Wex Is Not Always Wex

2dor.com Tudor Village is for sale, including the entire village, tavern and Globe Theatre!

You could organize a play group to perform at the Globe Theatre in Sl’s London Park, if you dared, and there are dozens of other angles you can come up with about this website, 2dor.com, which is actually a FOUR CHARACTER DOT-COM, and don’t you forget it. That short name is worth plenty  just by itself, and the fact that it also makes some parcel of SENSE gives it even more value.

My estimate of the value of that website, once developed, could easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and with a break such as backing with the Sharks, hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercial value.

Also keep in mind that the website is not new — it’s decades old, and on google searches, that does count for something, along with the fact that there’s a proven track-record of traffic to that site, meaning that every day, there are potential sales to customers who, in effect, “walked in the door”.

Here’s one product on the front page of 3d conventions which is for sale on eBay.

Everyone who clicks on your website can be regarded as a customer walking through the door of your shop. What happens in the next fraction of a second makes or breaks your website promotion, but whatever happens, there’s always the chance that the customer is hungry for chocolate. Let’s talk:

Right now, I’m in the process of loading up about 300+ of our websites with provoking and delicious-looking hot-link ads to my shops — I have shops on cafepress, redbubble, paom and zazzle, and they’re all very full of quality fine-art merchandise and lots and lots of high-grade spiritual items, from cloaks and scarves to rings and amulets.

Food is the primary “hitter”, in my humble and very experienced opinion. Food always gets ’em, including me and you and everyone we know. Food is the Great Leveler, they say. Never mind who said it, somebody must have, over the course of several zillion centuries.

My purpose in placing these “click me” hotlink display ads so prominently on many of my quieter and less active websites is twofold:

Firstly, I want to sell the website, so I’ve put things on there that would convince anyone that that particular website could actually make money — after all, you click on the ad and there you  are, ready to click the button on the selling site that says, “ADD TO CART”.


Ahhhh, THAT’S music to MY ears, marketingly speaking.

You might decide to acquire a Holiday website such as the one I’ve run for years, called SantasNorthPoleWorkshop.com.

Now while the bait — the lure that leads to your online shop or shops — is dangling on the hook, it’s doing something else, that “second thing”, and I’ll tell you all about it right now.

People are coming to that site for a variety of reasons, none of which you’ll ever really know, and they’re arriving by an even larger variety of possible trails leading to your website page, and again, you’ll never really know what drove them there or how they really arrived at your destination, but here they are.

They see your page.

All they see are those graphic adverts that lead to your shops. That’s all they see, see? Okay, so here’s the deal:

  1. They’re here to see a website. They’re interested in buying it.
  2. As long as they’re here, regardless of their interest in the site, they see an ad for something they can eat, drink, wear or use, and they want it and they want it — as usual — right now, so they punch the “ADD TO CART” button and feel as if they already own it.

Don’t … don’t … don’t you get it? They may or may not care a fig for your website, and might not even be shopping for one or for a shop or a business or anything else — they’re just curiously surfing the web and your page came up in their radar, slightly.

What I mean by “slightly” is that you’ll only have their attention for less than a tenth of a second, and only if there’s actually something on the page that attracts their particular brand of attention.

It has to strike them instantly.

There’s no time to cause wonder, to inspire, to project, to invite further inquiry, to deepen the subject.

There is only human attention, human awareness and human boredom, and punching your way through that “dialtone consciousness” to the indwelling Spiritual Being, the Higher Essential Self, is going to be a chore.

In short, you’re lucky if you hit one in a million.

I play those odds every day. My stuff reaches about 3 million pairs of eyes a year, sometimes more, including blogs, youtube videos, books,DVDs, CDs and other outreach programs I’ve put in place since I arrived on this beautiful but downtrodden planet.

Even so, I get very little actual reaction, where someone throws down their magazine and says something on the order of:

“Well, dammit, I’m tired of throwing my life away, down the drain chasing after one stupid organic thing after another. I’m gonna get myself a work-discipline and every day I’m going to work to change myself, to make myself ready to take the next step, go on to the Higher Dimension.”

This happens often enough to encourage me to continue the struggle.

As powerless as you now are — and don’t try to cop out by saying you make a good living — you can EASILY restore your Atlantean Self to real Power, and one key ingredient to that is to develop a website.

It’s not just a website.

As a matter of fact, as Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau will tell you, “There, you are wrong. Just as wex is not always wex, you will find that a website is not always a website.”

The whole thing rests on finding out, discovering, what it is, by starting off with what it isn’t — a website.

Well, Heck and Double Heck, if it ain’t a website, what in the world is it?

There ya go, the Beginning of Wisdom.

How many subjects are there like a website that you can truly say you don’t know Jack about it, not a clue???

Well, there you have it, that’s the nut in the nutshell. You can’t possibly already know how to go about staging an inner conflict, a mental or thought experiment, otherwise known as “Intentional Mentation” or “Single-Pointed Meditation”, which happens to be my specialty.

See, it’s not about buying a website and putting stuff on it and making a fortune, that’s not it at all, although that could, in the process, happen with or without planning and intent.

In short, there is always “Fluke Factor” to consider, where Oprah suddenly decides that your website is a “must see” for her entire flock — but don’t hold your breath there, bud.

How much is the website?

Depends. Don’t think of it as the product, but as the tool. As an art student, you’re encouraged to use student-grade materials, with good reason, until your skills and experience sort of settle down.

Well, the same thing is true here. Your FIRST website should be cheap, but not so cheap that it’s garbage. I say your first, because if you take this spiritual practice seriously, you’ll end up running hundreds, as we do today, and we’re still buying websites as they come up for sale again — the original owners are retiring or dying off, and they typically don’t leave them to anyone, haven’t set up anything beyond their own terminus, which is what humans mostly do.

Take care of themselves, Devil take the hindmost.

Gosh, we should all ascribe to that position if we value our superiors, our betters, and those in Washington, dare I say it, seem to admire that attitude in a President.

Okay, enough about stupid mean evil repugnant politicians, and I include the whole gutless, cowardly bunch of Senators who are still  kissing Donald Trump’s ass while he flushes them down the drain along with the others he’s already thrown under the bus.

Trump knows no shame, and there’s no one to Speak Truth to Power, so he’ll run all over you for the next decade or more, whether he remains in power personally or not — he’s opened the door to national disgrace and the horror of civil rioting.

That having been said, you can increase your chances by developing what they now call a “Side Hustle”, which means a private job with yourself as boss and owner of the company, which is you and your family.

In the Age of Trump, you’ll FEEL THE NEED. There’s no reason to find some excuse for disobeying the Primary Spiritual Rule, which is to be wretchedly poor — it’s not a real goal, it’s generally an excuse to trod the downtrodden down even further.

The government is throwing 22 million people off healthcare so that 15 billionaires can have their tax money, which they paid in — the billionaires pay nothing in taxes, not ever.

Don’t that drive ya nuts?

But it has nothing to do with you. Forget all that crap, forget the screwing that they’re giving this country, the lousing up of Democracy itself. Pay no attention to it. They’re just teasing you, trying to get your goat, but Illegitimati Non Carborundum — don’t let the bastards grind you down.

Get out from under. Drop the poverty mentality, drop all those stupid arguments against success, like “spiritual people are not successful people”.

It says nowhere that you are expected to ascribe to those self-imposed limits.

So get yourself on track, start developing a website that isn’t a website, a business that isn’t a business, a practice that isn’t a practice.

Learn the Cloud of Unknowing.

You can develop this side business while maintaining the day job, because the side business runs itself.

You don’t need inventory, stock clerks, sales clerks, credit managers, floor walkers, any of those things that plague a new small business.

There are so many costs you haven’t considered, from laundry and liability insurance to the cost of taking out the garbage from a commercial spot, which isn’t the same as dumping your stuff into the garbage can at the end of your driveway.

All the sales happen without your participation, and your manufacturing and retailing partner also handles the ordering, packing, shipping and any customer dissatisfactions — zazzle says you are delighted or your money back, and California Law also guarantees the same, whether the business declares so or not.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If I didn’t see that guarantee in my future, I wouldn’t engage in commerce. One of the most important things you’re here on Planet Earth to thoroughly learn is ETHICS.

By Ethics I don’t mean obeying the letter of the law, nor even the sense of the law. There’s an inner guidance that tells you whether you’ve stepped across an Ethics Boundary, and there’s never a reason to do this, as any fair gamer will tell you.

Cheating is not only not necessary for a fair game, it’s unthinkable.

It ruins the game.

So if you think about your new website as an empty box that you’re holding while at the same time standing in the box, you’ll get the idea, the scope of what the problem is, what the spiritual challenge here is.

Find the Key.

Your precious WEBSITE is NOT a website. Clouseau says so, and who would know better than the greatest intuitive detective that ever lived???

Okay, so can you see the problem clearly?

If it’s not a website, what is it? And if you figure out what it is, how do you convey that in such a way that the message itself earns its own living???

That’s what I mean — someone clicks on your website and doesn’t even NOTICE that it’s for sale.

All they see is “CHOCOLATE”.

You’ll find my websites for sale on eBay. You can check them out anytime, and I will help you get started, learning how to create thousands of products in just a few days’ time.

See You At The Top!!!