Christian — and the military won’t bother to protect you or they’ll be shooting civilians down like flies, you’ll just have to do the “right thing”, which is to turn the other cheek, not something Christians are likely to do anytime soon.

You could have voted to change things, but that’s too much trouble.

Even if you do have the strength and courage to vote, you won’t get anywhere near the voting booth in the next election. The people in charge are going to prevent you from registering to vote, because you’ll be afraid to register.

It will mean the compromise of all your personal information, and you know it, so you don’t vote in the next election, and Trump stays in power for the next term, and the next, and the next — because he is known in the future as “The Last President”.

It could have easily been stopped by a simple vote, but there’s no stomach in Amerika for anything but cowardice and threats and treachery and violence and stupidity, and frankly, apathetic and greedy Amerikans deserve what they’re getting, and boy, are they going to get plenty, before Trump and his white supremacy friends are through with us!!!

Like I always say, “So what? Who cares?”

In order to get your work done every day, you’ll have to do SOMETHING to shut Trump out. He’s always screaming in your ear, in your brain, in your backyard and in your media dump, and there’s no way to shut him up or turn off the sound or turn down the volume.

Not in the ordinary way, there isn’t.

But there is a way to shut him up and make him be quiet, at least for you and your brain.

I have here in my hand — well, actually, on a nearby workshop table — something that will do the trick.

It’s called a “Shield”.

In this case, the shield is wired for white supremacists, racists and any and all traitors, and at least one of those categories will shield you from Trump and his associates both Amerikan and Russian, because the Russians are definitely profoundly involved in what will someday be called “The Trump Conspiracy”, but is currently referred to as “The Madness of Emperor Trump”.

I of course am joking about all of this. I’m just writing out some ideas for comedy along the lines of the current political scene, in preparation for a morning show, as you are already quite aware, even if you don’t actually show up at 6:30 am, as I have done faithfully every morning for the past several years, with the singular exception of medical events.

Okay, so what is a Shield, and how does it work?

A Shield is anything that protects you from something. It can work by reflection or deflection, by glancing and turning and bashing and forming a bubble of might.

I am making Shields that can COMPARTMENTALIZE Trump and Associates, and leave you able to concentrate on your daily work without constantly worrying, without Trump Anxiety hitting you all day long and throughout the night.

Trump Anxiety is a disease that doesn’t yet “have a name” but is being noticed now by psychologists throughout Trump Amerika.

It is impossible to live today without Trump Anxiety, and almost impossible to concentrate on anything so long as Trump & friends continue to play with us and yank us around.

They’d just LOVE to pass some legislation outlawing this kind of commentary!!! And rest assured that, with the passive participation of the large part of humanity, they will, and I’ll be stopped, my voice will be silenced.

However, I’ll merely go out of the SIM and return in another body.

That’s one of the best things about remembering who you are and what you are and where you are and what’s actually happening is that you SEE THE SIM and know how it operates, and as a result, you’re not scared of anything that can happen in the SIM.

You can’t afford to lose your Work, so hang in there, even though it seems horrible and impossible and you just want to walk away from the whole thing, and I couldn’t blame you, but do hang in.

They die and once dead recycle to their birth point. You have the possibility of moving on, of going up-scale, of getting to your next assignment. You can learn to be in the world but not of it. For you, it’s no problem. You can see the SIM and beyond the SIM.

They belong here. Pity them. Is it any wonder they don’t want someone to tear down their precious statues? They have no other form of immortality.

Wanna live forever?

That’s the kind of thing you’d expect from the Devil, after hearing a thin, eerie “Psssst” from the darkest shadows of the darkest alley in town.

Would you really like to live forever, in that body, aging and getting sicker and sicker? Don’t be fooled into thinking you’d like it. You didn’t when you had that deal, and you wouldn’t like it now, with your improved conscience and ethics.

You were supposed to develop ethics.

I hope you also worked on sensitivity, delicacy, alertness, clarity, understanding, wisdom, courtesy, kindness and healing.

Those are subjects in our 37th century school, but hardly something that a Trump would be interested in, eh?

Not our problem. Stop the intrusions now. Have some peace of mind today. Get a nap without nightmares of white supremacists banging on your door and you have to reach all the way over to the nightstand to slap leather.

Did you know that the actual reason for the Dreamer decision was so that the Dreamer Bill could be tied to his tax-evasion bill for the very rich to get even richer, including him.

He said his tax bill would hurt him. Can you imagine such a thing? What a dickhead, eh?

So get hold of a TFZ Shield TODAY and be RID of the Trump vibes at your home, shop or workplace. You can find out more about TFZ Shields at the morning meeting in just a few minutes. Gotta run!

Hey! Get Smart!!!

Put up a WALL of your own!

See You At The Top!!!