Dangerous Times

Maybe you should buy your own HIND 24 attack chopper???

NOW do you believe what I’ve been telling you for the past six months?

Some folks just don’t take the hint until it’s right in their eyeballs. Well, you’ve got your wish, a bunch of White Supremacists are threatening YOU, and they will get you if you let them do it to you!!!

If you can possibly leave the U.S. without harm to yourself, your family, your business, this is the time to get out while you still can. There’s a lot more misery in store for us soft liberal targets, unless we prepare right now to fight for our very lives, against people who hate us for just being what we are — immigrants and laborers.

There are a number of White Supremacists in the West Wing, and they’ve been driving Trump for all this time, and now, finally, thanks to the rioting in the streets, which I accurately predicted, the White Supremacists in the White House have all been revealed, including Donald J. Trump, the Supreme White Leader of Fascist Amerika.

Trump has, as I’ve been saying since I first heard of him around election time, has no agenda, no plan, no clue. He is mentally incompetent, and his handlers know it, but he is equally uncontrollable, as are most folks with paranoid schizophrenic issues, which is why he goes crazy tweeting and yelling and attacking and firing people.

He has to have the excitement, and his handlers know this and feed it very cleverly.

Once in the air, it’s easy to fly, but landing can be treacherous.

I offer flying lessons in the Ashram, and we can work out our battles in Team Fortress 2 and Diablo 2, and actually, working in our Bardo Safaris online in those games, you get a sense of how to avoid danger and not inflict pain or damage.

If you want to understand what’s coming, you can look at the Spanish Civil War, through the eyes of the singers on “Spain In My Heart”, with Pete Seeger’s introduction and song. You’ll find that these songs correctly depict what will be happening over the next few years, and it will scare the hell out of you, but also give you hope for future generations after all this has gone past and the principle actors on the current stage are long dead in the dust of history.

If you watched the footage from Savage Saturday and Bloody Sunday, you know that the White Supremacists are carrying weapons openly, and those weapons are now, thanks to the code message sent by Trump to his civilian troops, “Locked & Loaded”.

Flying lessons are available every day at the online Ashram, and it’s fun to fly!

Trump sends his messages to Putin and David Duke by simply telling them openly in public to go ahead and do their thing, and this has extended to other avenues of discord, about which I can’t say yet, due to my restrictions about interfering with local life-forms such as humans.

Dolphins don’t have this problem of racial issues. On the other hand, they also don’t have the internet to fire things up, but on the other hand, they do have almost instant worldwide communication through sonar ranging, as do most whales.

Some whales, notably blue and right whales, can send a coherent recordable message around the entire globe in less than six minutes, did you know that?

We could do the same, too, if we could hear in those low tones, but their wavelengths are really far down the scale from human hearing, at least the ones that go directly through the planet do.

The Plan is very simple. Play BardoMania until they take you down.

You’ll be learning important Being skills, and connecting with the Between-Lives State as you play, so the transition won’t be so radical when it does happen.



With all those armed White Supremacists, shouldn’t you at least have some home defense?

The answer to that question has always been “It’s Your Call”, unless you live right next door to the police station, or you have more than one pit bull, mastiff or doberman.

I myself prefer an Attack Chihuahua. Our highly trained Attack Chihuahua is trained to go for the ankle, and she never gives up, once she’s gotten your shoelace.

She unties the lace and the intruder goes down. Do you see the stunningly simple strategy in that plan?

My consideration about home defense goes right down to the most important question — can you bring yourself to use deadly force, and can you recognize due provocation?

Another consideration is, do you really WANT to survive, with the usual Survivor’s Guilt compared to those who didn’t survive the incident?



If you do want to survive and plan to survive a home or personal attack, and you’re able to disarm an attacker without harm to family or self, that’s another story, but that’s awfully risky, and things can go terribly wrong.

The best approach is to simply do the best you can to “harden” your home and yourself.

How you harden yourself is — WAIT!!! Do NOT arm yourself, unless you live in an open-carry state and you are correctly licensed to do that!!!

No need to arm yourself if you use basic avoidance skills, like what street kids learn when they hit the streets, to avoid trouble and panic, you watch disturbances and crowd ripples.

This might help you if there’s a car driving down the sidewalk in your direction, especially if it happens to be one of those Silent But Deadly hybrid cars, driven by a quiet fanatic with your face in his crosshairs.

Of course it’s best to not go out at all.

That’s what I’ve been recommending for several months now, and it’s vitally important if you’re not white and Christian.

If you are not one of THEM, you are in danger. We are ALL in danger, all minorities, whether Jewish and Polish and a New Yorker and a Pinko Liberal like myself, or some other inferior race that they decided to loot and pillage.

Loot first, then pillage, and only THEN, burn.



You learn fast under these conditions. You either live or die, survive or get rolled under to push up daisies.

It’s almost impossible to survive the Fascist Tide that’s coming in Amerika. I wish you had listened to my warnings a LOT earlier, but as I said then, you wouldn’t believe it could happen here until it’s too late to do anything to protect yourself from it.

That isn’t entirely true.

I happen to be an expert at target hardening, having learned many lessons from my experience at Management Safeguards, where you keep executives and their families from being kidnapped for ransom, and little else.

I specialized in reaction training, and that’s what I plan to do at our next workshop at Convention Time, Labor Day Weekend.

My plan is to demonstrate NON-VIOLENT methods of survival in times of civil disorder and threats from extremists such as the ones who are acting out now, having marches and riots to attract kids to their cause, which is a Christian version of any other extremist groups.

So what can you do to protect yourself, your family and your business from extremists and rioters?



Okay, from rioters and looters you can expect only bad things. There’s no sense defending a store against looters — they have better armaments than the police, and they tend to wear battle vests, as you see in the news videos, along with helmets and other gear that’s so similar to what the police are wearing that you can’t decide who they are or what they want, and that’s the idea.

They deliberately disguise themselves as police, and that means that anyone who comes to your door dressed as a cop might just as easily be a looter or worse — you can call the station to verify while they wait at the door.

If they won’t let you call, you’re probably just moments away from your last breath, so get ready to exit out the Crown Chakra and head home.

And that actually gives you the crux of my idea for self-defense in Times of Civil Disorder.

You certainly can’t fight them, and if you’re worth your weight in Dzi Beads, you won’t want to fight anybody. Your whole life plan involved being left alone to live your life in peace, and that’s not working out, is it?

First they take away your healthcare, then your social security benefits, then medicare, medicaid and then the right to vote unless you’re registered with the national list.

Then they start riots and torch your businesses and homes, cover every wall with that instantly recognizable symbol of racial hatred, and then then round you up and put you on a slave gang to restore the infrastructure so the tanks can roll.

So, what’s it gonna take to convince you?



Trump has REFUSED to name the hate groups, refused to name them even though he knows he will take tons of flak for it, but WHY???

Same reason as “Why doesn’t Trump attack Putin the way he has attacked everyone else including his own staff, his own intelligence community, his own party, his own senators and congresspeople, his own family and friends?”


There’s a very good reason he doesn’t attack them. They are his BASE and without them, he has ZERO support, and boy, does this poor NPD guy need approbation, praise, praise, praise, and he can’t get it from anyone else.

Meanwhile, the actual movers and shakers in the White House manipulate him through flattery and fear, to make decisions he isn’t even aware he’s making.

He has no idea that he’s parroting the words of the last person he heard talking at him, and they know that he doesn’t have a clue, so they pump him full of White Supremacist Shit, and wind him up and turn him loose.

Once he gets upset, he’s easy to manipulate but impossible to control.

Frankly, I didn’t want to even bring up this subject again, but the time has definitely come, Kato.

My personal plan is to harden the hell out of our homes and personal selves, but that’s entirely up to you and your ethics and considerations.

I’m highly skilled and highly trained at training, and that’s what I intend to do, to show you how to make it through this without having to hurt anything or anyone, and that’s the prime order of the day, to DO NO HARM.



Do No Harm is the main rule.

Unfortunately, if someone gets all the way into your home, you have to then decide whether to turn the other cheek, or lock and load.

By Official Order of the President, it’s my understanding that he means us to do exactly that, lock and load, but lock what, and load what?

First of all, lock the doors and windows and stay away from closets. Gorillas like to hide in closets — a long leap to “It Came From Hollywood” with most of the SNL early cast, quite funny and somewhat helpful as comedy relief from all this racial and religious bullshit.

I should mention that I speak softly, but carry a very big stick.

My stick consists of actual sticks. Yes, I’m an expert stick-fighter, and I plan to demo and train anyone who wants to learn a strange combination of kick-boxing, karate kung-fu and English Stick-Fighting to their martial arts accomplishments.

There is also the matter of escape and evasion, which are basic ninja skills, available at the aforementioned workshop, although only very basic escape methods, nothing involving violence.

NON-VIOLENCE is the key.



Stick fighting gives me the opportunity to disarm without harm, and that’s what I like about it primarily. There are many ways to get around even the most impossible situations, and all of them, for me, MUST be non-violent solutions, to fit my ethics.

No attack without fair warning.

That’s not the rule of cowards. It takes real courage to face someone even-handed, open-handed and without advantage, and take the battle all the way down, like WWF matches, only Trump-Style, which is apparently “Dirty, Dirty, Dirty”.

The Extreme Rightists are going to be emboldened even more by any attack on them from government, because that satisfies their prediction that they will be under attack from the mainstream and liberals, which justifies them going out to get them in an unprovoked “first strike”.

I never attack without FAIR warning, but if attacked, I do fight back until one of us is on the ground and pacified 100%, and that’d be the attacker, in my case.

Don’t even think of making a fight if you weren’t Trainfire Cadre as I was at Fort Ord. I used to teach kids how to survive the first 20 seconds of combat, and no, I’m not kidding — if you can survive the first few seconds, you’ll probably live long enough to return home to a breadline for vets.

So how do you harden up your home?

  • Dogs are an important first step — not one dog, but two, much harder for an intruder to take down both dogs. I have a warning sign outside my home that the dogs are here to protect the property.
  • Check all incoming packages — if your dogs are trained right, let them sniff it out.
  • Have an escape plan worked out to the finest possible order and degree.
  • Put an automatic video recording system in and around your house.
  • Have a guard gate or closing fence if you can possibly do it.
  • Put warning signs “Private Property” where needed.
  • Stay totally alert, and work this out with neighbors to keep watch.
  • Lock doors and windows and don’t trust them to hold a determined attacker back.
  • Have a safe room in which you can’t get trapped — hard to manage this.
  • Have a plan for when everything else fails, like a Colt Peacemaker.

If you can’t use a weapon, don’t keep it around. It will end up being used against you. I’m just kidding about the Colt Peacemaker. I actually prefer my fighting sticks, especially in close-quarters, where I’m highly skilled and recently trained.

I’m highly motivated for health reasons, but now I’ve got a goddam good reason to get my stick-fighting skills in shape, and while I’m at it, I’m in the market for a low-power compound bow and a scope for my .22 air rifle.

I’ll bet you think I’m kidding.

My air rifle is a mere .22 cal. and it’s a SINGLE-SHOT, which means a long time reloading, but the thing is, this rifle has a flat-trajectory range of well over 300 feet, which is only half my accurate range of 600 YARDS without a scope and more with a 70X Redfield on a .308 heavy-barrel distance special, my personal favorite.

Of course, I would never use that now, but in Vietnam, it was the weapon of choice for one-shotters, which is what I once was, until the bottom dropped out of the market, meaning that for me, the war was over.

Things have been relatively quiet here for some years, but the Alt Right Extremists have slowly turned more and more outrageous and violent, and they clearly mean to create civil disorder and disturbance.

Just imagine, with all those weapons locked and loaded in the rioting areas in Virginia and Oregon, if some clown had thrown a 100 pack of loudly popping firecrackers into the air?

It wouldn’t just be three dead.

This is what we’re living with now, instead of the Golden Years of Quiet Retirement. Fighting and waging war amongst ourselves.

What a planet.



What a prospect. I know that you’re thinking “Stop the world, I want to get off!”, and you’d be right.

It really is an option, but it’s gonna cost plenty. I can set up a full migration to another world, but it would take a Grand Opening of a very powerful StarGate Portal, and that takes money, lots of it, which none of us honest folks have got, so it’s back to Plan One, which involves taking down hundreds or thousands of intruders all at the same time.

Gosh, I know how to do that, but I won’t, I wouldn’t.

It involves tiger traps, something I learned about from the Viet-Cong. If things get worse, and I’m sure they will, you’ll end up here seeking shelter, refuge, from the coming storm, and you’ll expect me to have plenty of food, water and other supplies on hand ready for you when you unexpectedly show up.

Got news for you, that isn’t going to happen.



By the time things get that far advanced, we’ll be long gone, and if you’re smart, you’ll take the same portal we do, which is slow, one at a time, with a waiting period of a full 24 hours between users.

Too slow for a big crowd, no problem for a couple dozen, with two weeks of traversing to cover.

Or you can just sit there and wait to be taken down.

See You At The Top!!!