LRS Labyrinth Readers Society Catalog


Well, it’s by no means complete — only 121 items so far, but I’m working to get other things done at the same time, so it’s slower than I’d like, but I did manage to get these items up in a single night, thus illustrating how easy it would be to produce a wedding or other event in zazzle, and that’s money in the bank, if you know how to hustle.

Event planning, especially wedding planning, is hard, demanding, and you’re working with a bunch of clowns any way you look at it. It’s all about ego, and power, domination and drama, but that’s just part of the picture.

There’s a dark side, too.

Just kidding. It’s bad enough to deal with a retail customer. They don’t know what they want, don’t know what they’re getting, and don’t appreciate anything outside the straight and narrow.

In short, you can count on a LOT of unimaginative events, that all start looking alike, unless YOU are able to get your clients off the meatwagon and onto the flying dragon, and that takes imagination, effort and lots and lots of luck.

Mostly it takes having luck.

If you think about the LRS, the thing that pops up most is that it’s social, in the sense that you tend to be in contact with more people than most folks tend to be.

This doesn’t mean that you see these people all the time, but if you count up the number of people with whom you’re more or less in contact over a year’s time, you’ll be surprised at the number — it’s higher than you think.


That’s the ticket, parties. And gatherings. But why? Mostly for funerals and such? Why so grim? Why not have a BardoMania party?

Certainly any gathering of LRS folks will require some tea, and that means a teapot at the very least, which I have in my LRS Gift Shop on zazzle, which is where all the listings I’m posting here go to, if you click on them.

If you don’t click on them, nothing much happens, but you get to think a lot, and perhaps someone will be willing to discuss.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than discussing something you’ve never tried doing and with which you have zero personal experience. This can lead to a lot of interesting speculation about what it must be like, what might happen, how it might seem.

So, if you DO something, actually DO IT, there’s a world of difference.

What I recommend is that you organize an LRS gathering of any kind — a tabletop gaming night is good, sampling new chocolate products from the LRS factory is also good.

Music is a good reason to gather, but make sure to spice it up with snacks and hot chocolates from the LRS gift shop.

There are so many ways to interest folks in the LRS, but the best way is for YOU to introduce them to it, friend-to-friend, word of mouth style. Here’s a membership pin that might work for you and your small local group of LRS members.

There is no better method of transmitting this data than to throw a party, serve some food and interact through a tabletop game.

Games are safe, a party is safe, friends are safe.

Keep things safe. Resist the urge to give a lecture, or to throw a workshop or clinic. No need to go to all that trouble, and nobody will show up, anyway. The days of workshops and clinics and lectures is over, but nobody seems to know it yet.

There are other ways of reaching people, but the first step is to realize somehow that you actually DO want to reach people with these ideas.

That’s when the Portal opens, not a moment before.

It’s hard to come to that realization until you do. Until then, it’s all theoretical and the pain goes deep.

If you’re able to Transcend, you’re able to help. Conversely, if you need help more than you’re able to give help, you’re no help at all.

Transcending means that all your personal aches and pains and miseries and personal dramas and needs and whimpers and personal demands and machinations have to cease, and I mean permanently.

This is easy if you try, but most people don’t try, don’t think they need to, aren’t convinced that they really are very impacted by the organic world.


There are so many ways to attract a crowd, but the best effect is achieved by high aestheticsĀ  — bots are very wary of anything that has the slightest hint of higher planes and lofty aethyrs.

It’s hard to see when you’re immersed in it. The deeper you’re in the pile of horse-puckey, the more up-to-the-eyeballs you are, the more overwhelmed and stressed-out you are, the less likely you’ll be able to help anyone outside your own skin, and there’s a good chance you can’t handle what’s going on inside you, either.

Your first job, really, is to get yourself out of the muck. Nobody else can walk that walk for you, although there’s plenty of non-intervention support out there when you do decide to actually walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Hey, there’s some courage needed. Courage is the principle ingredient of a life well-lived, and don’t you forget it. Courage is not dependent on training or luck or skill — you either have it in you, or you don’t. If you don’t, get it, quick. There’s no reason not to be courageous. Nothing in this universe lasts forever.

You can find the courage easily enough when you come to the realization that there are billions and billions upon billions and billions of suffering beings who need help to Transcend, if they can.

Some can, some can’t.

Inherently, there are barriers, not the least of which is an empty six-pack, meaning that the individual in question is either an NPC — Non-Player Character — or a total bot. Bots have nobody home, it’s a self-driving automatic car. You’ll be able to buy one and set a dummy down in there. The driverless car will take the dummy anywhere it says to go, or can be programmed to take the dummy around town in a prescribed pattern, called a “route”.

Interactions with actual live people can be very nerve-wracking. You can’t imagine the kind of personal drama with which most human lives are pumped up to make them interesting. Most lives are drab and dull. Interactions with people are never by accident. Coincidence is written out line by line. You need to be strong to deal with the retail customer, meaning anyone with a smart phone.

You have to be ready for the interactions, and that means a LOT of preparation, of work on self, and that’s really what Work on Self is all about, preparing you for the Work, not getting you powerful so you can overwhelm others.

That’s not the plan.

The idea is to open yourself up, keep yourself grounded and balanced, and free from attachments and impacts, so you can help others, not need more help than they do, which is how most folks approach the Work, from the bottom up. Not a good idea. You need some strength in order to actually help others. If you’re a mess, what good can you possibly do?

So don’t be a mess. How not to be a mess? Get your stuff together by joining the LRS if you’re not already a member, and if you are, ask your Team Leader to find a quest or task for you. Essence Tasks can include readings, but there are LOTS more things YOU can do to alleviate the suffering, for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

You have only to ask.

See You At The Top!!!