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Grab a Guitar & Join the War!!!

LeslieAnn ripping into Trump at a recent comedy performance in Reno.

Feeling helpless? Is Trump too much in your face all the time? Are you sick of hearing his voice and seeing his stupid wig flapping around in the breeze? Do you wish you had a photo of the bald Donald Trump to post on your facebook page?

Well, despair no longer, bunkie. Your days of frustration are over, and Donald Trump’s are just beginning. The Power of Song is greater than you think. It’s more than reason, more than persuasion, much more than mere influence.

Song is the basis of shamanic magic, did you know that?

In ALL spiritual practices, song is used to convey prayer, to build thought-forms, to open portals, gateways, doorways and StarGates.

Sound has power, but you already knew that. Okay, so how to harness it for a specific purpose?

Well, first, you have to have a purpose, and that means some sort of target effect, so you can measure your success. There can be no greater purpose than to regain your country and your freedoms and to help others who are too helpless to help themselves do this by teaching them HOW TO RESIST TYRANNY. Continue reading

Official Ashram Planning Commission Report

Official City Planning Commission (that’s me) has laid out the streets of the Annex & Annex South.

The official word is this: KEEP WHATEVER YOU WANT TO KEEP on the 3250 meters level. This level will not be taken down. It will function as an advanced student area and you can put your shrine, temple or home at the 3250 meters level. What you’re seeing in the screenshot above is the GROUND LEVEL street layout. You are expected to build there, and to take note of the layout and the fact that it’s a community and not a free-for-all battleground of contrasting tastes and values. That’s strictly for the ape-descendents.

So what about all the other stuff on your parcel???

This is the New Greenwich Village, which I’ve extended with more shops along MacDougal & Bleeker Streets.


You have only so many prims to spend. Prims are like your Net Worth, your bank account plus everything else you have. When you run out of Prims, you need a larger space or you must cut back what you’ve put up, which I’ve done hundreds of times, wiping out thousands of hours of previous work in order to make the improvements my advancing skills will allow.

I’ll cover all the details in this morning’s broadcast at 6:30 am PST, but basically there IS A PLAN and you need to find out what the plan is and make your parcel conform with the plan as soon as you’re able. There’s plenty of room for self-expression in the plan, but you MUST take the plan into account when taking action on your parcel!!!

See You At The Top!!!



A Quick Update

Hotter than a pistol, I’m building my ass off in the Ashram!!!

This urban disaster area is just one of my latest building efforts to provide a background for the PLS adventures on which you’ll be going in the near future. I can assemble a complete city with all the trimmings and extras, but more than that, I’m able to build a world that can’t exist in this time-space but does exist in another one just beside this one.

You’ll note that there’s new My Life as a Boy material that’s been posted, and more to come. The respite was strictly temporary, because there was a lot of work needed in the Ashram. You will note that the number of working shops, stores and food services in the Ashram are growing at the rate of between one and three business places per day, with plenty of new shops featuring the L$25 price tag for all items in the shop, making learning how to dress oneself, buy clothing and other accessories and handle objects somewhat easier.

Please note that we’re talking baby talk here — dressing yourself is a major issue in Second Life, as you’ll discover upon undertaking the task of removing one item of clothing and replacing it with another, or taking something off and putting something else on.

Even more confusing and disorienting is the process whereby one changes one’s avatar entirely. This can cause bizarre disruptions in reality.

Then there’s the question of WHY??? Why buy electronic fashions, binary cosmetics and digital jeans?

It’s not the thing itself, it’s what you learn by doing it.

See You At The Top!!!



Christmas is Coming. I know, right?

LeslieAnn is building in the Ashram again…what now???

LeslieAnn just put another seven hours in last night, and five more hours since the morning show and she’s very happy with the results so far, but there’s a long way to go before she’s satisfied, if such a thing is possible. Check out the Cloister Recording “Enterview” to get the predictions about our virtual ashram made over 40 years ago, before virtual ashrams were even possible. Listen and be amazed!

See You At The Top!!!


Present Life Survey by LeslieAnn

How about your Present Life? Had any problems with that one?

Present Life Survey, PLS, is available right now, this very minute. Here’s how it works:

Let’s assume that you have no photographs of your life, none at all. Many folks are in that same situation and, until this invention, had no chance to experience the Present Life Survey that folks lucky enough to have retained photos of their childhood were able to have.

So what I’ve done is scan in thousands of personal photos, massage them into good art, and make them available to you. Each set of photos is isolated into decades, 1940-1949, 1950-1959, etc. all the way from 1900 to 2014. Here’s the information you need to give me in order to make this work for you: Continue reading

My Day in Ancient Babylon

A Brand-New Way to Tour the World & Beyond

I just got back from Ancient Babylon, where I spent the day shopping and, of course, indulging myself at every hot takeout finger-food stand on the way through the streets of one of the most ancient cities in the world, and I came back, not having spent $6,500 on a one-day vacation, but having SAVED over $4,000 on the most incredible sales items you ever saw, but never mind about my story, how about yours? Send for this amazing Kit today — here’s the breakdown: Continue reading

Diary of a Teenage Vampire Pocket Mission by LeslieAnn

Diary of a Teenage Vampire by LeslieAnn is now available.

Just in time for Christmas, makes a great gift, is shipped via email to the person of your choice, for only $6.99 — that’s 30 images to enjoy and confess your vampire ways to your heart’s — or jugular vein’s — content!

Continue reading

Jack the Ripper’s Christmas Sonnets

Jack the Ripper’s Christmas Sonnets are just in time for your Holiday Celebrations. Give it as a Gift!!!

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, so get your quill pen out and start crafting up those verses for your genuine Jack the Ripper Christmas Sonnets creative writing Pak. You can order this Pocket Mission Pak right now, today, shipped to you via email, to insure pre-Christmas delivery!

If you want the whole package, there’s still time to order if you’re in the U.S.A. — Continue reading