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California Jazz Foundation Silks & More!!!

silk scarf san francisco California Jazz Foundation fundraiser — $450.

This is the original CJF silk scarf design, but it’s now on a giant silk scarf that’s bigger than YOU are! I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea to have a scarf that’s bigger than the average Volkswagen, but hey, a LOT of folks wanted them, so much so that we sold out the original printing within a few days of issue.

These are new, and they are printed in infusion technology, so the ink is in the fibers, not resting photographically on top of the fabric. This would not have been possible just a few years ago.

You have a choice of California Jazz Foundation — a portion of the sale goes to them.  It’s an absolute collectible and a bargain at only $450 and it’s for charity! On top of that, you get a collectible that’s part of the great history of jazz. There are some less expensive silk scarves and other items below, so read on! Continue reading

My First Runway Show of 2017

Pink & Red Bug From Another Place by ProsperityPath
Pink & Red Bug From Another Place, all sizes, $108.34

You can click over to the page directly from HERE and buy this dress right now.

I’m ready for a real runway show. I’ll be working with very exotic patterns in just a few days — the people at PAOM are clearly on vacation for the holiday, and that’s okay with me, because I’m working out the details now on LeslieAnn’s Fashions over at Redbubble.com.

In case you’re as 20th century as I am, let me indicate to you that you can use the above hot-link to buzz over to my fashion shop to see what’s up. Continue reading


available on redbubble right now, this a-line dress is amazing.

You can’t trust ANY news outlet anymore. That’s why Trump wants to establish a National News Agency, where only the real news gets put out there.

In case you’re wondering, that’s from page 132, paragraph 3 of “Mein Kampf”.

Trump is a pig.

This is not a personal slam — just an artistic observation, from someone who constantly uses and refers to the “totem” of a person, the animal spirit with whom everyone on Earth is connected.

He should be proud of being a pig — the companions of fishes, according to the I-Ching, something that Trump has never heard of — but like most NPD men, Trump just plain projects himself out there onto others.

It’s a feature of NPD to cast blame and find fault in others, and to grossly and wantonly attack any threat to the ego.

Trump is amazingly delicate.

He’s also quite unbalanced — clearly insane, clearly paranoid, clearly savage and bestial in every way, but especially in the matter of attacking people who displease him. Continue reading

Astonishing New Radio Robot Jewelry

Radio Robot is a combination of crystal radio technology and cartoon animation.
Radio Robot is a combination of crystal radio technology and cartoon animation.

Yes, it’s here, and I feel almost “led” to them by a higher force, possibly a Marketing Angel, so I’m presenting them, for what it’s worth. What is a Radio Robot? I’ll try my best to explain:

It all starts with the preparation of the plate, where I roll out the metal prior to embossing. This has to be done right, or the piece doesn’t come out imbued. The rollout process is something akin to rolling out the bakery dough — that’s where you imbue with prayer and blessings, all within this single process.

Then comes the embossing, final clean-roll and of course, the mounting in a capsule, flip or silver or 14k gold bezel, or on a backboard as a lightweight and inexpensive earring set, but that doesn’t explain what the Radio Robot is and does.

The Radio Robot design is an incorporation of a simplified crystal radio circuit that would actually work if it existed in radio component parts and, of course, it does — it’s what makes the SuperBeacon and every other crystal radio apparatus function, which is a detector and tuning mechanism within the receiving radio circuit. Continue reading

Top Searchwords on eBay for Art & Artists

Graphite Drawing 1949, available as a 24″ x 36″ — spectacular fine art print on watercolor paper retail $950, new signed VERY limited edition of only 22 copies.

Read it and weep — we’re going to wade through a bit of negative news first, but I assure you that there’s GOOD NEWS at the end of the trail — here is a list of the top 14 eBay searchwords for ART, listed in the order of their relative importance, most-popular searchword in the first place, least popular searchword in last place, thus:

  1. Poster
  2. Wall Art
  3. Mondo
  4. Mondo Poster
  5. Antique Oil Painting
  6. Canvas Art
  7. Original Oil Painting
  8. Oil
  9. Canvas Painting
  10. Sculpture
  11. Etching
  12. Watercolor
  13. Metal Wall Art
  14. WPA (Work Progress Administration — Depression Era Art)
One of the less-objectionable Keith Haring “artworks” generated by the Warhol Marketing Plan, which was to rip off everyone mercilessly without regard for public safety, sanity or aesthetic.

Continue reading

Information, Information, Information…

Tiffany in Red Hearts handpainted dress, & Gorby in LeslieAnn Cowboy Hat, during photoshoot for tattoo-fashions.com
Tiffany in Red Hearts handpainted dress, & Gorby in LeslieAnn Cowboy Hat, during photoshoot for tattoo-fashions.com

“Information, information, information…without good information, Gabriel, how can I possibly make good decisions???” — Lord God, Creation Story Verbatim

Anytime you add or subtract information from the surface of a Primitive Object, which is what most things are, no matter what they look like, including me and you and Tiffany here, it changes the object, “Heisenbergs” it, in a way… I’ll explain:

Take an object, any object, and describe it as a simple undifferentiated cube with no distinguishing characteristics at the moment.

Okay, now stuff the cube full of something — anything. It goes into the “contents”, which is to say, it is added to, and distributed by negentropy into small groupings or “bundles” and embedded into the surface — not the skin — of the cube. Some part of these “instructions” or “information” says that the cube now looks like a sphere.

All Particles (Cubes) act as Black Holes in respect to incoming information by accumulating the information and distributing it unevenly within its surface.

We can add yet more or entirely different information and make the cube look like Tiffany, or Gorby or both, but that’s another story involving quantum mechanics like the kind of calculations and theory that you would be forced to confront in a final exam. Information can be “stacked” or layered.

Information embedded in the surface of the particle isn’t necessarily flattened, but it can be, in the interest of Conservation of Information, a standard that Stephen hasn’t yet broken, and he won’t ever. The Conservation of Information is not destroyed by a Black Hole, the observational evidence isn’t yet in to support my position, but it’s on the way shortly. Continue reading

Trans-Dimensional Devices

Tiffany models my Customized XD Folded Space Copper Necklace for Flesh & Blood XD Voyaging.
Tiffany Models my CUSTOMIZED “Folded Space” Copper Waking State Trigger Necklace, $225 plus tax & shipping.

There are a number of ways for an Exploratory Voyager to go XD — Trans-Dimensional, and to actually travel to a different dimension. Some of those ways involve basically just standing or sitting around waiting for it to happen, sort of like standing on a train-track thinking nothing will ever come along. Another way for you to go XD and move over to another dimension, reality zone or time zone is to use your standard galaxy-wide XD vehicle, the ever-popular UFO.

Problem is, there are only a few local Urthside manufacturers of UFOs, and most of them are on contract with Pan Am and Mercury Records, for two different reasons — Pan Am is planning commercial UFO round-trips to the moon, Mars and Asteroid Belt. I’m hoping they’ll put Europa and Vesta on the tour, because I’ve already got two incredible light- gravity nightclubs operating there; I’m currently in immortal combat on building permit issues with Solaria, nevertheless I’ve got bulldozers ready to break ground on Ganymede to handle the crushing crowds of XD Clubbers, but I could always use more business — who couldn’t???

Speaking of business, I realize now that I haven’t even brought up yet the subject of this blog. Terribly remiss of me; I’ll do my best to correct it, starting out with the Standard American Apology: “My Bad”. I can’t get the etymology of this baby, but my best guess is that it came out of a university undergrad trying to be cute.

No college student is cute except to a sex-clouded mind. Babies are sometimes cute, although I’ve seen my share of ugly babies. Some adults are especially ugly, yet they all seem to find enough partners to make a lot of ugly babies. Love is blind. So is sex. So is greed. So is stupidity. So is sociopathic psychosis. Don’t get me started on Humans of Planet Urth; I can go on about them all day long and never stop laughing.

There’s no better way to learn to handle SkyWalking and Bardo Running than to use my special XD HIKING, CAMPING & SURVIVAL TOOLS to walk through and around and across many dimensional boundaries in a single day and, yes, Virginia, there is a way of actual travel, not just with the vision, but you need the tools and the survival skills before you try to go too far across the dimensional boundaries.

Einstein knew how XD Voyaging would be accomplished. Here’s how it’s done: Continue reading

Street of Dreams is Starting to Take Shape & Update


On this side of The Shift, the Street of Dreams is a complete range of Temple environments created by me; each leading to a profoundly different world with a different set of work regulations and work conditions.

My wondrous shops and Jazz Club are gone, alas, as are those of Space and XxaxX, sigh, but we gotta have bypasses, and it’s up to us Vogons to put them in, and that’s what I did.


I’ve managed to buy and put up two more temples tonight, and I want to hasten to add that SpaceBuddhaa has an enormous multi-story gallery & shops boutique, housing many of her wonderful decorating items and other wondrous goodies. It’s on The Strip, at 3201 Meters, along with my Fashionista Shop, right next door to hers.

Bottom line, Spacebuddhaa, XxaxX and Leslie Ann are deluged by tons of stuff coming back into our inventories, but it does make room for the Temple items necessary for their function, and shops are not the primary purpose of the Ashram. Continue reading

Just a Wee Bit about Tattoo-Fashions.com


Tiffany models Customized Peter Grimm Cowboy Hat artisaned by ej gold — $125.

Tiffany came over the other day to model hats — I wasn’t there for most of the photo shoot, but I was there for the end of it, and I do have all the shots taken in that short impromptu session, and this is one nice one that shows off the hat. This wrapped-fibre tailed & blazened custom cowboy hat from a Listed American Artist retails for a mere $125, and I make ’em myself, all by hand except for the genuine tagged Peter Grimm hat itself, which can be shaped, formed and customized in many different ways. Thanks to all those who did the modeling session. Wholesale on the hats is $65 — you only need to order 2 to get the wholesale price, so you’re actually getting one hat free!!!

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