Presidential Ban on ALL Video Games!

If you don’t speak up now, you never will get the chance. Soon you will be disallowed from commenting on, or criticizing, Donald Trump. It will be LAW, and you will risk Federal Imprisonment for violating the “Presidential Critics Law of 2017”, if I remember rightly, and there’s no reason to suppose I do.

Like I’ve said before, I failed “Earth History 201”, which is the history of the human species on planet Earth during the 21st and 22nd century, and I’m in this Earth Simulation that you call “Reality”, to find out WHY Donald Trump is called “Trump the Rump”, what is the meaning of “Trumpism”, how did he get into power, and why people hated him so much.

Donald Trump is the first U.S. President to be featured in over 1,000 video games to date, and he is pissed off about it, even though some of them are positive, some even wildly so, with Nazi Storm Troopers at your disposal to wipe out all those inferior races.

This is me, in my incarnation as “Princess Fareena Asmatti of the Axumite Empire, about 150 A.D. in my case. I wouldn’t have stood a chance in Trump’s Amerika.

Most of the TRUMP or RUMP Video Games are rabidly negative, and here’s what Der Fuhrer has said about that:

“Video game violence & glorification must be stopped—it is creating monsters!”

HE should fucking talk???

Donald Trump is a fucking monster, if ever I’ve seen one.

This is me again, in yet another incarnation, this one as Barbarian Angzumarr Karrata, in an entirely different universe, six or seven “Branes” over to the left, as it were, if you happen to be facing Objective North.

I’ve never had to actually DEFEND MYSELF FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, but up until now, none of them have actually attacked me.

Donald Trump attacked me. He literally and figuratively attacked me, personally.

He assaulted me, and when he can get his Nazi legislation through his slave Congress, he is about to compound that by committing actual battery upon me with his Storm Troopers and his Secret Police, in the Great Roundup, which is coming to a theater near you, real soon.

You doubt that this will come to pass? Haw, haw, you don’t even know your own history!!!

It’s not that I hate him. I can’t afford hate, and from long, long experience, I am only too aware that there is no money in revenge.

Trump would definitely have my incarnation as Mara the Gypsy put into a Concentration Camp, along with the other Ziganie Gypsies.

“Everyone knows that Gypsies steal chickens,” says Archie Trumper. “So do your Hare Krishna guys and your yogas, and all them there guys.”

It does no good to mention that they are all of them vegetarians and wouldn’t touch a chicken to save their lives.

Donald Trump isn’t enough of a Demonic Deity to force me to the Dark Side no matter WHAT the provocation, and he’s been provoking me pretty fucking hard these days. I’m still able to maintain my cool in the face of his provocations.

I actually rather like him, and appreciate what he’s doing for me. It’s a great sacrifice for someone who loves and needs praise as much as he does to offer himself as a scapegoat for my video games from now on.

Oh, yes. The success of the first one — Paparazi, which garnered 3 million downloads before it was shut down — tells me that the public is ready for more fun on the Higher Planes.

A character in a video game playing a video game within which is a character playing a video game playing a video game, and that’d be YOU.

Apparently Trump called my people over at Dial-a-Prayer to ask if there were any messages for him. Clearly, he doesn’t understand the situation. I’d already picked up any messages at Prayer Central, and he isn’t authorized, doesn’t have a box, and certainly doesn’t have a key.

Oh, he has the rest-room key, but it’s to the women’s powder room, formerly a safe space. We don’t allow violent cases anywhere that they might accidentally wander out onto the street.

It’s not the fact that he’s a vicious hate-filled racist, or a demagogue, or a rabble-rouser, or a sneak, or a tax-cheat, or a draft-dodger, or a paid agent of Russia’s brutally murderous dictator who has his rivals assassinated, or a philosophical virgin, or a sociopathic pervert, or a megalomaniac with a family to support and a devilish agenda to follow to the ruin of all humanity that bothers me so deeply. But what is it then that offends my circuits?

It’s not his manner. It’s not even the ever-present threat of nuclear war that he so joyfully holds over our heads. He could offend a dozen world leaders with a single stupid utterance.

No, it’s none of those things, horrific as they are; it’s just that he’s SO HARD TO WATCH.

A photograph, even the SINGULARITY that I found, where he’s actually sort of grimly and salaciously smiling, is enough to turn anyone’s stomach, even an extraterrestrial, and they’re built to take it.

Donald Trump has billions, but he’s never seen himself in the mirror, or he’d have done SOMETHING. They say that beauty is only skin-deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone.

Donald Trump goes clear to the bone.

Creating a universe isn’t hard — maintaining it is a bitch — it’s not the initial cost, it’s always the upkeep, and every so often, you have to trim it all back.

I’m speaking objectively here, as a fine artist, not as a political or social or economic or historical critic. He’s goddam ugly, and that’s a fact. It’s more than the mop, more than the puckered-up lip-less mouth and beady, squinty cruel and sadistic eyes.

It’s much, much more than the expensive but rumpled suit and badly chosen tie.

Gosh, when Donald Trump actually attemps to TALK, and gets instantly all wound up, which happens the moment he opens his foot-filled mouth, who can look even for an instant at his tweaked, thoroughly contorted, rage-filled face?

That twisted, wrinkled, puckered up mouth sure reminds me of an anal aperture, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t. It’s the same muscle.

Hell, both ends of the Eating & Shitting Tube are pretty much the same, except that you’re supposed to speak out of the mouth end of the tube as directed by the mind, and fart out of the other, as directed by gassy pressures inside the lower intestine.

Donald Trump does EXACTLY the opposite.

Keep up your practices, don’t let the bastards distract you or grind you down.

I’ve never actually SEEN SO MUCH of ANYONE in the WORLD, and he IS a fucking monster. His face is constantly contorted in pain and anger and rage and hate, and he is constantly making monkey and ape-like gestures and sounds.

If I wanted to see the primates, I’d go to the zoo. Donald Trump belongs in a zoo, and has desecrated the Oval Office into a zoo with racism and hate, and of course, he constantly invites his ape friends in to join him while he plots out the next media outrage and course of revenge.

I swear, if he read my blogs, I’d be on a prison farm in Siberia. Trump’s Russian friends are eager to host me, but I got news for them. THEY are the ones who will end up in prison, at the end of the day, and I’ll be strolling in the woods in Dimension 7, watching their misery and, frankly, feeling sorry for them.

I do feel sad for Donald Trump. That’s a lot of pain. He’s afraid to die alone, which makes him want to take us all with him. He’s afraid to BE alone, so he asks folks to sit with him. Why is he afraid to be alone? Because of the thoughts.

He’s dominated by the thoughts. Bad thoughts. Fearful thoughts. Angry thoughts. Sad thoughts. All through the long, dark night.

“Everything happens to me!” exclaims Donald Trump. “Look, it’s raining again!”

My friends on the Other Side are waiting for YOU to walk the line between them.

“ALL NEGATIVE POLLS ARE FAKE NEWS!” He proclaims, “THE LIBERAL MEDIA IS AGAINST ME”, thus guaranteeing that he will NEVER actually hear the millions — soon to be billions — of voices around the world, clamoring for his resignation, or impeachment, or worse.

Come to think of it, the Liberal Media IS against him. He’s perfectly right.

I wouldn’t even be INTERESTED in Donald Trump if he didn’t directly threaten me and my immigrant and non-white friends, of whom I have PLENTY.

We owe this misery to Carroll O’Connor, but I don’t hold him responsible for making a bigot funny and lovable.

Trump knows that media is what controls people’s minds, and boy, does HE know how to control the media! He leads them around like a vicious master who’s in a hurry to get through the rain drags a tiny puppy along a wet pavement.

That tiny puppy would be us.

Nightside voyaging in dreams and in the Waking State. Learn to move in time and space.

Donald Trump was in the news a LOT, and on television a LOT, buying time with his money, to create his Reality Show so he could get attention.

He got just enough attention from the media and through the mediums of television and radio, that it was obvious that he is an NPD of the First Water, meaning he can’t get enough gold, or attention, or power, or revenge on his sworn enemies who now number in the billions — not ever. It will NEVER be enough.

There will always be another demand when the present demand has been met. Threaten, cajole, promise, apologize, threaten again, stab in the back. This is what those who are members of the Order of the Double Cross typically do when they play games with each other.

Donald Trump used to be paranoid, which technically means that he was abnormally and unjustifiedly afraid that people around him hated him and feared him and wanted to do him harm.

Now that he has frightened and pissed off BILLIONS of people, he’s no longer paranoid, in the sense of being incorrectly convinced without cause of the hatred and suspicion of others.

In short, BILLIONS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD now know him for the pig he is, and they do, indeed, hate and fear him and want to destroy him or see him destroyed, which in effect, means that he’s cured of Paranoia.

I run an InterDimensional Airline and I don’t want to spook the tourist trade.

I’m a peace-loving extra-terrestrial visitor who has no stake in this world whatsoever, and even I’M pissed off at him for attacking my human friends who don’t happen to be his particular color of skin or his particular brand of religion.

No despot is truly religious. It’s a game, a pretense, to gain and hold power, to control the mob, to destroy all resistance.

“It is as I have forseen,” says the Emperor, “give in to your anger, Luke.”

Fuck him, i WON’T give in to anger. Resentment I can allow myself, just because I’m offended by him and by his actions, beliefs, attitudes and general bad smell.

I feel sorry for Donald Trump, but — I DO resent his intrusion on my life. I DO in fact RESENT him for demanding my time and attention ALL DAY LONG, EVERY SINGLE DAY INCLUDING SUNDAY.

It makes me want to say “Fuck Off”, to the President of the United States, and I personally resent being jammed forcibly into that position, JUST BY BEING A JEW.

I’m Gender-Fluid, and that’s enough to get me swizzled in Trump’s Amerika.

I’m more than THAT for him to hate. I’m not only a friend of a LOT of immigrants from Europe, Asia, Africa, India, Japan, China, Korea, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, but I’ve reincarnated so many times as a person of color — hell, there WERE no whites, and frankly, there’s nothing in the DNA Code that specifically spells out “Whitey”.

Jesus, am I doomed to see ALL MY FOREIGN-BORN FRIENDS destroyed and made homeless by that overly rich son of a bitch? And am I supposed to stop incarnating as female, dark-skinned, non-Christian or non-White?

Screw him, I say, and screw the horse he rode in on. If I can’t say THAT to the President when he offends me with his foul language and even fouler racist lies, then go ahead and fucking lock me up along with the other protesters.

Will Rogers would have been top on Trump’s “Revenge” List had he been around nowadays.

I have some friends in High Places. Won’t you join us there?

You can silence some of us, but the mob is very big and growing bigger all the time. Aristocrats NEVER understand why the people rebel. If they don’t have bread, why don’t they eat cake?

Donald Trump doesn’t know what it’s like to not be able to put food on the table, and he never did. He’s rich, always has been rich, always will be rich, and he doesn’t like being around dirty folks such as us.

I’m a peasant. Poor, weak, old, growing more feeble every day past my 75th birthday, but still quite able to have a voice, to dare to speak out against tyranny, but why?

Because I know that MY name is on that list.

It doesn’t much matter if I remain silent or speak out. My days are numbered. But so are yours. You can’t win against a monstrous, enormous and powerful machine like the Fourth Reich.

Keep the Faith, do your work, keep your spiritual practices up.

Trump holds all the cards, so to speak.

And somebody holds his chain. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t back out now, for fear of someday being tried as a war criminal or worse, a mass-murdering fuckhead, which he will become, if he can possibly engineer it, to create the Second Holocaust, for which Trump someday will become known.

There’s no one in the world that Donald Trump doesn’t hate, including his special friend and constant companion, Steve Bannon. Don’t forget, I’VE seen Trump’s diary and day-book, and he can’t resist a scorching commentary in the margins.

Donald Trump spends more time with Stevie Bannon than he does with his wife, although I can certainly see his point of view. Any woman that Trump has on his arm is there strictly for show. He keeps Melania well out of sight of himself and the media, because if she ever talks, he’ll be so humiliated, but he’ll soon recover from THAT, and go on the attack, which is the style of a true coward.

Selfie at Mohenjo-Daro. Trump the Rump wouldn’t like this ancient civilization, either.

This guy never served in the Armed Forces, nor has he ever paid tax, done jury duty or any of the other things that one might do to be of service in the cultural sense.

Instead, he has sent competent troopers to their certain death, just like Hitler used to do, to demonstrate their complete, unquestioning loyalty and obedience.

Again, true to pattern. A despot always does the same things that all the other despots do and did. Ho, hum, tell me another one. Yes, he drives his wife, Melania, out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. Ah, but those are two entirely different and unrelated statements about Donald Trump.

I’m speaking here from the viewpoint of history. Like Anna Russell says about the Norse Gods in Valhalla represented by Richard Wagner in Der Niebelung, etc. — “I’m NOT making this up!”

Selfie at Chichen-Itza. That pyramid would have to go under the Trump Agenda.

From my actual history lessons back in the 37th century, even though I admittedly pulled a “D+” out of my history class last semester, I can tell you this much:

  1. Donald Trump emerges as the most hated and feared President in U.S. history.
  2. He gets forcibly removed from office, but I forget how. I think he’s put into a strait-jacket and hauled away flailing and screaming, to a special Federal Nut-House, but that’s uncertain. This is the part of the Term Exam that I failed miserably, all because I couldn’t bring myself to take an interest in Amerikan politics of the 20th or 21st century.
  3. “Don’t be a Trump” means, in my time, “Don’t be a racist,” or “Don’t be a Hate-Monger”, and sometimes “Don’t be a total asshole”, although in a telepathic society such as ours up in the 37th century, it’s hard to be an outsider.
  4. Trumpism was always thought to be pro-banker, but nobody back home realized that Trump was a card-carrying member of the Nazi Party until the records were found sometime in the 21st or 22nd century.
  5. Donald Trump is found to be in violation of a number of Federal, State and International laws, but again, this is where I blew the exam, like I said.
  6. I seem to recall that Donald Trump is the LAST U.S. President, but I can’t recall what happens after that — my studies didn’t include that, but I DO remember that “I Love Lucy” goes into its millionth re-run at the same time the sun runs out of Hydrogen.
Trump thinks that this culture that arose in San Salvador is “Mexican”. What a nerf!

I’ve been watching as we are guided by angelic forces through this very turbulent and rough sea. Be courageous, and remember that the light at the end of the tunnel won’t always be New Jersey.

We might be able to just sail through the rocks of satisfaction. Possibly John Parker will get through.

While we’re holding the pink box and waiting for the tragic DECLINE and FALL of Donald Trump, there are so many CONSTRUCTIVE things we can do, so let’s do them! I’m doing something constructive right now — I’m creating a video game that can help you find your way out of the Trump Amerika Lifestream.

I’m actually broadcasting my messages from quite far away, interdimensionally speaking. You CAN find your way out of the Trump Trap, just by using the same gimmick used by Homer in the Idiot & The Ostrich — Follow the Drinking Gourd.

How can we feel safe again? How can we feel free again? How can we trust others again? Will you ever again feel safe in mentioning Donald Trump’s name on the street or in a supermarket?

Do you feel safe talking about politics these days?

Do you feel as YOU specifically are a walking target on the street. Do you pull your hoodie over your head to hide your curly hair or dark skin or your Jewish nose?

Do you FEAR others on the street? Are you BRACED for a sudden attack on the street? If you’re not, you don’t yet understand the situation and don’t really understand that YOU ARE THE TARGET.

Selfie taken at the Hall of Heroes — you won’t find Trump there unless he erects another monument to himself..

I say we get the TRUMP STINK out the Oval Office, and that’s exactly what I’ve done for myself. I’ve made a representation of the Oval Office, and every so often, when I feel the oppression especially heavily, I invoke the video game and blow a few farts in his general direction.

The fart-smell is like a flowery summer day, compared to the foul brimstone and sulphur smell that you get when you’re anywhere within breathing distance of Donald Trump.

If you DO happen to get that close to him, I feel sorry for you. I hear he reeks of alcohol and cheap French perfume.

That’s total nonsense, False News if ever I heard it. There IS no cheap French perfume.

If you want to visit this lovely Japanese monastery, better hurry, before it’s demolished by Trump’s Storm Troopers.

Hey, if you were serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, would YOU want to be known as a Storm Trooper? Would YOU want to know that sooner or later, you’ll be asked to fire upon Amerikan civilians in protest, as they did back in the 1960s?

Or perhaps you’d prefer to enjoy the fate of the striking miners during the Great Depression? This particular economic misery that you’re experiencing today is, by the way, commonly called “The Great Recession”, as if it differed — when you’re starving and homeless, it doesn’t matter WHY you’re cold and hungry.

Trump has enough money to feed the hungry in Amerika for decades without missing a penny of it, but he doesn’t believe in helping the poor.

In his own words, “Fuck the poor”, he expresses him concern for them.

There is one video game out there where you bash Trump on the head with a baseball bat. I heartily disagree with any game like that. I certainly wouldn’t want to suggest an attack on a person, but on an OFFICE which Trump is defiling with his racial bigotry, why not?

Abe Lincoln once sat in that office, and he’s turning in his grave over the Nazi occupation of the White House and Houses of Congress AND the White Supremacist Supreme Court, fashioned by Trump for Trump about Trump with Trump in mind.


In my other video game, “Escape from Trump Amerika”, there’s a Portal in Chaco Canyon.

Hey, if my FART CASTER VIDEO GAME happens to be the Jewish Video Game Programmer’s equivalent of a fart machine or a whoopee cushion, what harm can it possibly do?

Practical Jokes have been associated with the White House ever since it was first built. Politicians, like everyone else, appreciate a good joke once in a while, especially if it’s on someone other than themselves.

Mel Brooks on Tragedy and Comedy: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when YOU fall into a sewer and DIE!”

So I made for my own amusement and to settle my stomach a little, my own version of an imaginary Oval Office somewhere outside space and time.

This special Oval Office is paneled in solid 24k virtual gold, probably more than even Donald Trump can afford, as greedy and rich as he is, and he wants even more –he wants YOUR IRA retirement fund and YOUR social security money, that YOU earned and, unlike Donald Trump, YOU PAID TAX, YOU FUCKING SUCKER!

Why don’t we all just tell the IRS, “Until Donald Trump pays HIS fair share, just fuck off, okay???”

Of course we DON’T do that, because if we did, the IRS would have us hauled away and shot.


Did you know that IT IS AN ACTUAL ON-THE-BOOKS CRIME TO EVEN SUGGEST in print or on the air THAT THE VERY RICH PAY TAXES, as enacted under Title 17, Section 22 of the U.S. Federal Code?

You probably already know that Donald Trump is about to invoke and test that law, probably on me, because I surely DO pay my fair share of taxes, and I resent that as rich as he is, he doesn’t pay any and never has, and I’m very vocal about it. I fucking resent that the poor have to pay until it hurts, and the rich get away with being tax-free, don’t you?

It’s the kind of thing that builds guillotines and encourages mobs to run in the streets with torches. Unfortunately, the only damage they do is to themselves, then the troopers come in to mop up what’s left and take anything that isn’t nailed down.

That tax thing is both business and personal. Donald Trump also has got a LOT to hide in his international money dealings, and he’ll be trying to cover his tracks in Russia, where he enjoyed some sexual entertainment produced by the Russian government.

It never occurred to that shmuck that the Russians would have hidden cameras in the room?

Selfie at secret Portal at ancient site of Alien visitation can help you escape.

I’m also shocked and amazed that this Wannabe Nazi Dictator is going to get away with keeping all his business interests, including those in Russia, to whom he owes PLENTY of favors, and who have PLENTY on Trump, enough to disgrace him forever, but don’t worry, that comes anyway.

After all, Putin hasn’t YET published the photos he obtained of TRUMP and GUESS WHO in sexual congress at the special Russian Spa where Trump stupidly stayed for FREE — and that’s not the only thing Putin is holding over Trump’s head.

Trump is technically in Putin’s pay and under Putin’s control & domination, and watch the fun begin when Putin pulls even more of Trump’s strings, and rest assured, he will, because he’s PUTIN, and that means “mean” and “nasty”, “treacherous” and “vengeful”.

Gosh, those endearing traits are shared by both men, AND their cronies. It’s HELL NIGHT for the next few decades, and you might as well get used to it.

You’ll be taking plenty of abuse and living through fearful times, with WHITE SHIRTS and uniformed Nazis herding you around and into cattle pens and stockades, where you can be worked until dead.

Night scene, avoiding Storm Troopers as we bust out of Trump Amerika.

That’s the plan, and Donald Trump is not only at the head of it, he wouldn’t allow anyone else to be. He has to be THE BOSS, or he’ll upset the game board and throw all the pieces onto the floor.

Have you ever played with a kid like that?

He holds you hostage every single second of every single day. You don’t play ball his way, he presses the Nuclear Button, just like that bully in school who kicked your blocks down just when you were about to lay down the final block.

He has nothing to lose. In fact, he wants to take the whole world with him when he goes. That’s merely a product of his mental illness and need for glory, power and recognition. Approval he will NEVER get, because creeps like these always betray their friends.

Can’t trust anyone who PUT you into power, because what if they decide they don’t like you and they put someone ELSE in power???

There’s always the paranoia element, and it keeps you jumping and twisting, trying to avoid getting crushing by the flying demolishing ball.

I don’t know what fucking course others may take, but as for me, give me a video game for harmless revenge and freedom from fear and worry.

I feel so TARGETED, don’t you?

When Trump looks into the camera with those fireball eyes glowing with racial hatred, doesn’t it feel as if he’s cursing YOU out???

Actually, under his breath, he is, if you’re a Mexican, a Jew, an African American, a Cuban, a Haitian, a Jamaican, a Swiss, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, an African, an Australian, a Canadian, a Peruvian, a Chilean, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Ancient Alien, you name it, he hates it and wants to drive it off-shore or kill it in the gas chambers nice & neat, making it the FINAL solution to the Immigrant Problem.

They’re marching in the streets, and your liberties are directly threatened. There is for you a clear and present danger, and they hope that you don’t act in time or at all to save yourself from their rage and hatred of anything not exactly like themselves.


I created an Oval Office of my very own, in quantum-active psychic cyberspace in the GODD Engine. Into this Oval Office I cast my harmless practical joke style virtual farts, to wit:

  • PINK CLOUD — A stream of beautiful, elegant and feminine PINK FART particles becomes a horrible pink stink, expanding to fill the room with foul disgusting odors.
  • RED CLOUD — A stream of highly charged flaming Red particles explodes into fartness, creating a rank, sulphurous smell of unbelievably rotten eggs.
  • BLUE CLOUD — A powerful stream of Cobalt Blue particles represents “L’Aroma du Garbage”  and at the same time, the odor of spoiled milk and rotten milk products fills the room — you may or may not hear the ghost whisper, “Who cut the cheese?”.
  • YELLOW CLOUD — A continual stream of powerful popping YELLOW FARTS blasts into the Oval Office, to create a stink that can’t be overcome by incense or room fresheners.
  • WHITE CLOUD — A stream of WHITE FARTS erupts to destroy any remaining White Supremacists in the immediate area of the Oval Office.
  • GREEN CLOUD — The dreaded “Silent But Deadly” of our grade school days. The only protection is to call out the Freedom Code, “SAFETY”. The rules of the game “Safety” require that someone who farted can say “Safety” and then punch anyone in the room on the shoulder repeatedly, until the victim can find and touch a doorknob. This is essential the game that Trump is playing with YOUR life.
  • PURPLE CLOUD — A stream of overwhelmingly odiferous particles that will choke even the most hardened demon out of his socks.

I plan even more powerful and annoying fart weaponry for my Oval Office Fart Caster, so stay tuned for developments.

My harmless game will perhaps alert folks to the danger. Maybe YOU can react quickly enough to the danger to escape certain death in the Labor Camps already built to house YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

Move over, Rush Limberger, it’s MY turn at the radio now.

Even if you don’t think that YOU and YOUR GROUP or FAMILY or BOTH are the target, that’s only true right now, and you haven’t seen his whole plan. I have.

Any Remote Viewer can find his outline in his Oval Office lap drawer. It’s clearly entitled, “My Struggle”, which translates, roughly, into German as, “Mein Kampf”.

I wish I were kidding.

I also wish it weren’t dangerous to speak up about these things, but that’s exactly my point. Before Trump, you felt safe in opening your mouth, saying things, pointing out injustices and brainstorming for good social solutions.

Now, everyone is in their own corner, distrustfully squinting at all the others in the room. This is where Trump lives every minute of every day, and he wants YOUR company in his own private Buddhist Hell of Upside Down Hanging Bodies of Fear, Distrust and Hate.

Watch “Golden Child” for details on this particular Hell.

Do you really want to live there? If not, you’ll have to speak up, not just you, but millions of you. Demand your rights.

Did you know that, technically speaking, the President of the United States is YOUR employee, a public servant SWORN TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION and the LAW.

YOU ARE TRUMP’S BOSS!!! He will never admit it.

Actually, although he hates to think the thought, YOU ARE TRUMP’S BOSS.

Why not march into the Oval Office and say, “You’re fired!”

I only risk mentioning it because if someone hasn’t already done it, they’re bound to — it’s such an obvious social comment based on his vicious and spiteful television show.

I’m digging myself deeper the further I go into this issue, but there is nowhere else to go, and I’m not likely to let go any more than a bulldog will open his jaw, at least not when so many injustices prevail in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Maybe a couple of years in military service — in service of ANY kind — would have done Donald Trump some good, but he wouldn’t have been happy as a PFC, which is all the rank he would ever have gotten.

The only reason he’s rich today, is because his debtors bailed him out so he could pay them back, which he never did, in the end. This will eventually become an issue.

Meet me at Grampa Henry’s Diner and I’ll show you the way out of here!

In order to steer a course for yourself through this damned and treacherous sea of hostility, keep your balance! Don’t give in to the Dark Side! Don’t Panic! Here’s how to stay TRANSCENDENT to the whole media circus that is TRUMP and TRUMPISM:


You get the general idea. Stay with the program, don’t let the bastards grind you down. These guys care nothing for you and as a matter of fact, regard you as just so much hamburger meat to be ground down in their lust for power and control.

In the end, those guys fight it out, last man standing wins the game.

They never calculate that correctly.

In THE END, there is only ONE left standing, and guess who THAT is???

Cosmic Joke?

Not at all. Just another history assignment in a long list of history assignments — what I’m really dreading is the quiz on Leslie Ann. I’ve studied everything about her that I can get my hands on, but what about Dorothy???

And what about Myra?


Zombies always crack me up. These are a couple of Trump Supporters.

So, back I go, to my schematic map for my newest, latest video game, “Oval Office Fart Caster”, which I’ll have ready for market as soon as it’s inhumanly possible.

I just realized that this whole blog — dare I say, “Article”? — is actually an unplanned marketing ploy to get you to consider downloading my game.

If you’ve wanted a way to express your worries and concerns, and a great magical way to express them in a meaningful way, there is no better method of protest than a fart.

Not a fart farted in anger, but a fart farted in protest, on behalf of all those who are soon to be martyred on the cross of Trump’s Road to Power, or who have already passed over to the Other Side, in his wicked service.

Of course, I’m not complaining. We NEED workers on this — meaning “the Other — Side. As Lord of You-Know-What (God, I really wish we could find another word for “Death”) I’m obligated to host anyone who ends up here in the AfterLife.

I’m currently in the Buddhist Hell of Typing. It’s rather pleasant here, Hellishly speaking. I can listen to jazz and pretend to write the blog. I move the fingers to correspond to the letters I see appearing on the screen.

So what do I really want from you?

When you wake up in the Real World Theater, this world will seem like a dream to you.

C’mere, bud. (grabs collar and pulls toward self, face-to-face close up and personal), “Hey, bud, look at this here orb”, I gently but persuasively invite.

“What orb?” you query.

“This orb,” I reply.

“What’s an orb?” you ask.

“Fuck, never mind,” I say, wandering off around the next corner.

No, no, that’s all wrong. That’s a scenario from the Trump Zone, and this is a Trump-Free Zone, where we don’t do persuasion. Okay, how best, then, to say what I want to say without offending or risking misrepresentation??? Ah, I have it:

“Okay, maggots! Download that fucking video game NOW, by order of Army of the Western Realm, General Nunan! — Spend that 99 cents on something real, something fun, something really weird!

General Nunan flies an NZ-121 Scoutcraft, and comes from a planet so far away from Earth that the light reaching Earth from there hasn’t yet revealed that his entire far-away home galaxy no longer exists as such.

It collided with two other galaxies in the meantime, just as our Milky Way Galaxy is colliding right now with the outer edges of the Andromeda Galaxy, to form a double galaxy when they stop reverberating.

What a pretty sight that is, and I’ll be watching it with you.

Don’t forget to download the game and pass it on to others to do the same and pass it on to others to do the same …

See You At The Top!!!