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LRS Labyrinth Readers Society Catalog


Well, it’s by no means complete — only 121 items so far, but I’m working to get other things done at the same time, so it’s slower than I’d like, but I did manage to get these items up in a single night, thus illustrating how easy it would be to produce a wedding or other event in zazzle, and that’s money in the bank, if you know how to hustle. Continue reading

Heal My Pet

It’s safe, it’s instant and it’s easy. All you do is run as your pet through the Labyrinth, taking the healing indications as they come. No experience necessary. Let me know how you do with this. If you’re inclined to do so, you could run through as “Storm” — he’s the little guy in the video. Merely press “P” to enter the name of the pet you’re running. Those who knew Stormie will readily recognize his funny run, which took four hours to get just exactly right in the model. I might be able to do a custom model and game for your pet, if wanted. The level has been tested and will be posted sometime in the next few hours.

See You At The Top


Pig Power

Well, maybe Teddy Bears are more your style, or perhaps you could be interested in wheeling a Turtle around the Labyrinth, or maybe a dragon? Most folks love all the character classes in the Prosperity levels, but everyone without question wants to drive the flying pig, pictured above. It’s quite an experience. Download Love, Prosperity and Karma Burn and experience the pure unfettered exhilarated joy of Pig Power!!! See You At The Top!!! — gorby

Why A Duck?

Good question. I have an answer for it, too. Folks are wondering why I made the maze in remedy orbs so damned … well, Hansel & Gretel-ish, meaning, “easy to get lost in”. The answer is easy. This is a learnable maze, easily learnable,  but only with repetition. Without repetition, it’s hopeless and a waste of energy. It requires of you that you use it often, immerse yourself in the experience again and again.

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