BardoMania® Is HERE NOW!!!

BardoMania Game Board by ProsperityPath

Finally, at long last, BardoMania — the Ultimate Executive Lunch-Break Stressbuster — is ready for Prime-Time. It’s only just now being introduced into the Life of Humans of Planet Earth, but soon it will be the most all-consuming addictive game of the century!

The items in this section of the blog are from zazzle, but there are also items posted here that you’ll find on cafepress and redbubble, if you care to look — my name on all three sites is “prosperitypath”, so look for me there!

Totally addicting, BardoMania plays pretty much like Monopoly, in the sense that you go around a square board, while buying, selling and trading properties — stores that circle the entire block.

BardoMania Game Board by ProsperityPath

One major difference is that BardoMania plays a whole lot faster, which is intentional, because absolutely NOBODY has three days to devote to a game, 8-10 hours a day, and you are no exception.

So, it’s a LOT faster than Monopoly, and the rules are a LOT simpler, the banking is a cinch, and there’s no lag between moves as there is in traditional games.

BardoMania Game Board by ProsperityPath

You’ll use a pair of quite ordinary six-sided dice for your rolls to determine both moves and payments. If a property is owned, you owe whatever you roll, from 2 to 12.

If both or all three properties in a section are owned, you pay double what you roll, from 4 to 24.

If there’s a Midnight Madness Sale in the shop, you pay ten times what you roll, between 20 and 120, see?

BardoMania Game Board by ProsperityPath

No need to consult a chart. No need for a deed. When a player buys a property, he or she places a marker on the top area of the property, where in Monopoly you’d normally place a house or hotel.

When you land on “Tarot”, you take a card from the Tarot Deck and follow the instructions on the card, like it says on the game board.


You can trade properties, you can sell properties, but you can’t mortgage them. The banker strictly pays out royalties and collects fines and taxes.

The money is either paper or casino chip, your choice. All the parts of the game are listed a la carte, so you can build a fancy game or a plain and cheap game, as you prefer.

BardoMania Game Board by ProsperityPath


You can use your Monopoly pieces as Player Marker Tokens, or buy some of my strange little gaming chars from the bookstore at any of our gaming sessions or training sessions.

Properties are priced differently because they have varying strategic values, and landing patterns tend to persist. In short, the board runs from the slums to the condos, and you have the opportunity to invest in any area you like.

If a player owes money and cannot pay, has nothing to trade and no way out, he or she is out of the game and must become an onlooker.

Etiquette suggests that you wait to buy, sell or trade until a turn has been completed and the next turn has not yet begun.

BardoMania Game Board by ProsperityPath

Another rule of Etiquette says that if a player lands on another player’s property and the owner doesn’t notice, you have the ethical duty to speak up.


Place the board on a table, and the Tarot cards anywhere you like on the board except in the middle, which is the space reserved for your dice throws.

Each player selects an Avatar Marker Token and places it on the “Start” square. Players will always move clockwise around the board, starting to the left of the Start Square.


Each player is then given ten $100 BLACK chips, 10 $25 GREEN chips, 10 $5 RED chips and 10 $1 WHITE chips, for a total of $1310, if I calculate correctly, and if that isn’t enough, just add more equally between the players to make it work for your particular group and circumstances.

You may prefer to use paper money, and there’s no reason why you can’t just use your Monopoly money out of your old Monopoly game box, and if you don’t happen to have a Monopoly game around, fear not, you can probably buy some fake money at a local novelty, magic or toy store, and if not, look online or track down something I’ve put out for the purpose.


The bank never goes broke. It makes money if it has to. It sells Midnight Madness Sale Signs to store owners, and stores to investors who want to buy into the BardoMania Block.

The banker starts the throws, and moves according to the number on the two dice. If it’s a double, the player moves and then throws again. After three in a row doubles, the next player gets the dice. There is no jail in this game.


Each time a player’s marker passed “Start”, they collect $200 from the bank.

If you land on an unowned property, you may buy it. If the person who lands on a property doesn’t want it, the banker can auction it off to the other players, highest bid wins, anyone can bid, including the player who turned it down at the printed price.


Refuge is sanctuary. You remain there for one turn, doing nothing but silent meditation. In the normal game, the last player to go broke wins the game, but there are other ways of playing, some of which can yield a 20 minute lunch-break game that satisfies nicely.

You’ll find that playing this game alleviates ALL WORLD-PAIN. It is a very addictive game and can consume a player night and day. It is intended so.


This is a REMEDY against the threats coming your way from everywhere on the planet. Play BardoMania to FORGET all about the cares of the world, and at the same time REMEMBER what is important, the life of the spirit.

Learn the all-important Art of Letting Go, through the use of this highly addictive higher consciousness reincarnation between-lives state game, which has been approved by every Tibetan Mystic with whom I’m currently in email communication.


At the moment, that’s a total of none, but that can change at any moment, depending on whether I’m force to put on my high heels and stomp over to Congress to give them a lecture on manners.

A super-short TOURNAMENT STYLE game can be played — the game ends when one player goes bankrupt. Each player totals the value of what they own, and the highest number wins. You can also put a time limit on the game — when the “ding” does off, you calculate the winner by the most holdings.


So there are a LOT of items to look at on cafepress, redbubble and zazzle, so get on over there and check it out. The official four-fold game boards will be ordered today, based on YOUR orders for the game boards this morning at the Interdimensional Communications Workhop this Sunday morning, as is.

Well, that’s all the news from Mount Idy. I’ll post this and get back to work making more product related to BardoMania, now that the game is actually out there and running.


There are literally hundreds more items to look at, and I can’t load the page up any more than I’ve already done, without harm to some folks’ download times, so I’ll desist from adding any more images, although the temptation is truly great.

There are so many incredible new items that are now available, and more are being added every day, as evidenced by the images from cafe press, which has put in a LOT more items related to computers and homeware, so that’s fun to work with.

Here’s the link for cafepress and here’s one for redbubble both of which land you on the BardoMania pages, and I’ll throw in the link to zazzle’s bardomania page.

Okay, enough. Gotta go.

See You At The Top!!!